The wish of returning renewed
I hunger to be home again and a chance to be in my lovers arms and just to feel her warmth penetrating my body and holding her so tightly and close I drench myself in her body perfume.

Returing from one of those hellish all work and no play business trips really took all the energy out of me. Getting onto an earlier flight was a big blessing, plus due to missing the rush hour traffic keeping me sane. Hungry, I had stopped for a Jersey Mike's sub to chow down on. It was a quick pick-me up. Those peanuts and prezels on the plane just don't do it. I pulled into the drive way. Just sat there a moment thanking I was home again.

Good time for a power nap. I'll call my love when I wake up. I'm just so beat. Off to sleep in less than a minute. A couple weeks being away on a successful business trip and being chaste is a hard hard time. Well, maybe a couple of personal rubs and tuggs helped getting me to sleep. Always thinking of my sweetheart as I drifted off to sleep.

Being apart and with different work shifts, it made communication awlfully differcult.

It did not take long to entering my intimate dream zone. I am completly relaxing and really out of it. Breathing deeply and just feeling fine. I gradually feel my penis coming to life, growing and streching. I feel arms stradling my sides my mind seems to be traveling in and out of this dream sleep state. I'm thinking of a nice warm and wet pussy and my tongue sliding through it. My hands reach down and I fine a head with lush sweet smelling hair faced down and sucking me. I'm trying to wake up from a deep sleep and notice it is my lover. "oh sweetheart, I missed you so much, I love you. Oh babe, you are making me feel so so good."

"I'm tasting your pre-cum, my lover states. I want you inside me." As she crawls up and mounts me, "my juices are just dripping I need yours." she wispers.
As she mounts and positions herself, she reaches with her fingers and opens her love canal and scouping up her nectar and placing a glob of juice on my lips and tongue. She then turns to serve herself. Quickly, she inserts and impales me within her. The laying upon me reaches toward my lips and kisses oh so deeply.

Our tongues dance together as our hips smash together in rythem. Quickening the pace, I reach for her breasts and squeeze her nipples between my thumb and finger and her breast in the rest of my hand. Sharing the juices in each others mouth we just continue slaming it out. The peak is coming for both of us. Our eyes pick up the code. We watch deep into each other's pupuls and watch the eyes open and we share a look into each others soul. The ropes and the explosive blasts from my cum flow into her insides heating her from within.

"Welcome home sweet baby" she says breathlessly. She clamps down and explodes in reaction to wantingness. Her warm cum and nectar just releases and flows over my balls and shaft. Mingles into my pubic hair and flows pass my crack. Feeling the moist heat gives me rise to refortify and just fuck away like a mad man. So much juice stored for such a long time was draining into the love of my life.

A second charge spent filled her again deep inside. We cummed together and collasped together. I moved into her and let my penis slip in the valley from behind. With my one leg lying over hers and my one arm under her head with the other arm on her belly I gently could rub her bush and her breast. Playing in the pools of our nectars we just cuddled closer together.

Falling asleep together and being so beautifylly connected only took seconds.

I missed my mighty fine lady.
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