Thinking Of You
Driving down the road-thinking bout you, singing along to the songs I have on a CD. A song comes on and I notice I start to carrass the steering wheel. My hands start to loosely hold the outside of the steering wheel as one hand starts to go to the center of the steering column. Slowly and seductively I rub on it as if it was my hands were rubbing on your chest.

My tongue starts to lick my lips. First the top then down to my lower lip to where I start to bite my lower lip. I can feel my body getting all heated up. I can feel my rosy nipples start to rise in a perky position. I notice how my body is getting all hot and bothered, then out of know where I realize what I am doing and where I am doing it at. Reality has settled in, yet haven't ruined the mood that I am in. I'm trying to figure out what triggered me into this predicament.

The song that I am singing to is I Touch Myself... that I think is what set me off to think bout you this time. I can visualize your eyes looking into mine. I can feel your hands exploring my body. I can taste your lips on my lips. I am aching for you. I need to find a way to deal with this sexual frustration I seem to put myself in over and over. I try to quit thinking about you in my spare time but every time I have a few minutes to relax my mind always drifts backs towards you.

Lately more often then not I allow myself to explore my sensual side. Before I would just dismiss them and make myself think of other things. Now I want to experience all that life has to offer. And sex with you is one I am ready to taste.

I decided right then and there I am going to buy me a toy! I need something to fill my desire. I have always wanted a toy yet never let myself get one. I joked bout them all the time, but to actually own and use one I never allowed. Well not any more! I knew where a store was and it was only a few miles from my house. I pull up in front of it and saw all the flickering lights. I felt weird going in but I needed to go in. I needed a toy, wasn't a want but a need. I needed to relieve this sexual frustration I have yet again put myself into.

I take a deep breath and open my car door. I grab my wallet and put my keys in my pocket. I hoped I wouldn't bring to much attention to myself. I walk into the door and of course it chimes and I was greeting by a young male sales clerk asking, Hi can I help you find anything?... Of course I turn bright red said No thanks just browsing... Thinking in my head; Yes young man can you find me a dildo that is going to fit in my insides perfectly that will fulfill my sexual frustration I am having?' No don't think I could of done that. So slowly I walk away and wander through the store.

I see the wall that has dildos on it yet couldn't get myself to just walk over there so I wander around trying to look at the different clothes and lotions, slowly walking myself over to the wall that I need. By time I get to the wall I needed, I barely could breathe any more. I felt like everyone was watching me. I can do this I tell myself! So I start to look around. Oh my goodness, there is so many kinds and types and shapes and sizes and colors! What to pick? I decided to go for colors and start from there. I want something bright in color. So I start to overlook all the plain colored ones and look only at the neon colored ones.

Slowly one by one I look them over. I decided I didn't want anything small. I knew I had ached to fulfill and knew I didn't want to be just teased by it. I don't need anything huge but wanted something large. Something though, that had a little extra bang to it. I figured since I wouldn't have you there with me, I better get something that had a little extra to offer. My eyes going from one to the next and then I saw it. This multicolored dildo. It has ridges on it all the way around, with balls vibrating in it so I should be able to feel it vibrate off my inner walls.

It has a little sucky thing that I just read to see what it was. It's a clit sucker. While in the inside of the clit section cup had little beads that should vibrate off the clit. I decide this is the one! This is what I need to help me get over this sexual frustration you have put me in without even realizing it. I take it up to the counter and make my purchase. I have complete forgotten my discomfort of being in this store but was over excited to go home and try it out. I quickly pay for my purchase then go to the car.

I lay my toy on the seat next to me and push the replay button. I play I touch myself over and over. Both of my sets of lips are getting wetter and wetter. My tongue is licking my facial lips and I can fill my lower lips starting to moisten my underpants. I start to sing the song again. I can feel your hands on me. I can feel me touching you as I am caressing my steering wheel again. Finally I pull up in front of my house.

I grab my bag and proceed to get out of the car. Walking up to my front door and unlock it. I close the door. I start to take my toy of the bag. I stop in kitchen to cut open the hard plastic wrapping that is keeping it from me. I finally get it open. I stop and put in 2 D batteries. I turn it on. I feel the vibration. O man it is strong. Feeling the balls beat on each side of this. I can feel my panties getting wetter. I take off my shirt right there in the kitchen. As I walk to my bedroom I take off my bra. Then unbutton my shorts.

