Tied and Blindfolded
I see you dancing on the stripper pole, grinding your pussy against the firm, slick bar as the stage men role a bed out onto the stage.

You see straps and handcuffs hanging from each corner which sends a warm feeling of excitement shooting through your body as you feel your pussy moisten....You stare at the bed as you grind your pussy against the stripper pole knowing the thin fabric of your thong is getting soaked. Your sexy breasts are covered with a tiny bikini as the crowd starts to cheer.

You are unsure of what they are cheering about until you feel me take your hands in mine as my body presses up against yours. You feel my bare chest against your back and the thin fabric of my swim shorts barely covering the bulge as I start to grind against your ass.

You push back into me grinding your ass into my bulge as we start to make fucking movements...the crowd starts to cheer and whistle....I wrap my arms around your body tight still holding your hands as you feel me lift you easily and start to carry you to the bed. As I get closer to the bed you feel my lips on your neck as I start to kiss and suck your neck with passion.

I lay you down on the bed as you feel me take your hands one by one and lock them in soft handcuffs and tie your arms to each corner of the bed. Then I move down in between your legs, kissing my way down your body as I reach for your thong and snap the two edges ripping it off. Your pussy and ass are now bare for everyone to see. You feel your nipples harden as you know your pussy lips are soaking wet.

I then take each leg and pull it out and tie each leg to a corner of the bed with silk straps, revealing your wet pussy to the whole crowd. Then I move up and undo the straps on your top and slip it off, unlocking one arm at a time and reattaching the straps, leaving you naked on the bed. The people are whistling and cheering at your sexy, naked body...You watch as I stand next to you and lower my swim shorts letting my cock out. It is hard and long and pointing right at your lips. You run your tongue over your lips. I move my cock to your mouth as you reach forward stretching, just able to run your tongue over the tip of my cock...wanting to take it into your mouth.
I slowly start to feed more and more of it to you as you start to suck greedily. Your pussy juices now flowing creating a wetspot on the bed as you suck my cock.

My hand runs up your inner thighs and over your wet pussy as you feel me push two fingers inside you. People are cheering, but you hardly hear them as the pleasure of my touch and the taste of my cock consume you.

Just then you hear more cheering and wonder what it is about. You release my cock and you look to your left to see two more strong and naked men walking out towards the bed waving at the crowd. Their cocks are already hard and they turn to smile at you. You look at me with a hungry smile knowing what is coming....Then you see me reach to the top of the bed and pull out a blindfold. I take it and wrap it over your eyes covering you so you can't see anything.

You wiggle and ache for what is to come, you feel people moving on the bed next to you but no touch. You moan saying, "Please, please I need this...touch me!!"

Finally, you feel six hands simultaneously start to explore your body. You feel hands on your breasts massaging your breasts and teasing your nipples. You feel hands on your inner thigh stroking their way up to your pussy. You feel hands running through your hair and on your tummy.

You arch your back up wanting more aching for your pussy to get some attention...Then the hands on your body pull away. You wiggle again wanting feel movement around you. You beg, "more more please!!!"

Then instead of hands you feel lips on you. First you feel lips kissing your cheeks and you feel lips kissing their way up your inner thigh. Then you feel lips on your breasts as a tongue rides over your tits and starts to suck your breasts.
There is a musty smell of cologne as the lips near your mouth and start to kiss you. You feel a tongue penetrate your mouth as spasms run through your pussy. The lips on your thigh reach your labia as the tip of the tongue separates your lips and flicks over your clit almost bringing you to your first orgasm.

The sensation of your breasts, pussy and mouth all touched by three sexy men sends you into ecstasy. You inner core spasms more as you wiggle and arch your back. You feel fingers on your breasts now teasing the nipple that doesn't have the tongue on it... you feel hands under your ass and fingers on your pussy as the tongue there continues to flick wildly over your sensitive nub.

The smell of the cologne and the tongue in your mouth taste wonderful as you moan at all the pleasures you are feeling. Then you feel two fingers penetrate your soaking wet pussy as the fingers from the other hand start to play with your asshole. You feel tremors as a finger pushes its tip into your ass and you wiggle at the sensation of your ass being penetrated while you have fingers in your pussy and a tongue on your clit, a tongue in your mouth and your nipples being sucked on and played with. You let out a deep moan as you body writhes in pleasure. Wild sensations ripple through your body. You unable to move your arms and legs as they stay strapped to the bed, unable to see who is doing what to bring you so much pleasure.

You can't take it any longer as you explode in your first orgasm. You are so wet you feel like you squirt as your juices pour down your legs. The tongue on your folds starts licking up all your juices and then is joined my another tongue licking and cleaning you. The feeling sends more sensations through your womb.

