Time with Janice
Janice and i had spent an hour during the afternoon enjoying passionate phone sex and finally before hanging up i told Janice she could expect to see me at her door later in the evening. she was good with that and even told me she was so ready to fuck me silly' it hurt.

we had both cum violently and i was at a time when the intensity of my orgasm was unbelievable.

the knock on the door was familiar...knock knock uh knock knock...knock knock. i knew it was june and her knock gave away the fact that if i didn't answer and she knew i was home she might come in anyway because she assumed i was in my darkroom, since i spent a lot of time there.

sure enough i heard the key turning in the lock and june yelled out her familiar hello!'

june walked into my bedroom, heading toward my darkroom and found me naked, on my back with a squirt of cum on my belly.

"oh, i see you have been thinking about me!"

i didn't want to tell her i had just cum because i had talked to Janice so i simply laid back and closed my eyes, waiting to see what she would do. i felt june's hands crawling up my inner thighs and my cock started to twitch as her nails grew closer to my balls and then my shaft.

the next sensation i felt was the grip of june's hand encircling the hard shaft of my cock, her soft fingers moving slowly up and down as she twisted from side to side as if she was trying to remove the cork from a bottle of sparkling cider. almost immediately i felt the wet warmth of her mouth as it slid aggressively all the way down onto my cock in one uninterrupted motion and she stayed there for a few seconds, moving her lips as if she could suck my entire cock all the way into her mouth and hold it there.

as june's mouth retreated to the head of my cock i could feel the suction of her mouth, so wet and warm and soft, amazingly soft. june had a tongue that was remarkable because she could literally twist it and turn it as she sucked me and the length was such that she could practically wrap the girth of my cock and stroke it.

as june sucked me i pulled at her sweat shirt to remove it and with little effort i was able to move the shirt over her head. as she so often was when she bounced downstairs from her apartment to mine, she was braless so i could immediately take one of her perky breasts into my mouth.

as she returned to sucking my cock i pinched her nipples while pulling at her jeans and underwear and as soon as they were off i hungrily pulled at her to position her pussy over my mouth. june's pussy was neatly trimmed and her curls were medium length, which i liked because i could always suck them into my mouth while i fingered her.

when june sucked my cock she did a see-saw effect, her mouth moving down as her pussy moved up, and over and over again. her hand maneuvered my cock masterfully, jacking me off fast and then slow, teasing and knowing that i would do the same to her pussy, sucking her and fingering her until she came hard and furiously.

i slid june onto her back and she spread her legs apart with an immediate invitation for my hard shaft to slip inside her wet, warm pussy.

i pulled her hips up a little higher and my cock found the entrance to her pussy. "oh, give it to me baby, give it to me" she said as i slid the head into her soaking pussy.

she's ready for it but i don't slide it all the way in, i just stand there with the head inside her pussy and then reach around to pinch and pull her nipples. "please, don't do this to me, i want your cock" she screams as she feels herself about to cum again while she fingers her clit as i am just inside her. she begins to push back up to my cock, slowly sliding it in her hot hole.

then i begin to long stroke her with long, smooth, rhythmic strokes deep into her. my fingers found her clit and toyed with it as i fucked her! no sense of urgency, just long hard strokes!

as june became more rhythmic, my cock was still stroking inside her, more intensely now and i thought i was getting ready to cum. her pussy was soaked and her juices were running down her legs as i continued to fuck her. the head of my cock seemed to swell as my orgasm began to build. suddenly, the explosion was enormous and i felt the walls of june's pussy collapsing

june lay on the bed, exhausted, too weak to move as we kissed passionately, her tongue probing, searching devouring my mouth and mine doing the same to hers.

my fingertips strolled over the hills and valleys of her body as if meandering over a lazy knoll on a summer afternoon. i was in no hurry and neither was she...june loved to lay stretched on her back and feel my fingers as well as her own easily stroking over her hungry skin.

it was late, Janice had forgotten her umbrella and the rain soaked her relentlessly. she looked super sexy though her white dress that clung to every curve revealing her soft pink cotton bra and matching panties that were now acting as a second skin. her hair was soaked against her head and her makeup almost all gone.

