Three of Them
I watched the kid who lived across the street from us grow up. He was a gangly freckle-faced redhead who used to visit me. I knew his hormones were running when he watched everything I did. I liked to be admired, and his admiration was welcome.

He was now graduating from high school, and his visits did not stop. He had turned in a handsome young man, and I enjoyed his company. He always visited me when I was alone in the house, so I kind of knew what was on his mind. I knew his mother and decided to leave him alone, even when I saw him in my bathroom hamper, smelling a pair of my panties. Joey had a thing for me, and I liked that. I did not know if he had a girlfriend or even if he was still a virgin. He was tempting.

When the weather turned warmer in the spring, I would intentionally wear skimpy clothes if I thought he would be coming over to see me. What I would wear really kept his interest. I did goof once when he walked in on me, making out with a man in my kitchen. I thought that would be the end of it, but I was wrong. I think it turned him on. He always got a good look at my body, as the more he saw, the more I liked it. I was tempted to walk in on him bare-breasted but thought better of it.

One day, his mother came a calling. I thought maybe she did not like what was going on with her son and me. She was distraught. It took a lot of questioning in between her sobbing to get to her problem.

"Carol, I did my son, and if Andy finds out, he will kill me."

"You did what, Mary?"

Mary blurted out, "I fucked him!"

"So, Mary, don't get carried away that you did. It happens."

Then the excuses started flying all over the room, "Carol, Andy hasn't been paying attention to me, if you know what I mean. I was in that time of the month when I wanted it bad. It was the first time, since Joey has grown, I saw him naked. And oh, forgive me, I seduced him. It was so natural, it was like been with Andy on our honeymoon. I am so ashamed."

She obviously had not come over to tempt me, not that I hadn't fantasized about it for quite a while. Her being upset, I noticed the change in the clothes she was wearing. An open blouse and short skirt were not typical for her. Most of the other times, I had seen her. She wore an ankle-length skirt and tops that were all fitted close to her neck. No matter her conservative dress, it was hard to hide what was packaged underneath. I once saw her in a grocery store bending over, which stretched the material across her back. An outline of her bra indicated the size of 3 or 4 hooks. It is hard to hide that much from the world, no matter how hard you try. I kind of had fun imagining what was beneath all that loose clothing. Today, it was different. No imagination required. You could tell she wasn't used to sitting in the clothes she had on, as she sat with legs slightly open. As emotional as she was, her legs were opening and closing. I got to see what I always wanted to see.

I got up and stood over her, and the open blouse gave away all that she previously tried to hide. I said, "Stand up, Mary." When she did, I hugged her, and she melted in my arms. Her body felt so lovely next to mine, as she sobbed. I kissed her cheeks to console her. She was calming down as I was not. I liked the feel of Mary against me.

"Mary, if you are worried about Andy, there is a way to cover that."

"How, Carol?"

"I could seduce Joey, and if anything blows up, Joey could say by telling the truth to his father that he had fucked me."

"Do you think that would work."

"No doubt, in my mind, Mary."

The reason I knew, was Joey saw his father and me making out, that day in my kitchen. I was pleased Joey did not come to see me later because his dear old dad got hot, fucking me on the kitchen table. All Joey saw was me kissing his father. I got to his dad one day when he was trying to fix a leak under my sink. I stood next to the sink while he worked, and he saw enough looking up to get him excited, and he was easy after that. I understood why Mary was being neglected by Andy because I was in the same boat with my Wilbur being always with his new lover Abe. Andy was convenient, and I fucked him.

I was excited at the prospect of what I had in front of me. The father, the son, and then the hot mother who would be difficult, but if I waited for her' time of the month,' she would be easily convinced to become my new lover.

"Mary, the first thing you got to do is stop fucking Joey."

"If you think so, Carol."

I had to stop having her hormones being satisfied by her son. I could keep the father and son occupied until I made her. The whole scenario was making me wet. I got her approval to fuck her son.

"He is different than Andy."

"How, Mary?"

"He is more like my father with what he uses to fuck me."

"Was your father big?"

"Not long, but very big otherwise. Joey is the same way."

