The three of us
(reposted from 4 years ago)

.....the three of us nap for about an hour and awaken relaxed and smiling sheepishly at one other. Together we go to the shower and let the warm water rinse what remains of our tryst and the cum from our bodies. You are leaning against the wall in the corner. The redhead is up against you and you take her tongue into your greedy mouth and suck it. her hands cup your breasts and she is working your erect nipples between her fingers. Her kisses are deep and long...french kisses that make your temperatures rise and your pussies wet from the inside. Her hands are soapy as she runs her fingers over your warm body, cleansing and exploring you. You gasp as her fingers search and find your willing pussy. Her soapy finger slides easily inside you and then two, and a soft moan moves across your lips. I'm standing on your left stroking my cock which is now standing at full attention as I watch her arouse your senses and take your desires to new heights. Your breathing is heavy and your face says you are begging for more. She slips another finger in and is fucking you faster and deeper as your pussy relaxes and stretches to take her third finger. I touch the red heads ass and she responds by spreading her legs. Her pussy is dripping wet and her body is screaming for release. Her hand goes to her puffy cunt and she plunges two fingers into herself. Her other hand goes to her chest as she squeezes her tits and torments her hard nipples. Her focus now is on herself. You pull me up against you and feel my hardened cock against your hot pussy. I get my angle just right and push my cock between your lips and feel how tight you are. I push a little more and go another inch or two inside of you. Your slippery wet pussy contracts even tighter on me and then I feel it relax. I hold you by your ass cheeks and push again harder and your pussy stretches and I slide balls deep inside you. You gasp in ecstacy and I fuck you against the wall with slow long deep thrusts. You are on your tiptoes and holding on tight to my shoulders. You bite your lip as I spill my hot cum deep inside you and you moan loud with your orgasm. We hold us very tight as deep and intense orgasms crash through our bodies in unison. I feel you tremble and my legs are shaking. We feel weak having spent the entirety of our energy. The redhead comes close and joins our embrace as the water cascades over our tired but very satisfied bodies.....
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