The wetter, the better
The fucking had been hot and powerful. You came twice before I shot my load deep in your pussy. My orgasm had started in my toes and worked up my legs and exploded out the tip of my cock, which was buried deep in your pussy. I must have cum buckets because you got so squishy wet and I could feel our cum dripping out of your pussy and down the crack of your ass.

We paused for a while, and my dick stayed relatively hard inside you while we rested. You were not satisfied as I felt your pelvis move back and forth over my drenched prick.

I decided to give you something special, so I slowly pulled out of you and slid down the bed and kept your legs apart and moved my mouth over your dripping pussy.

"Oh, god", you moaned.

As I started to gently lick your slit, your moans became stronger.

"Oh, god, that feels so good", you said through clenched teeth.

I opened your pussy lips and licked out the cum. It was thick and salty and smelled wonderful. The combination of your cum mingled with my huge load that I shot in you was intoxicating to me, also. I licked up and down from your wet ass crack to the tip of your clit. I sucked your pussy lips and drank the nector of our passion. You started to tremble and I held on for dear life.

Your orgasm built up gradually, but you squirmed in a different way.

"Are you alright", I asked?

"Yes, but I have to pee", you said with a giggle.

"Really?", I asked. "Well this is going to be interesting because I'm not finished with you yet", I said.

"Oh my god, I want to cum again, but I want to pee also," you said.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm" was all I said as I buried my mouth on your pussy. I sucked your pussy lips and spread them and teased your pee hole. I dipped my finger inside searching for your g-spot and kept licking. I felt your legs start to shake and your cum started to flow. I kept licking your sweet pussy and suddenly I tasted something new. It was slightly salty and not as creamy as your cum and I knew your bladder was leaking.

"Let it go, baby", I said to you as I put my mouth back on your pussy.

I felt you relax and you shot a stream of piss in my mouth. I swallowed it as best I could but I knew some of it dripped out of my mouth. I backed away from your cunt and kept my mouth open and watched as your stream shot into the back of my throat. Most of it I let flow out of my mouth and onto the bed, but my cock was as hard as a rock. You started rubbing your clit and you had another powerful orgasm as you watched me drink your fluids.

Once your orgasm subsided, you sat up, rolled me over and got on top of me in a 69 position. Your sweet pussy was on my mouth again and I could taste your urine and your cum, but now you engulfed my cock in your mouth and worked it up and down until I shot another huge load of my cum in your mouth. I pumped it in and out of your mouth and you swallowed hard, gaging a couple of times as the back of your throat was drenched in my cum.

After a while, you rolled off me and came around to kiss me. You said you wanted to taste what I had been tasting.

"Hmmm. That's sexy", you said to me. "Next time, I was to taste your pee.

I can hardly wait.
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