Time for a break
He kisses from my ankles up my legs, slowly teasing. The moans growing louder and louder with every move. His hands gliding on my thighs, getting wetter and wetter. His light bites on my inner thighs, and oh so close to coming.... He licks, teases, sucks and slides his tongue all over my wet pussy. I did the same to her as she sat on my face.

That's right, the moans growing louder, the pussy getting wetter and being so close to coming was from me eating her out. My tongue was fucking her like no other guys have done before. This time, I matched my tongue movements with his.

He licked my clit, I licked hers. He slide his tongue up and down my wet pussy, I did the same to her. I made sure she was moaning for me. I can feel her shaking, ready to cum again. He finger fucked me. I wrapped my arms around her thighs so she couldn't move. I made her cum right on my face.

He got me soak and wet, he wanted to play more. She climbed off and layed on her back. I got on all fours. She reached to her right and grabbed a vibrator off the night stand. His dick slowly entered me. He kept it deep and slow. Thrusting with little strokes. I almost couldn't keep playing. I took that vibrator and turned it up a little bit. I slid it in her, deep but slow.

She rubbed her clit and I slowly took it out and put it back in. I smacked her hand away. Her hands fondled her breasts. My mouth licked her clit as I fucked her with the toy. He fucked me faster, harder. Making it almost impossible to fuck her myself. His thumb began to rub my backdoor. I pulled away from him and switched positions with her.

She was on all fours. I told him to make her cum, hard. I was on my back and she was fucking me with the toy. He fucked her! And he loved every minute of it. He was close to cumming. He fucked her so damn good, she couldn't finish what she started with me. Her face was in the sheets because she was moaning so loud. I gave him a great visual.

Im grabbing my breasts, pinching my nipples. moving the vibrator in and out, matching his speed and stroke. He was cumming, she was cumming, and I was cumming. My hand rubbed my clit while continuing to fuck myself with the toy. She flipped around and swallowed every drop as he came in her mouth.

I slowly took the toy out, relaxed and happy. She got up to grab something to clean her mouth. He fell next to me, trying to catch his breath. He turned and looked at me "I am so happy we hired a maid."
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