Then slowly you feel all the hands and lips pull away from your body. You moan and wiggle, begging for more.

You feel movement on the bed as you can now sense the hard cocks near you. .....The next thing you feel is two cocks at your cheeks. The head of each cock rubbing across your lips. You hungrily stick your tongue out and try to suck them as the hard shafts rub across your lips. You can tell they are rubbing up against each other as you try to suck them. Finally you turn to your left and take that cock deep in your mouth. You taste the precum as you start to suck.

You know so many people are watching but you dont' care you can't stop.

Then you feel the shaft of a long hard cock rubbing against your clit. As the cock rubs along your nub and labia the head of the cock slides lower and with one strong thrust it pushes inside of you as your hole swallows the cock and grips it. You feel as he begins to thrust and fuck you slow and deep. Your pussy soaking his hard cock with your juices.
You now turn to your right and take the other cock into your mouth as you try to suck, but you are losing concentration as it feels so good to be fucked hard in the pussy. The shaft you had been sucking now backs away. You feel as the man straddles your breasts and lays his hard shaft between your sexy mounds......You suck harder and harder now as you feel the second cock tit fucking you. The hands of that man press your breasts over his hard shaft as he fucks your tits harder. He runs the head of his cock over your nipples and then slides it back between your breasts. You suck hard on the cock in your mouth tasting more precum as it's owner moans in pleasure.

The cock in your pussy is starting to pound harder. You feel the body on top of you rubbing your clit. Then you feel hands on your ass lifting and holding you as you get fucked harder and harder. Your body convulsing almost uncontrollably at the wild sensations running through it as every nerve is tingling with excitement.

The next thing you feel is a finger pushing into your ass again as your ass is opened up. The cock in your pussy pushing hard and fucking you deeper and deeper....As the three hard cocks continue to fuck you, you feel your second orgasm rising inside of you. You can't hold out as the cock in your pussy pushes hard into you, pounding faster and faster slapping against your clitoris with each hard thrust.

At last you explode in your second orgasm screaming out. Waves of pleasure ripping through your body, your whole body tingling and becoming super sensitive. You can barely handle the touches and cocks as every nerve is heightened.

You gasp for breath as your heart is pounding, but the sensations continue. You feel the cock on your tits release and slowly get off of you....Next you feel your body lifted as the body and cock that was on your tits slides under you.

The cock in your pussy continues to fuck you slow and deep. You feel a finger with lube rubbing your asshole and then it is replaced with a cock head at your ass. Then pressure on your ass as his cock starts to push. Your ass opens slowly as his wet and oiled cock starts to penetrate your ass. You are consumed with pleasure you hardly remember that so many people are watching you get fucked in every hole.

You feel the cock in your ass go deeper. Opening your ass up, going in slower and deeper. It pushes in deeper filling you. You try to keep sucking the hard cock in your mouth as you feel the double penetration in your ass and pussy.
The cock in your mouth starts to throb and push harder. Soon the cock in your ass is all the way in as the two fucking your ass and pussy get into a good rhythm. Thrusting deep into you as lay on top of the one man who is in your ass. The other man between your legs fucking you so hard and deep. The cock in your mouth thrusting harder and harder. Your own body building again to yet another orgasm.....Then you feel it.... the cock in your mouth thrusts deep and then explodes. You feel his cum shooting deep into your throat as you start to swallow the sexy fluid pumping out of his cock. He continues to squrit and cum as you swallow and lick. He pulls his cock out of your mouth just as the last couple jets of cum squirt across your face. The taste of his cum sends waves of passion through your body reaching almost to another climax...then you feel it in your pussy.

The cock in your pussy thrusts hard and deep. The voice moans as you feel the long rod throbbing and then exploding in your womb. Filling you with hot semen that shaft thrusts and pounds. The pressure on your clit and deep in your essence pushes you over the edge again as you explode in yet another orgasm, wiggling wildly.

At this point the cock in your ass is pounding hard. You feel yourself lifted with each thrust. Your ass wide open to his cock as he fucks you faster and harder and deeper until you feel that cock explode into your ass as he thrusts us into you...You feel the cum seeping out of your ass and pussy as the three bodies and arms wrap around you and hold you tight.

Slowly they release each arm and each leg as you have one on each side of you and one under you.
Then they lift the blindfold off as you see me and two of your good friends naked next to you and smiling, the crowd cheering with lust and passion at the whole show. You even see some in the crowd who got naked themselves and were masturbating to the scene...
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