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Now that I had make her cum it was time to let her sample some hard cock. Her hand already had ahold of it and was slowly stroking it and rubbing the pre -cum all over the head. She began to kiss and lick her way down my neck and over my chest until she was at my throbbing hard-on.

A soft moan escaped her lips as her tounge circled the head and she tasted the warm liquid that oozed from me. She ran up and down the shaft with lips and tounge making my swollen member jump with excitement. I moaned as she took me into her mouth and began to slide deep down onto me taking my entire cock into her mouth then all the way up to the head and back down.

My hands were busy all over her body squeezing those gorgeous tits and playing with the nipples, the other one between her thighs my fingers running the length of her dripping slit then, pushing inside her tight box a moan escaping her as she worked my stiff cock.

We were both ready I pulled her off me and had her straddle me. She reached down and grabbed my hard cock guiding it between the lips of her dripping pussy. I felt the heat of her as the head slipped inside. She was very tight and moaned as she pushed down onto me.

I had her large firm tits and was kneading them playing with the nipples as she bent down we kissed deeply my throbbing cock hitting bottom. She winced a lil as the thick member streched her tight little hole open. As I massaged her tits I took the nipples first one then the other between my lips and sucked bit and licked the erect points.

I reached down grabbing her hips and pulled down making sure she got every inch I had to offer. she moaned loudly and her hips began grinding into me as she rocked back and forth, her clit pressed against me she began to rise to another orgasm.

She threw back her head and moaned as she came again.My head lowered to her tits and I took one of her engorged nipples into my mouth and bit down. Her hips ground into me hard as she came my throbbing cock buried deep in her drenched pussy.It clamped down on me as she rode the waves of passion that engulfed her.

That was all I needed and I felt my balls tighten as my cock began to spasm in her. She felt me begin to get off and immediately went into another orgasm. My hard-on began to pump cum into her pussy as we came together riding the waves of lust as I shot again and again deep into her.

Spent she laid down on top of me and we kissed deeply and held each other. That my dear was the warm-up I said to her. Mmmm she replied Good because I'm ready for you to fuck me more.....
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