Time with my Brother & Dad
When I went off to college and joined a sorority. A "Parents" weekend was coming up, and my dad was going to visit since mom had to work. My "room" was shared with another girl and connected to a common living room, another bedroom for two girls was on the other side. And my roommate was home that weekend, so my dad slept in the roommate's bed about six feet from my bed. So that meant that I had to wear a sexy nightie when he was around, but I ended up going one better. I took an old thin nightgown and cut off the bottom part so it only came down to the top line of my pubic hair! And planned to wear nothing under it at all just not the first night as things turned out.

His first night I could tell he was nervous about the sleeping arrangements maybe the thought of sleeping in a college girl's bed was part of it LOL. He had went to bed and I stayed up talking to my roommate for a few minutes, then went into the dark bedroom. I knew from experience that a streetlight nearby kept the room dimly lit, and guessed correctly that my dad was in bed but definitely NOT asleep but waiting and hoping he would see something as I got ready for bed. I whispered and asked if he was asleep and got no answer so got out a babydoll nightgown and began to undress. I was really careful to stand in the little light there was, and took off my clothes slowly, spending some time in just my bra and panties, then just just my panties. Apparently dad's attempts at "sleeping" weren't very good, as I could see him stealing glances through nearly closed eyes. Finally I whispered again to see if he was asleep-still no answer LOL- then I stripped off completely naked as he peeked, and then had a brilliant idea I laid down on my bed over the top of the covers, and with my feet at the head of it, so I was in the opposite position from my father, and he could see my lower half more easily!

I then rolled on my back, and began touching my 34B breasts and sliding my hands slowly up and down my tone legs.... The fact that I was already very horny from stripping in front of my dad who was only a few feet away, so my little touching soon included a little clit rubbing!! Dad wasn't moving, but his breathing was noticeable so I knew he liked what I was doing, and slid the leg closest to him over and off the edge of the bed which opened my legs up pretty wide, "Oh, I gave him SUCH a good look at my little pussy, and knowing he was watching when I slid my fingers all over it was almost too much..." I ended up with both feet on the bed, my knees WIDE open so he could see right up between them to my wet pussy and fingers, all over and in between those lips!! And had an incredible orgasm, then kind of panicked and jumped under the covers for the night.

The next night we did some stuff with my roommate and her kid brother, burgers and a movie or something, and we were playing cards at the end of the night. BOTH of us girls went and changed into some pretty skimpy nightgowns mine was long but very thin and showed my legs and pubic hair on the bottom and had a scoop neck I used to show my bare tits by bending over all the time. I had worked this out ahead with my roommate who also had teased her kid brother before. She wore something like a transparent camisole with thin straps, about to mid thigh and no panties. She had larger breasts than I did and they would not stay entirely in the deep V of her top and the dark part of her nipples where about the size of a silver dollar which showed through the top. We both leaned over, knelt, crawled around on the floor getting drinks, playing cards, etc. as my dad and her brother just STARED with disbelief and moved around for the best view!! I was sure that they both saw me with bright lighting on my gown that made it sheer enough to show that I was nearly naked below the waist, and with my gown top drooping down to show them both bare breasts every chance that I got, My roommates top was too snug a fit to gape open when she leaned forward, but since her breasts so much were bigger they would sort of spill out of the V neck instead or a strap would slip off her shoulder, and large portions of her big drown nipples were frequently showing with one or two more serious spills for them to enjoy. Her gown was much shorter, and sitting on the floor for cards gave her lots of chances to let her gown slide up to show her bare legs, and several times she sat cross-legged and failed to keep some fabric bunched in her lap so they both got to see her different looking brown bushed pussy!

The last night my dad got ready for bed first and climb in; a few minutes later when I came into the bedroom wearing my "new" nightie that I had made he almost fainted! The fabric was thin enough that my 34B breasts were clearly in plain sight, and my pussy and tight ass were completely bare, right in front of him! Of course I acted innocent, but moved around the room for several minutes while he sat up and stared finally my legs were shaking so badly I had to get into bed and end the show, but did manage to open my legs in his direction as I got under the covers. In the morning I got up first and he stayed in bed laying down, so I spent a lot of time going in and out of the room (STILL naked below the waist!!!), packing his stuff for him, bending over with my bare ass close to his face, stuff like that. That morning I felt much more in control than at night and I was not quite as "innocent" acting as before. Being a little flirty, asking if he'd enjoyed some parts of his weekend more than others, saying my roommate thought he was handsome, etc. all the while flaunting my bare pussy only inches or feet from his eager eyes! The last thing I did which made me think I didn't have as much control as I thought was to sit on the edge of my bed, facing my father, and remove the nail polish from my toes. Acting pretty casual again, but sitting bottomless a few feet in front of my father with one leg down and one foot up on the bed as I worked on my nails and it resulted in some very daring and well lit poses!! Shortly after this, we got dressed and went to brunch before dad had to leave.Just thinking about how open my pussy would have been in some of the poses, I sort of had a tiny orgasm while we ate..

This was some of the most daring stuff I ever did with my dad, in my mind, even though I had been more naked with him before, this seemed more "dangerous", I guess, being out of the house, and more private. And it was innocent enough that I was sure he'd never initiate any physical contact with me...

That didn't mean he never touched me though But that was my doing we were heading to the beach one afternoon. Well, it did sort of get interesting sometimes as my usual routine: on the 15 minute or so drive I had gotten into the habit of untying my bikini top and let a few truck drivers get a look at my bare tits but Instead I had planned on changing in the car I packed my bikini which was two sizes to small and off we all went. Now there was a changing place at the beach, but it was pretty rundown and dirty, and when we arrived I said that I didn't want to even go in there, and would change in the car instead. my brother and dad got out and turned their backs in a gentlemanly fashion (HAH!) while I started to change. After a moment, I looked at them and they were looking back toward the car. They turned bit by bit toward me. The car was low enough that they could see me easily from the shoulders down, but not my face which meant that they didn't think I could see them looking at me. So here I was taking off ALL my clothes, then wiggling into my small bikini this was the first time they both had ever been looking at me at the same time when I was exposed, and it was HOT. We got down to the beach and set up towels and a cooler, etc. My Brother went into the water right away probably to cool down LOL and I could see that he had an erection from the outline of his trunks.

I tormented them all afternoon, untying my bikini top and raising up on my elbows to read a magazine, with my pale tits and stiff dark pink nipples absolutely bare in front of my kid brother and dad on the towel right next to me only a few feet away? I could hardly keep from cumming on the spot LOL and they was much the same I'd guess. I had my dad put lotion on my bare back and legs and he enjoyed that as well. The only other thing that happened was that I also had my brother rub lotion on me when I was wading in the lake so he got to spend some time with his hands on me too. He started at my feet and took about 10 seconds to get to my thighs which I opened wide for him (I was on my stomach) then spent about a minute there LOL even getting his hands on the soft inner parts of my upper thighs right next to a very wet pussy! I was getting pretty hot, and when he started on my lower back I raised up on my elbows again so my tits were off the towel. But my long nipples kept rubbing against it... He did a very thorough job on my back, and moved around to each side of me to get the best possible look at my bare tits and nipples and even let the tips of his fingers slide along my sides from my waist up toward my arms! He never tried to reach around to my tits, but had his hands enough on my sides to lightly touch the out parts of the sides of my breasts! My nipples had never been so sensitive as then, and thought if he'd touched them I would have had a orgasm immediately LOL
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