The seducer gets seduced
I like them young, usually the fresh-out-of-school, barely-legal-type young. Preferably still virgins, so that I can teach and mould them into the sexual creatures that they were bound to become. I'm into first experiences. First touches and first blowjobs, first inexperienced fondles and first penetrations. I'm into opening whole new worlds for them and then teaching them what to do to make me (and all the other woman they bed in the future) feel good.

But you are different....

You are older, much older than I am. In fact you are 18 years older with a wealth of experience and knowledge that I still need to obtain. You can be my teacher for a change. Yet here I am fantasizing about what bedding you would be like. Dreaming of what it would feel like for you to slowly peel off the clothes of my much younger body and for you to take control over my pleasure.

I want to give that "power" over to you. For you to take control over me and for me to be the seducee instead of the seducer. For your knowledgeable hands to wonder over my body and to touch me in places that feels wonderful without being told.

I want to be seduced for a change.

I want you to kiss me, and while your tongue gently plays with mine I want to feel your hands explore the softness of my clothed skin so I can feel my nipples becoming erect against the soft lacy material of my bra. I want to feel the current of sensual energy run through my body and the sexual anticipation pool in the V of my body. I want to feel your experienced hands lightly and tentatively wonder underneath my dress and to explore my warm and heated skin beneath' Then I want you to slip my dress off my shoulders as you undress me until I stand before you in just my black lacy see-through underwear, so aroused, my wetness and aroma filling the air with pheromones, making your blood flow to your cock so when you press your experienced body against mine I can feel your arousal and your want and need for me.

Then I want you to bend down and slip my full milky white breasts out of their restraints and envelope my hard nipple into your warm mouth as you suck on it while your hand caresses the other, toying and rolling the other nipple until you swop them around and give them your full attention.
I want to feel your hands slip down further over my abdomen and your hand to cup my mound, feeling the dampness through the material separating you from my nudeness. I want you to lift me off my feet and place me on the bed beneath your fully clothed but aroused body, and when I want to explore you must lightly push my hands away because you want to explore instead of be explored at first.

And once you have me on my back I want to feel your need in the kiss as our mouths meet with hunger and urgency. But you will hold back as you savor every step of the carnal journey you are taking me on. I can feel your erection press into my thigh and the fact that you want me drives me wild.

You lay me down and your hands and mouth travel down to explore the rest of my soft skin; you kiss and lick your way past my breasts and over my belly where your warm breath heats my sex even more. I can feel the lace seep with my juices as you finally give my wet mound the attention it craves. First light kisses over the thin black lace then you slip your fingers in the side of my hips which I eagerly lift for you as you slide the scrap of material off my hips. I lay bare and wanting in front of you. You lick the mound of my shaven pussy until I open my legs wide and beg you to satisfy the hunger that you have created. Then you slip your tongue in between my moist folds and you taste my pussy, you feel my swollen clit under your tongue as I beg you to make me cum. But you take your time as you are in control and this is for your pleasure as much as mine, you love to see me so aroused and begging.

Then finally you stand up and allow me to take off your shirt and let it fall on a heap on the floor, discarded and unneeded. You allow me to unbutton your jeans which no longer really fit as well as they did as your erection can no longer be contained. I push the denim off your hips and your beautiful cock springs to sight. I want you! Fuck, I beg you to take me.

And at last you allow me to touch you. I close my eyes and let my hands wonder over your toned body. I feel the heat of your skin and I need to taste you. I go down on my knees before you as I lick over the tip of your cock, tasting the pre-cum glistening on the head of the most exquisite cock I have seen. I love the salty taste and cannot resist sliding my warm mouth down the shaft of your now twitching cock. I glide my warm mouth over until I can feel you all the way at the back of my throat. I suck you hard and almost desperate and I feel you whole body tensing as you get even harder in my wet mouth.

You stop me and gently push me down on the bed. You open my legs wide as you press the engorged head of your throbbing member inside my juicy folds as I beg you to take me. You slowly enter and fill me. And then you slowly begin to thrust in and out of my eager pussy. I cannot contain myself and I feel my whole body tense in the building orgasm I am so desperate to experience. I feel my body clench tightly around you as you pick up speed and I moan and beg you to fuck me hard. As you give in to my pleas and begin to pump into me I come apart in the most intense and earth shattering release, as you shoot your thick, warm, liquid gold into me as you come apart too, looking straight into my eyes.

Your body relaxes and you envelop me in your arms as we lie, throbbing, in and around each other.

The seductress has been seduced; and loved another first experience.
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