Three Sisters and Me
"Three Sisters and Me"

It all started innocent enough. Two of my wife's sisters came to visit her for a couple of days. They were both divorced and from pretty nasty divorce situations. Linda and Pat came planning on spending about a week. Nothing unusual about the visit and my wife and her sister did the typical shopping etc. nothing special.

Then Wednesday afternoon they asked me to set up the hot tub so they could use it that evening. So being the good hubby I did just that and got the hot tub all ready for their planned dip in the spa.

That evening after the three of them enjoyed a night out at a local Mexican restaurant they came home and asked me if the hot tub was ready. I said well of course it is. They all changed into their swimsuits and I uncovered the hot tub and it was ready for them.

So they each came out of the house one at a time onto the deck and covered in their terry cloth robes. My wife, Francine was the first to take off her robe and slip into the warm water in her blue suit. Her blue suit is very conservative but does enough to show her still shapely figure. I think she would be what they call a MILF for sure. Her twin sister, Linda was a MILF in every sense of the word. She was in shape as well Francine but shapelier. Her blue and yellow stripped suit was a bit more open shall we say with a nice diving neck line. Her suit showed some wonderful cleavage and was a one piece with the high hip line showed some very in shape thighs. Pat the last to come out on the deck also was in nice shape and was much endowed and with a red suit with white Hawaiian style flowers on it. She it seemed to enjoy being in her suit and as she walked every bit of her breasts swayed with each step as if to tell me hello in a new way. I tried not to pay that much attention but I could now see that Francine sisters were more attractive than I had given them credit for. Francine twin sister had a bit of a smile as she looked over at me and stepped in to the hot tube. Francine had gotten in first so she was already in the tub. Pat followed and I thought she was going to fall in head first as her breasts were leading the way. They all managed to get in the spa and were owing and ahing already how good the warm water felt. They mentioned the margaritas at the restaurant and now it made a bit of sense as they were well on there way to being shall we say very relaxed.

Francine asked me to turn on the jets and so to really give them the thrill of the warm water caress all around them I was more than happy to. I moved over to the controls and. Then preparing to leave I said anything else you ladies need? Francine simply said no Hun I think we are fine. Linda said well I could use a glass of wine and Pat said me too. So I smiled at Francine and headed for the kitchen to get two glasses of wine. Francine yelled out above the soft roar of the hot tub jets might as well make it three. So three glasses of wine for the ladies was the order and I thought to myself this will be interesting they all are a bit tipsy. It appeared I was the waiter for the evening so I poured the three glasses of wine and delivered to the giggle sisters in the spa.

As I handled them the glasses of wine Linda said you are joining us of course aren't you. No I will pass I think the tub is about as full as it can get. Francine said yes he was doing some reading and I know he wants to finish it. Linda said oh please but I resisted as I got the look from Francine and I left the deck to head upstairs to do some reading.

When I got upstairs our bedroom which is just above the deck had the two windows open to allow the cool evening breeze to blow through the bedroom. The reading was becoming difficult as I could hear them giggle and just having a good time. I strained my ears to hear but it was difficult above the soft hum of the spa jets. Linda was saying what sounded like "how good is he, Francine". I only really heard the how good is he and I imagine she was asking Francine about her sex life with me and but maybe not. But that is what I want to hear so it worked for me. Pat commented loud enough for me to make no mistake about it when she said "I bet he is so good in bed Francine". Francine response I did not hear but having heard what I wanted to believe was a sexual conversation I moved to the window and looked down to see them enjoying the warm water and wine. Pat' breasts appeared to be floating in the water and almost out of her suit and Linda had slipped her suits shoulder straps down and her breasts were almost fully exposed from my vantage point. Francine had even pushed her suit down to a point across her breasts and even with the warm water her nipples were hard enough to be visible through her suit. I did a double take to make sure it was Francine I was seeing.

I felt my shorts grow tight across my zipper and I was getting a nice bulge going as I viewed the scene below. Now I could hear pretty clearly as Linda said come on Francine lets have some fun and get John out here with us. Francine said OK but remembers he is mine at the end of the evening. My arousal and bulge at hearing that had me wondering was this a dream. I heard Francine call out John can you refill our wine glasses please. I stepped away from the window and started down the steps when she called out again and this time I responded yes, Hun what is it. I peaked out around the kitchen door so as not to give away my obvious arousal. She said can you re fill our wine glasses? I responded sure just a moment and I will be right there.

I leaned back into the kitchen and looked for the wine bottle. I thought I would have to stall as I was sure Francine will be so pissed if she sees the bulge in my shorts. Then I remembered her comment when I was looking down from the window and trying to listening in to their giggling conversation. So I said what the heck and grabbed the wine bottle and headed out to the deck and hot tub.

The soft glow of the white lights around the hot tub created a nice glow of low light and I was not sure they would notice my growing penal arousal. They all reached out with their wine glasses as the glasses clinked together and the giggles began. When I was just about finished pouring the last glass of wine for my wife said is that a wine bottle in your pocket or are you happy to see us.