we were to meet at her apartment but who would have expected she'd turn the corner trying to duck into a covered door way at the exact time i arrived. she ran into me there...literally she almost knocked me down.

i looked at Janice and wondered how she could look as good as ever soaking wet, her hair windblown and tangled made her look sexier than ever and that was saying a lot. we hugged and the tight embrace was much more sensual than friendly. i felt her hips pressing against mine, her perky nipples poking me as hard as i wanted to poke her.

we had always had that sexual tension between us, those long hours we talked on the phone or sat across a table and laughed, always giving into our urges...tonight i knew we were both so worked up from the rain and from our phone conversation earlier. we were both wet in a different way other than just the rain and as i hugged her i was so fucking horny i could hardly stand it. i could feel Janice's tongue probing my mouth as mine did the same to her. her lips were soft and wet, still cool from the rain and so easy to kiss and tease with my tongue. i looked into Janice's almond eyes and watched as i placed my hand between her legs, feeling the mixture of rain on her clothes and wetness and warmth of her softest femininity.

Janice was feeling the same way and took my hands and guided me to her front door where we continued kissing hard and fast. i could feel my cock getting wetter at the thought of getting inside the door and then getting inside her body. my cock was growing hard, stiff and ready as i pressed against Janice's firm, slim body, i reached my hands down and caressed over her soft, well-shaped breasts and our tongues invaded one another's mouths.

finally, we fumbled our way to her room kissing and fondling. as soon as we slammed the door behind us our clothes were off, her damp dress and panties falling to the floor. my wet jeans were a bit of a struggle, but i got them down and dropped down to kneel before her, taking her in my mouth and sucking her clit, moving my tongue like a slithering snake all around her waiting pussy. Janice's hands were holding my wet hair as she fucked my mouth. her body was against the corner just inside the door and she draped one leg over my shoulder as she started to roll her body gently against my mouth as i sucked her, my tongue working all around her pink swollen clit, wet with her juices and my hungry saliva.

i reached down and started rubbing the head of my pre cum soaked cock as my wetness increased the more i as i sucked her. i felt my cock growing harder and harder until there was no hardness left, it was as hard as i could be. i lifted her up and tossed her on the bed. Janice threw her legs up over my shoulders and i started licking up all of the goodness i had created.

my fingers were slowly fucking in and out creating more delicious juices to suck up. Janice arched her hips off the bed and start grinding into my mouth. my tongue licked around her clit as my fingers explored deep inside her pulsating, wet, hot pussy. her moans got louder and her hips moved faster, grinding, pushing hard against my mouth. her body quivered and her legs squeezed around my head as she released herself in full ecstasy, cumming in rhythmic, hard driven thrusts.

Janice starts begging me to be inside her, but i make her wait. i sit up and start to stroke my cock in front of her, denying her the pleasure of sucking for the moment. she watches me stroke and her hands wander over her breasts and hard nipples, looking into my eyes, teasing me just as i am teasing her with the slow strokes of my cock.

she dips her fingers into her pussy, rubbing in some of my hot, thick wetness. she slides one finger in as i stroke faster and move closer to her, hovering over her as i released my cum all over her belly. i felt Janice's hands on my cock as she massaged my cum into the tight curls of her pussy, moving up a bit in bed so she can put her mouth around my flaccid cock and slurp the last bit of goodness.

i lay her down on her back and kiss from her breasts to her stomach then to her sweet pussy, my tongue licking up and down, probing in and out. she cums one more time as i finger her wet hole and suck on her sweet coated lips.

i move up to kiss her, we share a taste and then she moves down on her back as i begin kissing and nibbling her nipples, her legs wrapping around me, wanting me inside her...needing my hard cock deep inside her.

i smirk, and sit up to slide the tip of my cock up and down, coating it with my pre cum then sliding in slowly, shallow at first, teasing with the head, only as deep as the ridge...then moving in as deep as i can, making her moan and gasp.

feeling amazing. i slide in and out a few times so slow, so teasingly. then i pick up the pace, thrusting in and out, fucking Janice hard and fast, slapping against her, she arches, matching my thrusts, hard and fast and i hear her moans as i suck hard on her breasts as i fuck her...."I hope this never ends" I smile...
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