Three times
As a part of my job, I work with large engineering companies from all over America.

My company has just signed a contract with Black and Veetch engineering in Kansas City. I was on my first visit with this company to review a new project. After three days of dry meetings with stuffed shirt engineers that only talk work, I needed a break.

After checking with the hotels front desk, I headed to a spot called Kansas City (KC) Live.
It was a large indoor mall of shops and entertainment venues including several bars and restauranteur.

I intended to head to a bar called Howl At The Moon. It is a duel piano bar and restauranteur that has a casual atmosphere with good food and drinks. I intended to have a few drinks and dinner while listening to the pianos.

As I was seated the place was packed. It seems there was a large batchloret party with 20 young ladies that were well lubricated with alcohol. They had the pianos stocked with requested songs and were singing to all of them.

As I ordered my dinner and sipped my makers on the rocks, I could not help but notice one lady that glowed with both beauty and sexuality. As discreetly as possible I watched this tall brunet as she appeared to be with the group but not engrossed with the party.

She was looking around and texting constantly. She would interact just enough to be involved but was not as giddy or drunk as the rest. She glanced my way and noticed me watching.

She flashed me a bright smile and went back to her party. But as my dinner arrived she again looked up and caught me looking.

She got up and headed my way. Since the rest rooms were behind me, I thought she was headed there. But as she approached my table she bent over and asked if she could join me. I accepted of course.

She said my steak looked good so I shared it and my twice baked potato with her. She introduced herself as Mori. I said nice to meet you Mori I am Joe.

Mori asked me what brings you to KC? I ask her why she does not think I am local? She says my accent is to southern. I confess and tell her about meeting with the local engineering firm.

I asked her if her friends were going to miss her and she said no they would not realize she was gone till morning.

She had arrived alone and they would not worry. She asked if I had plans after dinner. When I said no she asked if I liked to dance. Sure I said is that an invitation? She said there was a club called Angles Rock Bar that had good dance music.

I asked her if she often asked out men old enough to be her father? She grinned and said I looked as though I would make a good partner for dancing. Well let me pay my check and we can see if I can still dance.

She went to get her coat and tell her friends she was leaving. We left and walked to the club. As we entered the sound of the rock music and the lights drew us into a common world and after ordering drinks we hit the dance floor.

As we danced and talked I learned that Mori was 21 and she was surprised to find that I was 60. I asked if that made her want to leave and she just smiled and held me a little closer as we slow danced.

I should say that Mori is about 5'8" tall and has a very trim runners type of build. She had small firm breasts and a slim waist and hips. Her hair is shoulder length brown and her eyes are brown as well.

I am 6' and weigh 200#s and work out several times a week. So the dancing was good exercise after three days of inactivity.

After several drinks and about an hour of dancing the DJ announced that it was snowing and that the roads were starting to get icy. Mori asked where I was staying and I told her the Hilton. She was worried about getting home and I invited her to use the second room in my suite at the Hilton.

She eagerly agreed and she said since it was so close we could dance a little longer. As we danced the feel and touch actions for both of us increased and we were soon rubbing leg to crotch and really feeling each other up as much as clothing would allow.

After one particular slow dance when I put my hands on Mori's firm butt and pulled her into my swelling cock, she moaned and whispered in my ear "do I have to use the extra room".

I said "only if you want". She Replied "it is time we got to the Hilton".

I called the Hilton and had them send a car. It arrived shortly and we climbed in the back seat and Mori leaned into me like a longtime lover.

We arrived at the Hilton and proceeded to my suite. As we entered, Mori excused herself to the bathroom to freshen up.

I proceeded to pour me a makers and got Mori a cold beer from the mini bar. I heard the shower running and in about 10 minutes Mori emerged from the bathroom with nothing on but a hotel robe.

Her log firm legs showed through the loose fitting robe as she strode across the room.

I handed her a beer and she proceeded to offer a toast to the three times. I questioned her on her toast and she replied "your age is three times mine and I want to see how that equation works in bed"

I smiled and toasted to a hardy three times.

I proceeded to set my drink aside and reached to hold Mori close. I walked her to the spare bed since it had clean unused sheets. I laid her on her back and proceeded to massage her feet. She seemed to enjoy the rubbing, so I moved on up her long legs to her calves and then to her thighs.

As she relaxed to my massage, I moved to her arms and massaged them,then moved to her shoulders and neck. Kissing gently as I finished massaging her neck.

I whispered in her ear as I kissed it the massage was for me to learn your body. Now it is time for me to play music on your body.

I then opened the robe and began to gently kiss her neck and ears. As I had massaged I had found several very hot spots. One was just below Mori's neck on her right shoulder.

I nuzzled and kissed it then moved to a second spot just under her left armpit. This too produced an audible moan as I kissed and nuzzled.

Moving very slowly and gently with my kisses, I moved back to her lips and then to her stomach, skipping over her very pert b-cup breasts. She tried to pull my head back to her nipple but I proceeded to kiss her stomach and then skipped to her legs.

Again she protested that I should have kissed her mound but I continued to kiss her legs and feet paying special attention to the area behind her knees. This spot was particularly sensitive and she squirmed as I kissed.

Now she had stopped complaining so I moved my lips to her nipples that were by now like two little rocks standing at attention.

I took her right breast into my mouth and sucked it gently at first but soon was sucking it hard and nibbling it with my teeth. As Mori moaned and moved, I suckled it harder and deeper. Mori began to squirm and I sucked it harder and took the entire end into my mouth and used my tongue to flick her nipple.

When I felt Mori's hips moving and bucking I chomped hard on her nipple and she began her first small orgasm.

I then moved my lips to her left breast, and proceeded to repeat my right breast attack.

Again she orgasmed but this time longer and with more passion. (one)

I then proceeded to kiss my way down her stomach to her lovely mound. I stroked and kissed it passing all around her clit till she pushed my head down and begged me to suck her clit.

I licked her pussy lips from front to back, taking my time till I decided to locate her clit. It was protruding from its hood and standing at attention for me to suck.

I took it in my teeth and began to nibble and suckle her clit. At this point Mori began to convulse moving toward her second orgasm. It was time to push a finger into Mori's pussy and find her g spot.

I pushed first one finger then two into her pussy and curled them to her front wall moving my fingers in small circles. This hit her g-spot and sent her over the edge again. (two)

I held Mori till she recovered then began to kiss her nipples again and positioned myself to enter her dripping pussy. I slid in very easy but Mori's hot, tight pussy began to milk my cock.

I forced myself to slow the pace and pulled Mori's long shapely legs over my shoulders allowing me full depth penetration. I could feel Mori's pussy start to contract.

I held out as long as possible but in minutes I was exploding warm cum into Mori's tight young pussy. As we recovered I lay down beside Mori and stroked her tight young ass.

After a few minutes of recovery Mori began to kiss her way down my stomach to my placid cock. I told her it may not respond but she continued till my flaccid cock began to get tight again. Mori continued to suck my cock till it was hard again.

Mori then proceed to ride me like a cow girl. Since this was round two for me it took a little longer but Mori was willing to do as much as possible to give me a second orgasm.

She rode me till I felt her start to contract with her third orgasm and I too joined the ride to ecstasy. (three)

I can hardly wait for my next business trip to Kansas City.
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