The surprise
You had no idea what was in store for the weekend. I had simply told you that I wanted to get away from the rat race. You had readily agreed and allowed me to make all the arrangements and plans. As far as you were concerned we were going to a remote beach resort for some quality time together. However, I had been searching the internet for the perfect accompaniment for the weekend. I had finally located what I had been searching for. The plans were made, reservations were booked and the time had come for us to enjoy our weekend. We got to the resort and with haste checked into our room and headed out to the resort's private beach. I was pleased to see that it was deserted as we laid out our beach blanket under a big umbrella. We settled in and let the cares of the world drop from our shoulders as we relaxed in the warm heat and enjoyed each others company.

It was much later as they sat in the shade of the large beach umbrella holding hands. The beach was still empty as they sat in silence, enjoying the sounds of the crashing surf and foraging seagulls. Her golden swimsuit accentuated her tanned limbs which glowed golden next to his hairy legs. No words were needed between the two lovers, their bodies so in tune with each other. Isabelle's hand moved to his thigh, absentmindedly caressing him as her thoughts turned erotic. The heat of the bright summer sun surrounded and enveloped them in their own cocoon. John's eyes never left the ocean view but his lips curled up into a satisfied smile as her hands roamed freely over his thigh. Slowly it moved higher. John's breathing became harsh and choppy with desire as Isabelle's fingers found their mark. The effect she was having on his body was readily evident. His nostrils flared, his pupils dilated and he sighed in pleasure. He turned his body toward her, encircling her with his powerful limbs. A low satisfied chuckle escaped her parted lips as he looked on. John's hands came up and slipped under the top of her two piece suit. Her breasts tumbled out and into his waiting hands. A predatory grin filled his face as he stroked and fondled her ample orbs. Unable to refrain from tasting her golden skin, he reached out and with his tongue encircled her areola. She arched her back to push her sensitive flesh into his mouth. Taking the offering he took her nipple into his warm mouth. She gasped in pleasure, her head rolling back onto the beach blanket. Her hands reached for John's body. His skin was slick and damp from the heat of the day. She could feel his arousal pushing against his swim trunks. Isabelle pushed his shorts down his thighs. John kicked free of the shorts never breaking contact with her breasts. Isabelle let her hands flow over his body, desperate to touch him everywhere, desperate to brand his body with her touch. Gently she pushed him to his back. Following his descent she landed softly on his chest. Her nipples crushed against and tangled in his wiry hair. Wasting no time, she spread her legs, positioning one leg on either side of his strong body. Without preamble she gathered his pulsing body in her hand and lowering her body she guided him into her soft warm depths. John immediately surged upward into her body ready to rock with her to the ultimate completion. She stilled his movement simply by lifting her body up and away from his body. He looked at her questioningly. "Slow Love, this time it's all about you," she whispered, moving aside from his body. The heavy dense heat on the beach swirled around him, cooking his fevered body. Isabelle smiled and grinned as John's eyes held hers. He never even noticed the approaching brunette. His first flash of cognizance at her presence was when her lips parted and opened and then closed around his throbbing cock. John's eyes grew wide as saucers as her mouth sensuously gathered his cock into its warm cavity. Isabelle sat motionless watching the unfolding scene before. John glanced over to Isabelle. He could see her parted lips and luminous eyes. Her tongue periodically darted out to run hungrily around her lips. John's eyes took his lovers body and knew that her state of arousal was on the same extreme level that his was at. The brunette's soft mouth firmly buffeted his cock. Her throat muscles tightened and squeezed as she moved up and down his length.

Unable to sit idle any longer Isabelle moved down beside the brunette. Leaning over, she delicately took John's sensitive balls into her mouth. The sensation of the two mouths working in tandem sent shock waves. His skin tingled and sparked as four hands reached out to touch and caress his body. All coherent thought fled as his mind focused on the rising tide of sensations. He arched up, trying to drive deeper to allow the welcome relief that his body was desperately reaching for.

Knowing John, Isabelle picking up on his nuances was alerted that the end was imminent. She tapped the brunette on the arm. Immediately both girls backed away. Their hands continued to roam over his body while his throbbing cock stood proud, stiff and untouched. As his breathing calmed and he gained control of his crashing emotions, John smiled at the girls. His eyes danced with the excitement of pleasuring them both. He motioned with his hands his desires, watching Isabelle's face for her approval.

"Whatever you want, Love," she said softly.

Without a second of hesitation, Isabelle swung up. Her legs rose until they softly fell on either side of his head with her pussy tantalizingly close to his lips. He could see her soft folds glistening and dripping with her love juices. The aroma tempted and teased his senses. His tongue darted up and into her tight hole Her gasp rose and was immediately drowned out by his cry as the brunette lowered herself onto his pulsating cock. The brunette sighed as she was stretched to capacity by his large member. Slowly she began to ride him. Her hands reached out and gently touched Isabelle's hips grasping and holding on as they both enjoyed John's willing body.

Their bodies worked in tandem totally as one machine. Isabelle reached back, feeling for her destination, probing blindly until her finger hit the mark. The brunette screamed as Isabelle's finger pressed and circled her clit. Isabelle sighed in ecstacy as soft feminine hands found and cupper her pendulous breasts. The movement on the beach blanket became frantic as the three bodies thrust and propelled each other toward the ultimate goal.

Isabelle was the first to cum, letting out a primal scream as sensations rippled through her body. The brunette and John were only moments behind her, crying out as their physical releases overtook their bodies and minds.

After only a few moment of recovery time, the brunette pulled off of John's body. She turned and without a word walked away.

It was much longer before either John or Isabelle moved, simply content to hold each other tight and bask in the afterglow that was lingering from the heated encounter. John was the first to speak. "We didn't even get her name," he said mournfully,` "I never got to taste her."

Isabelle smiled and kissed him reverently on the lips before answering. "Don't worry, all of her contact information is at home stored on my computer."

John shook his head, laughing at her pleased expression, his cock hardening with desire. "Let's go back to our room."
Isabelle was only too happy to agree.
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