Time to Pay Up 2 - cont -
Jenny was delighted when she opened the box and found her new toy. It was nice and thick, not to mention 12" long. She wondered if Chad would really live up to his end of the bargain.

Any minute now turned into 20, then 30 minutes. "Where the hell is he," she wondered as her pussy began to throb with anticipation.

Just as she began to call his cell phone he walked in. Looking up she smiled as she studied his face. He looked so hot she smiled to herself, and his ass is mine!

"Where should I put this?" Jenny said as she waved a realistic looking black strap-on dildo. Chads eyes widened a bit as he realized that it was bigger and thicker than he had remembered seeing online.

"Oh shit..." mouthed Chad as he looked at Jenny who was still waving it in the air. Jenny laughed.

"Marcus, meet my boyfriend Chad. He has a cute little white ass that is begging for you."

Chad laughed as Jenny just watched Chad's bulge grow in his trousers. Her pussy was wetter than hell and she knew she would have to relieve herself before she could play with Chad.

Not missing a beat she pushed her thong over and plunged the huge real looking black dildo, she named 'Marcus', in her depths letting out a huge sigh as she did so. Chad just stared, wide eyed at how easily it went in her.

"She's gotta' be fucking someone else for it to go in that easy...and that someone else has a huge cock." Chad told himself. Not caring at the moment he asked her where she wanted him.

"Take your clothes off, leave the tie on and crawl on all fours to me..." Jenny purred.

Chad quickly did this as he could not stand the excitement any longer too. On all fours he crawled to her.

"Now lick my pussy as I plunge Marcus in. Don't be afraid of Marcus, he likes to be licked too."

Chad licked as he was told and Jenny kept Marcus going nice and steady. Her body was electrified as the dildo filled her so deeply, with Chad licking her clitoris at the same time.

If only 'Marcus' were real she thought as a jolt flew up her spine to the base of her neck, enveloping her in a warm fuzzy state as Chad and Marcus became mere objects of her desire.

Only moments later did she realize how hard she came when she pulled out the soaked, shining dildo. She then looked at Chad whose whole bottom of his face and neck were covered in her sweet pussy juice. He was still tonguing her clit as she somehow finally regained her composure.

"You like my pussy don't you?"

"Mm mm....mmm." Chad moaned as he flicked his tongue around the sides of her moist pussy hole.

"Be a good boy and hand me your tie?" She asked sweetly, knowing this would let his guard down a bit more.

Chad wasted no time handing her the end of the tie he was still wearing around his neck. With a quick, sturdy pull Jenny brought his face to hers and began kissing him passionately as she rubbed Marcus against her clit.

"Ughh...before we go further I have to ask something." Jenny said breathlessly.

"What is it babe?" an eager Chad responded.

"Are you gay, or bisexual?...not that I care it's just you seem so relaxed about me fucking you..."

"I am whatever you want me to be sweetie." Chad winked at her and put his face into her neck, licking and biting as he took off her sports bra.

With the bra on the floor Chad started to suck Jenny's tits as hard as he could. Stopping only to lick around her sweet, erect nipples. With this going on Jenny put Marcus back into business as she pushed him into herself with wild abandon.

She came again as Chad started to nub her clit with his knuckle, while still sucking her tits. The wetness was there but she did not come nearly as hard as she did before.

"All right my pretty Lil' lady" Jenny said in an authoritative tone of voice, "on your hands and knees , lets go to the bedroom."

With this said, Jenny grabbed Marcus and the end of Chads tie and walked her new bitch into the bedroom. Her pussy was quivering now as she squeezed the life-like Marcus in her hand.


She tied Chad's hands in front of him around the oak bed-post. It was tight but not too tight so that he might complain.

"So are you a good bitch Chad?...An eager white boy who wants a big black cock in his ass huh?...Are you that white boy Chad?" She waved the dildo she was now wearing in her boyfriends face.

Chad kept trying to catch it with his mouth but she was teasing him as she would only let him get a small lick at a time. Finally when Chad was resigned to taking small, teasing licks did Jenny force Marcus into Chad's mouth.

He was surprised as how huge and life-like it felt. As real as it felt, Chad could not help but notice the 'new-smell' that was permeating from the latex dildo. Even Jenny's sweet love nectar could not mask this.

It did not taste like a real cock to Chad either. "Too bad its not the real thing" Chad thought as he swirled his tongue in an exaggerated fashion over the pinkish/ brownish head. This drove Jenny nuts as she watched him suck her "cock" like a pro.

" You have sucked dick before!... I knew it!" Jenny smiled as she face fucked him while holding a handful of Chad's blonde hair. Chad winked at her and tried to deep throat the whole 12" but began to choke and gag at 8".

" Too big for you huh?.. I think we are going to have to try that again."

Jenny grabbed him again and forced her "cock" as hard as she could in his mouth. Upon hitting his throat she told him to relax and she slowly pushed the big black dildo down her boyfriends eager throat. She was fingering herself from behind as she watched this surreal side of her boyfriend.

"All righty bitch...lets get your milky ass ready for a pounding" Jenny laughed as she withdrew her "cock" from her boyfriends throat. A long thin line of saliva stretching from her manhood to his lips.

Jenny walked over to the nightstand and took out a tube of k-y jelly and began applying it to Marcus. She was slow and deliberate as she applied the lube, she truly enjoyed the way it felt. Chad, still tied to the bedpost, just watched as he tried to stretch his jaw muscles.

"Alright Chad sweetie...I mean bitch, here we go." Jenny said as she inserted a lubed finger into Chads asshole. Chad moaned and pushed his ass into her finger. Jenny responded by inserting a second finger as she lubed him up for the ride of their lives with Marcus.

TBC Part. 3 - Soon -
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