That statement made my panties wetter. Joey being prominent in the girth of his cock, and how she knew about the size of her father. Maybe Mary wasn't so innocent as she let on. A few glasses of wine sometimes might reveal all about Mary's youth. Right now, I had a young man to seduce. I had to manipulate the three of them because Andy once asked me if Joey was being a pain coming over here all the time. I told him absolutely not. Joey liked to talk about his sports and try to impress me as his adopted mother. I would have loved to say to him that his son was enjoying looking at my tits and ass. I did look forward to seeing that bulge of Joey's in the flesh. I could easily blow Andy but might have trouble with Joey. I hoped not.

I got a call from Mary. She thought Joey was coming to see me. He had been looking at porn online. She had checked his history, and he was in the mood. I quickly got off the phone and started stripping the clothes I had on and put on a halter top and a pair of shorts high in the back and tight in the front. I slipped on a pair of heels and thought, "Come on sweet Joey, or should I say, cum in me, sweet Joey." I called his anxious mom and asked if he was coming. He told her where he was going and visit his adopted mom.

Apparently, Mary was keeping her word about not putting out for him, so I guess he thought at least get to look at it. He sashayed in as all teenagers do. I went to him and hugged him. He was not expecting that, but he was going to have a lot of things he was not expecting today.

"Joey, how wonderful you look."

"I guess I could say the same about you, Mrs,,,"

"Now, no, Mrs., we know each other better than that. Call me Carol. We are adults."

"Carol, you look absolutely great."

I hugged him again, telling him, "Telling me that deserves an award. You are so cute, I could kiss you. Would you be offended if I did."

"No, mamm... sorry, no, not at all, Carol."

I kissed him on the cheek. I then pulled back as our faces were so close to each other. I knew he felt my tits pressed against him, and I could feel him pressed against my cunt with his grandpa's sized cock. He finally got balls and kissed me. It wasn't the best kiss in the world, but it was a start. I opened my mouth, hoping he would explore with his tongue, but he didn't. So I pushed my tongue on his lips, which he began, and I had my tongue inside of him. He caught on, and our tongues met, and he entered my mouth. I sucked his tongue and could feel the effect sitting in his pants. I whispered in his ear, "Would you like to take my top off?"

He gave no answer, but I felt his hand pulling on the bow at the top of my neck. He needed two hands to unhook the bottom of the halter. The halter unhooked became a pleasure for him as he slowly pulled it off my tits. That was sexy as hell coming from an eighteen-year-old. I kept kissing him as I felt his hands on my boobs, playing with my nipples. I was ready to fuck, but I wondered if he had the balls to ask me. I was enjoying his fondling of my tits when I felt him unzip his shorts. He fumbled around, and I looked down. There it was for me to see. Oh, grandpa, if you used that on your daughter, she was one lucky young woman. The only thing I could think of at the moment could I get that in my mouth. I wasn't worried about choking, but could I get my mouth open that wide. It was time to find out.

I dropped to my knees, and down in front of him, it looked bigger still. He was so fucking hard. Veins stood out as I kissed his cock and listened to my young lover, moan. I tasted the dribble from the slit. I was so horny for him at that point I started licking the whole thing like crazy. As that beautiful head came toward my mouth, all I could think of was my dentist saying, "Now, open wide, Carol." My dentist did give me exercises to help to open my mouth for him to efficiently work on me. I am sure that was not all he was thinking as he kept straightening the bib I was wearing. His hand would smooth down the bib and get a nice feel of my tits. I thought sure he would one day ask to fuck me, but he never did. I will ever be thankful for the exercises he gave me, the head of Joey's cock was on my lips. I opened wide, and Joey thought he died and went to heaven, as that monster slipped into my mouth. After sucking him and listening to him grunt. I just asked him, and I was not going to wait for him to ask me.

"Would Joey like to fuck me?"

You would think it was Christmas had arrived. My shorts came down, along with my panties, and I awaited the arrival of that gorgeous cock. He pushed me on the kitchen table and entered me, which stretched the hell out of me. His mamma taught him how to fuck well. Just like his daddy, he fucked me on the kitchen table. It didn't take him long to unload a lot of cum in me. Not all of it stayed in, and I was glad I did not let him cum in my mouth because it would have been all over. As it was, I was going to wash the placemats. As I was kissing him, I planned to have a lot more of him, but it didn't take long for me to think about his mother. I did her a favor, and now it was time for her to do me a favor.
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