As I walk they fall down my hips, down my thighs to where I just step out of them. All while I do this I am playing with this dildo. I bring it to my lips and feel it vibrate on my lips, my tongue swirling around it. By time I reach my bed I can feel my panties sticking to my pussy lips, I can feel it starting ride up my ass some. I am so horny thinking bout you. I stick the dildo in-between my mouth and hold on to it with my lips griping along the outside of it. I slowly proceed to take off my panties so that I am completely naked.

I kneel on the side of the bed. One knee then another till I am squatting on the bed. It was a weird feeling as I have never used a toy on myself before but I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I start to rub it on me. Slowly I take it out of my mouth. I have it slowly rubbing it down my jaw line. My mouth is slightly open and my breath is labored. Slowly it runs down my throat. I have it stop at my dip in my neck, my thorax. O the feeling there is intense. One of my hands reaches up and cups my left breast. My thumb starts to caress my nipple making it harder then it already was. I still am aching so badly. I can't stop thinking bout you. I am completely imagining you touching me.

Slowly my toy rolls down my right breast. I have it stop on top of my nipple. It's vibrating it. What a feeling. I never felt like this before. I have had nipple touched, teased, pulled, licked, sucked but vibrating, it was a new feeling. It was electrifying. My nipple grew harder then it ever has before. I bring the toy up to my mouth and rewet it with my mouth. I rub the wetness on my nipple. The chill of the air-condition is making it more ridged. Once my nipple is wet and hard I bring the dildo back up to my mouth and rewet it again and put it on my left nipple. I proceed to put the dildo in my other hand so I can use my right hand to play with my right nipple to keep it hard. I can feel my pussy lips just getting hotter and wetter feeling. I can feel my walls release and then contract then release and contract.

I can feel my clit starting to swell. I start to rub my chest with the dildo. I want to taste myself. I am so wet I know I have to taste sweet. So while the dildo is vibrating my chest I reach down to touch myself. My fingers go past my swollen clit, which I slightly tease with my fingers and they go further back to my open hole. The entire outside of it is wet. My pussy is completely bare and the moisture is making my skin slick. I put my middle finger inside of me. Then I put my next finger inside me. My fingers become wet very quickly. I can feel me starting to rock on my own fingers. Yet won't let myself continue. I want to taste it. I bring my two fingers up to my mouth. I slide my tongue between them. Licking up from the top of one down to the V between the fingers then up again to the top of the other finger. My tongue licking feverishly to where I ache to have it in my mouth right then and there.

I slide both fingers in my mouth. My lips tighten over the base of my fingers. My tongue is circling them inside my mouth. O man I taste so good. It's so thick and creamy. I start to make my fingers go in and out of my mouth. I imagine it's your dick in my mouth. Trying to push it further and further into my mouth. At same time I have the vibrator slowly go down my stomach. I tease my belly button with it. I start to moan. I lay myself down onto the bed. I bend my legs and spread them far apart. I have to have this vibration on my clit. I put the head of the toy on my clit. And put my two fingers back inside my wetness. Just to taste it again. The vibration on my clit almost tipped me over the edge right then and there. I knew I was not going to last long. Slowly the dildo reaches itself down to my hole. It slides in so easily. Didn't need any lubrication for it.

I pull my two fingers from mouth and starting to rub on my chest. Going from nipple to nipple. I begin to put the dildo further into my lips. O I can feel the ridges of the dildo on my walls. The vibration was shocking. Just then it is totally inside me. The suction cup was on my clit. Oh my God I am not going to last. It hurt cause it was so strong but at same time I was just on the tip of an orgasm. I am yanking on my nipples so hard. My mouth is open where I was imagining your cock going in me as I pull the dildo in and out of me. Just pulling it out just barely so the suction on my clit was a tense pull.

In and out it goes while feeling the balls inside the clit sucker banging hard against my clit. I am so used to tenderness on my clit. But this time baby I can feel your tongue pushing hard onto my swollen clit. If there was a way to make my clit do motions by command I would have it do it so that you could feel in on your tongue to confirm to you how good it felt. You would not have to ever wonder if that moan was for good or for bad. Right now I am moaning out loud. I bet my neighbors could hear me. I want you in me. I so far have been going in and out of me slowly to not break the suction.

