Things i wanna do to him
I would push you down on your bed and get on you and start kissing you, whisper in your ear telling you how wet i am and that i want your huge cock in and around my mouth an pussy. Then i would lick your neck and breath on it, biting gently.

Then i would take my shirt off and my bra, and rub my hard nipples on your abs then lick up and down and bite gently, then i would undo your pants with my teeth and tease you by breathing on your dick over your boxers.

Then i would handcuff you to your bed and stand over you and slowly strip my pants off and grind my big ass on your boxers then i would remove you boxers and grab your dick licking the top then take your dick and trace my nipples with it.

then I would lick from your shaft up and flick my tongue on your tip of your dick, then I would slowly go half way down and back up 2 times, then I I would deep throat your nice big black cock, then I would go all the way down 3 times fast, then I would lick back up your shaft circling my tongue around the tip of your dick.

Then I would grab your dick and slap it on the bottom of my lip and tongue, then I would take your hard dick and rub it on my wet red lace panties, then I would stand up in front of you and strip them off me slowly, as you watch me slowly rub my wet pussy moaning and groaning.

Ill sit half way on you only putting the tip of your cock in me, moving in circular motion then I slowly would put your cock in my nice tight wet pussy as I sit down on you, and I would arch my back and bend over putting my tits in your face then I would un cuff you, as your sucking on my nice hard nipples biting and flicking your tongue against them.

Listening to me moan in your ear and breathing down your neck I slowly sit up and you grab my ass cheek and squeeze really hard leaving your hand print on my ass and then I slowly get up as you watch my cum drip down the shaft of your cock.

then you grab my ass cheeks and flip me around into doggy style and slowly put your hard black cock deep into my pussy, slapping my ass so hard, gripping and pulling my hair so hard and wrapping it around your hand and with your other hand your slowly gripping around my neck chocking me.

You take me by the back my neck and slam me on your wall forcing your dick into my wet pussy, as i scream your name your sucking on my neck telling me how great it feels. Then you pull out and tell me your about to cum. I get down on my knees and lick the tip. Then i grab your shaft and start sucking slowly as you watch me swallow your cum and moan.
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