Thinking of You
You make me so hungry for you ....

Do you know how great sex would be between us, you and me, sharing the pleasure and joy of ourselves, and our bodies in great, lustful, and pleasing intimacy?

Sit back, relax, and take a deep breath... imagining ourselves in sweet and erotic sexual love.

In slow motion you could take off my clothes, piece by piece, slowly, until you have me naked before you, letting your eyes enjoy looking at me...

Your fingers touching everywhere... doing all your foreplay, so you can enjoy each second and each movement of my body.

It would be your pleasure to lay me on your bed and start kissing my eyes, nose & lips... my lips to your lips, kissing, licking and sucking them.

Then, you take my tongue inside your mouth, sucking it, and let mine go to your mouth, drinking from your sweet mouth.

You would continue by kissing my neck, going down, to reach my breast, kissing them, sucking and licking my nipples, gently squeezing them in your hands, and letting your hardness play with them.

I would feel your hard thickness between my breast... and my hard nipples digging at your hardness... at that moment, I would enjoy, gripping your hardness, and start to suck him until I satisfy my heated desires of you.

Slowly, you would go down, kissing and licking my sexy body everywhere until you reach my lovely forbidden fruit; touching it with your fingers, gently squeezing, letting your tongue lick my tight love tunnel, sucking, and drinking my sweet juice.

Weakened by lust for you, you'll know my hot, wet, sizzling pussy is yours and I couldn't wait for your engorged cock while I see it hard, thick and erect... wanting it... so badly.

Then you'll go to my back, and start from my neck, kissing and licking all the way down reaching my lovely butt.

Gently you'll squeeze my mounds in your hands, and you'll put your cock between my cheeks, so I can squeeze them around your engorged hero, so hard and erect for me.

You'll whisper to me in heavy breath that I am going to love it!

Then you'll put some baby oil on my sexy back, and my beautiful soft ass of mine, and use your hard cock and your athletic sexy body to make a very long sexy wet massage for me my dear.

Then you'll turn me around, and I am going to see your cock fully erected, waiting for action, and you spread my legs, then...

"Oh! My" I'll scream out loud as you enter me all the way up, inside my hot tight pussy with your horny, erect dick... a very nice hug between your hard and thick cock, and my tight, hot pussy.

I will feel like you've touched my heart and I'll cry from pleasure, "Fuck me, more... deeper... harder!", while you're fucking me back & forward, up and down, all the way in, fucking me fast, and slowly, gently, and hard, as my sizzling wet pussy hugs your cock.

The most beautiful sight to behold will be my sizzling wet pussy juice glistening around your cock, welcoming you inside my forbidden haven.

My joyful, lustful, and sexy voice would come forth from my mouth, filling your room, turning you on, more and more, and my eyes, almost closed.

I will be in lust, and our fucking will take me to another world, to a world of pleasure, while you're fucking me, while your hands and your lips are touching the rest of my sexy body, giving me more pleasure, until I can't hold it anymore, as I cum... many times.

Then your warm come will spill inside me... feeling your hot seed pour inside me, and then, you'll pull it from my pussy, so I can take a rest, before you turn me on again.

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