My nipples were being pulled on. Each nipple getting more and more jealous while I only had one hand to play with one at a time. I squeeze my breast together. So that one hand could play to both nipples at the same time. My breathing comes stronger and deeper. I am getting light headed. I can feel you going in and out of me. I feel you pounding deeper and harder into me. I want you in me. The ridges are to exciting as I can feel it hitting my outer limits of my lips. As they push their way inside me. It's like a little restriction on each ridge. Pushing it further and further in me. I want it all. I am greedy. I want to feel you. Each ridge I can feel you pushing past my tight pussy lips that are contracting around you. I feel my hips rise to meet each grind.

My mouth is still open just slightly I am moaning your name. Begging you to go deeper. O my God you feel so good. I feel so alive. My body feels as there are lightning bolts going out of me at ever curve. I want to scream. I hear noise's that I know cant be coming from me yet they had to be. Nobody else was here. I am going faster and rougher grinding my hips into the dildo. I want it deep o so very deep. The vibration against my walls is going to make me cum. I want you in me. I can feel you in me. I can feel the air from the air conditioner vent slightly blowing so it makes a cold draft into my lips with each stroke. I want you so bad. I can taste you. Please I beg. I want you. I oo so want you. My hips are going as high as they can. I need you. I want you. Please. These words I thought were in my head. Yet they weren't. I could hear them. These words are being spoken out-loud. Words are aimlessly screaming out. I am about to explode. I can feel you in me.

My legs are spread so far to let you completely in. I am just about to explode. My chests rising in and out with each deep breathe. My nipples are begging to be sucked. I need it all. Right then! Harder baby. Please Please. Then all of a sudden I slipped. I was on top of the mountain of orgasms. I just was bout to go over the edge. And then the dildo slowly was going in and out of me. I still want you badly. But I know how you would do it to me at this moment. You would bring us both to ecstasy. You haven't even teased my ass yet you were soaking wet from me. My ass was wet from my pussy juices running down towards my ass. You keep me in the same position yet put your hands on my ass.

I can feel my ass spread apart. You slowly pull yourself out of me. And start to enter my ass with your cock. No lubrication still. No teasing it with your tongue or your fingers. Just giving me straight cock. Your fingers go to my wet pussy lips. Now both holes are filled. Vibrations from my ass are vibrating so hard I can feel my walls in my pussy vibrate onto your fingers. You took complete control of my ass. There is no pain just pure pleasure. My ass is so tight around your cock. The heat from our pleasure is evaporating the wetness that was on you. Soon I knew you and I were bout to soar our way into ecstasy. Just needed a little more wetness.

You quickly slide out of my ass into my pussy to rewet yourself. Slide in and out then in and out then into my ass your cock goes. My ass is contracting begging for you. My pussy needs you. I need it all. I need it now. I am rocking so hard. I am trying to help my lower body spread so you can go in me. Fully in me, deeply in me! Please I scream out to you. Enter me! You thrust back inside my ass hole, as it's a slide of ease. You hit inside me hard then start to rock faster and faster of me. I can feel suction on my hole. I can feel you sucking the juices out of me with your mouth. Sucking it all. My cream is exploding onto you.

I am rocking harder and harder. Your cock going deep into my ass, as I start to explode all over you, you are drinking it all as I can feel you sucking on me. Yet at moment I am not realizing your sucking up my juices as your still ramming into my ass. My screams are high. Long moans. Screaming your name my body shaking on this feeling. Exploding everywhere. Ooo that's oooooo pleaseeeee ooooooo don't ooooo ooooooo big breathe. My body lies there quivering to enjoy the after math of you when I realize it wasn't you yet a vibration dildo still in on position inside my ass. I pull it out slowly and realize then it wasn't you drinking up my juices it was the suction cup of the clit suck sucking on my hole.

It may not of really been you there while I played with myself in reality, but sometime or another you stopped being a dildo and became you then became a dildo again. As I regain my normal breathing but knew this is just the first night of many. I know at that very moment. I can't wait till the next time. As much as I would love it being you, this is not a bad second. I can't wait to go Toy Shopping again. Toys I realize are for Big Kids too!

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