The start of my Fun Life
I am a very lucky man. I am married to an amazing, beautiful, strong, independent woman, who also loves to take care of me. One day, I was taking a shower. My wife, I will call her Joyce, usually gets my clothes ready for work while I shower. She is just sweet that way.

I was taking a shower. I was washing the shampoo out of my hair, when she came into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain. About that time, I turned and opened my eyes, seeing her, I screamed. She isn't scary, I just didn't expect anything. I screamed in a very high pitched tone, which was very unlike me.

Joyce started laughing, then told me to make sure I shaved my legs, so I wouldn't get a run in my pantyhose at work tonight. my cock twitched at that statement, which didn't go unnoticed by my lovely wife. she smiled, patted my cock, then walked out.

I finished showering, dried off, put a robe on, and walked through the house to our bedroom. Joyce told me that my uniform (I am a police officer) and every was laid out on the bed for me. I thanked her, then walked in to find my usual clothing (uniform, gun belt, shoes, socks, white t shirt) laying out. However, instead of a pair of boxers, like usual, there was a pair of pink lacey panties.

I asked Joyce what it was about, and she laughed. She informed me that since I got excited about the prospect of wearing pantyhose, she was going to have me wear panties all night at work. I started to argue, but she smiled and pointed at my now very erect, and very hard, cock.

I conceded the point and put them on. I wore them to work, and found that I was rock hard all night long. Luckily, I worked a shift alone, so the other guys did not notice. However, every woman, and some of the men, that I pulled over did notice, and smiled.

Joyce texted me, requiring me to send her pictures every hour. Towards the end of my long, hard shift, there was a spot of precum on my uniform trousers. Finally, my shift ended.

Upon getting home, I got out of my police cruiser and walked into the house, to find a pair of pantyhose and heels lying on the couch with instructions to put them on. I eagerly did so, and gingerly walked into the bedroom, where my beautiful wife lay naked, me only wearing the panties, pantyhose, and heels.

We fucked like animals that night. Quick, passionate, hard. Followed by a long, sensual fuck afterwards.

The next afternoon, while getting ready for work, I found that she had laid out another pair of panties for me. Upon arriving home at the end of my shift, I also found that she had burned all of my boxers and briefs, and replaced them with various pairs of panties, which is what I wear all the time now.

I wear them, and I LOVE it
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