The wonderful taste of my women's nectar
It was a warm September afternoon I met the love of my life after classes. She finishes the day with tennis and a shower. We meet and embrace with a fast kiss with just a little bit of "French". We start walking to her house. Our hearts were beating, oh so fast. We walked fast knowing the privacy and opportunity for quality time together awaited us. My body was also in the chemical surge stage and my penis was half way hard while walking the public street. I kept on rearranging the "fit" and stamping my foot. Walking around the neighborhood and in public with a tent pole is not so good. I take my partner's hand and gently brush my penis and receive a gentle rub. Then a nice hug from my lover and I know she is wet. Soon we are at her door. My pants now have a tent pole streching the limits out. Carefully, yet glad we finally enter her house and hope none of the neighbors were eyeing us or something gets slammed in the door.

Now inside the hallway we embrace. Our tongues explore each other. She then gives me a tight grip on my penis and I just moan. My arms are around her body, lowering to her hips and feeeling her ass while squeezing her butt, I grind my self into her. She meets me with coordinating humping motions back. I'm thinking; a dry hump is nice, but a skin to skin contact is a whole bunch better feel.

I feel the nipples erect and gently rub her breasts. Strecthing her blouse a bit gave me access to suck and then tweak her nipples with my lips. She moans and nibbles at my ear and whispers "Let's go to upstairs".

She lays down on a towel and loosens her slacks. I help her pull the pants off leaving her with a bra and panties. She reaches over to me and loosens my pants and they fall to the floor. She then takes my tidy whitees and lowers them. My sword extends and at the same time pulls me closer. My penis is just pulsing forward fully erect and expanding. Holding onto the waste band my lover pulls me even closer. Her mouth swallows just the head and her tongue licks the pre cum off my shaft's love hole.

Then the undies drop to the floor and she grabs my butt and pulls me closer so as my rod enters her mouth deeper. The entire rod goes into her mouth I feel it enters her throat. The walls of her throat constrick and starts to pulsate and she is milking me. She reaches to messages my balls. She can feel the impending climax building and soon I explode. My toes curl and I start shooting stream after stream of cum. She holds some cum in her mouth. My whole body shuders and I fall next to her. I hold her and deep kiss her and taste the left over cum. We "French" each other...sharing the juices. Another surge starts and up comes my rod again.

She takes her hand and goes under her panties and pulls them dowm a bit. She reaches to her clit and rubs. Then she inches her way gently down into her lips inserting her two fingers. Rubing around a bit she pulls them out spooning some of her nectar. She places her fingers on my lips and tongue. What is this sweet,peachlike and a very special taste of her nectar? Different than before but really tastful. She asks if I want some more. Agreeing to the request, she places three fingers in the love entrance and pulls a good tablespoon of nectar and allows me to taste. We "French again. She gets a little more and places some on my nipples and gently rubs. Then pulls some more juice and lubricates my pulsating penis. Yikes, its good! I tell her "I want to eat you" and I proceede to lower her panties and I see the moist pad. Gently removing her panties while smelling the fresh aroma. My rod grows another inch or two.

I placed a pillow under her butt and lower back. I could see the period juice gently trickle down and drip into her assbud opening. I begin to lick the colleateral stains on her thighs working from the her butt to the clit and back again. I enter her back hole ans she moans. Moving closer to the slit my mouth covering her inner lips, my tongue slips in and my mouth's lips seal her opening.I suck and I suck and the most delicious sweet peach taste flowed forth.

I could feel her stomach and hips gyrating to my rythem. Moaning with her hand pushing her mound and soon she whispers, "fuck me, fuck me hard baby, I need you". "Soon" I said and my tougue lowers to her love bud. My tongue encirles her anal opening...licking the acumalating blood drip. I slip the tongue in again quickly and feeling her body converse. I bring my knees up to her and lean up to her to find the magic kingdom. My rod feels out the slit, finds the opening and gets coated very beautifuly. My throbing penis pushing in at her opening sleeve as she demands "now...hard! ( and that with some gusto!), I slowly and steadily enter her up to the hilt. My hairs are mixing with hers. I slowly pull out feeling every muscle spasm and ram her back hard. She bucks streches and rams me back trying to milk me dry. She cums hard and on the second round I plow into her and empty my load. I feel the heat of the cum inside her. Feeling that wonderful drenching feeling of our bodies sealed with the moisture from our love. We both being breathless laid embraced while we staying in each other arms and just sensing the feelings between us.

Soon as we feel able, I turn around to get into the 69 position. She moves her leg over my head and backs to my mouth. I see my cum mixed with her period juice and just let it dribble into my mouth. Gently she sits on my face and I clean her while she cleans me. I collect the mixed juices and hold them till I turn and reach her mouth. Again, the deep sharing kiss of tongues distributing each of our loves juices together begins to heat us up... The feeling of her juices and my juices in each other just brings us closer together as we are now really part of the each other.

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