A bit surprised and obviously caught in the moment I said well it's not a wine bottle but I am sure it tastes as good. I could not believe what I had said and they all laughed and giggled until I felt I was safe. My wife then said well you seem to be enjoying this little treat of ours. Pat and Linda then both said John get in the water and join the fun. Francine then joined in the invitation by saying, John go get your suit and hop in.
Linda said John you do not need a suit see I do not need mine. As she was saying that she was taking her blue and yellow striped suit off and stood a bit out of the water as she pushed the suit down and then I watched if float fee in the water. My cock was now going crazy with hardness and Francine said yes John your suit will not fit over that. They all giggled and Pat was now slipping her suit off as well and it floated into the water as well. I was sure I was three shades of red but very much enjoying the show and my bulge was now pushing my shorts out as tight as possible. Francine said well I guess it is my turn and shed her blue suit top saying John you always liked this view of me what do you say now. Her perfectly shaped breasts in my full view and her erect nipples as well. She them push her swim suit bottom off and I thought does it get any better. A bit tongue tied I said it is your best outfit, Hun.

Then they all began a soft chant of, take it off John take it off. I smiled back and started to walk back to the kitchen door. Francine then said John get in the tub with us and let them see your talents. I was shocked to hear that come from Francine but quickly turned around my bulge now even more pronounced than when I fist walked over to fill their wine glasses.

Forgetting I had not filled their wine glasses I turned and took the two steps back and said who has an empty glass. They all pushed their glasses toward me and with the ping of their glasses I started to fill them as they were now giggling and almost just flat out laughing. I filled Francine's glass last and she said now put down that bottle and get in here.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and felt Linda hands on the front of my shorts and she was caressing my bulge and saying lets get going John. Linda reached over to help me unzip my shorts and Francine smiled as I looked over at her and she had an approving smile. Pat was urging Linda on get those shorts off me. Pat said to Linda you know how long it has been? They all started to giggle anew and I pushed my shorts down and off on to the deck. Now I stood in all my glory with silk boxers and a horizontal flag pole showing my arousal. Linda said oh John let us all see it; oh John let us see it. Francine said yes John let them see what I have enjoyed for years. I thought to myself wow if only she had. But now was now!

Linda reached over the tub almost spilling her wine and was caressing my flag pole as I was about to push my boxers down but the feel of her hands caressing caused me to stop for a moment and enjoy the feeling of her caressing my cock. Francine could see my enjoyment and said girls lets us all share his cock. I almost fell over as she had never said cock. Now I was so ready for what ever they wanted of me.

Linda grabbed the waist band of the my boxers and pushed them down as I did the same and let them fall on the spa steps and now my cock was so hard and my full length was on display. Francine said, John dear I can not remember you being this long and hard what must you be thinking. The truth was I was not thinking and just letting them do what ever they wanted at this point.

I slipped into the water next to my wife as that was the only place left in the spa in the now tight confines of the tub. As I sat down in the water the spa flowed over its banks so to speak and the girls could not stop laughing and giggling. I was the only sober person in the group for sure and I thought now is my time.

As soon as I sat down Francine surprised me by grabbing my hard on and smiled at me and lean over and whisper I think I might share this, are you OK with that. I was smiling a pleasure smile and said oh please Francine. She took her hand and started to stroke my shaft in the warm water and it felt so goooooooood. Then Linda and Pat reached over and scolded Francine in a teasing way and reminded her you said you would share.
I just sat back and enjoy the conversation still thinking I have to be dreaming.

At his point Francine said to Linda you want a stroke or two...she said yes maybe and bit more. She looked at me and said it has been a while for her and I am sure for Pat, so may we enjoy your manhood. Before I could say yes Francine said of course you can. She pushed me forward and I got on my knees in the spa with my cock just floating and throbbing above the water line. Both Linda and Pat reached over and were now stroking my cock and they could see the enjoyment on my face and looked back and Francine was touching her breasts something she never does and seemed to be enjoying what her sisters were doing. Linda now leaned in toward my cock and kissed my head of my swollen member and I almost lost my balance. Pat commented I think he liked that let me see if he really does. Now both of them had my cock above the water line and where kissing the head of my cock and Pat was stroking away. I was lost in the enjoyment and I looked back over my shoulder at Francine and she had her eyes closed and now had a hand under the water with the other caressing her nipples. I loved this as I had never seen her do anything like this. The oral caressing of my cock head was now becoming almost more than I could bear as this was a first for me and some how Linda and Pat knew it. As my head arched back and I let out more than a few moans of pleasure. Linda then commented to Pat look Francine is right, she has not sucked his cock before and he loves this. I heard the comment and looked right at them both and whisper oh yes oh yes.

I could not contain my pleasure and then the warm cum started to jerk from my aroused cock and was landing on Linda's breast and Pat face. I was so embarrassed but they both smiled and said we need to move this to your bedroom John. Francine was now fully aware that I had cum and said was it good for your girls. Both sisters said yes, Francine it was but not as good as it going to get.........

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