Timmy's First Gay Experience
Timmy's First Gay Experience

Timmy was always small as a young boy and, from the age of five, he lived alone with his mom. She was really overprotective, never letting him do anything where he might get hurt, such as taking part in sports at school.

She ran her own business and was very successful and Timmy didn't want for anything. And, even as a busy business woman, she still spent a lot of time with her son.

After her divorce, she never really dated and had no intentions of getting married again. She concentrated on her business and Timmy.

When he was eighteen, Timmy had barely grown to over four foot and weighed about ninety pounds. He didn't go to work but stayed home by himself.
Timmy always walked his mom to her car when she left for work and, one morning after she drove away, he noticed a guy next door was mowing the lawn. He was wearing shorts and flip flops and looked to be only a couple of years older than

The guy saw Timmy, stopped the mower, and waved. Timmy waved back and watched him walk to the porch, lift a can out of a cooler and take a big drink.
Timmy decided to introduce himself. He walked up to the guy sitting on the porch and said,

"Hi, my name is Tim but everyone calls me Timmy."

"Hi," the guy said. "My name is Brad and everyone calls me... well, Brad."

He gave a big smile and extended a hand. They shook and Timmy asked, "So Brad, are you new to the neighborhood?"

"Not really. My parents moved around here about two years ago. But they've sold up and moved to Florida and they bought me this house."

"You can afford to live here alone?"
Brad nodded. "I work in construction and make good money."

Before he could stop himself, Timmy said, "That must be why you are so buffed" — and immediately his face flushed beet red.

Brad let the remark pass. "Yes, and I also have a gym in the basement. How about you? How long have you and your parents lived here?"

"It's just me and my mom. Dad hasn't been around for a long, long time."

"Was that your mom that just left?"

"Yes. She's gone to work. She has her own business and she'll be gone all day."

"And she leaves you here all by yourself?"

"Well, I am eighteen."

"You're kidding," Brad said.

"How old did you think I was?"

"From your size, I would have guessed thirteen, maybe,"

Brad said. "No offence," he added quickly.

Brad took another swig of his drink.

"You know," he said," if you're interested, you can come over to my place and lift with me; maybe buff up a little."

"That would be great," Timmy said.

"Fine, but this is my first day of a week's vacation and I want to get all the yard work done out of the way. So, I won't be able to help you until tomorrow."

"Would you mind if I helped you with the yard work?"

"I would appreciate it, but I still won't be able to help you lift until tomorrow. The yard work is going to take most of the day and that's enough of a work out for me."

Timmy nodded. "I will still help if that is okay."

"Of course it is. Have you done yard work before?"

"No, my mom never lets me do anything like that."

"I tell you what, how about I show you how to use the mower and I will weed and other stuff. Okay?"

"Sure," Timmy said with a big smile.

Brad showed Timmy how to use the mower and, by the time Brad had finished weeding and tidying, Timmy had also done mowing. Together they put away the tools and then sat on the porch and had a cold drink.

Timmy had stripped to his waist while working and sweat dripped down his arms, hairless chest and back. Brad resisted the urge to lick the sweat of Timmy's body and instead asked, "Are you hungry?"


"Would you like to have a bite to eat with me? Or don't you have time before your mom gets home?"

"Mom won't be home until late. Sure, I'll eat with you."

"Great," Brad said. "Why don't you run home for a quick shower while I have one here and I will order pizza. That sound okay?"
Timmy got back to Brad's house as the pizza was delivered. While they ate, they talked about hobbies and stuff. Basically, Timmy played video games and watched TV and not much else. Brad wasn't surprised that Timmy was so skinny since he didn't exercise.

After they finished eating, Brad said, "Would you like to check out the gym equipment?"

Timmy smiled. "Sure," he said and followed Brad to the basement where he explained all about the machines and what muscles they worked. Timmy was fascinated by it all; he was like a kid in a candy store.

Browsing over the equipment, Timmy had his back turned when he heard Brad ask, "Would you like to try out my favorite piece of equipment?"

"I thought you were too tired to work out after doing the yard work," Timmy said and turned around to find Brad was naked. He was also rotating his hips so that his cock swayed back and forth between his thighs.

He was grinning. "I'm never too tired to use this piece of equipment," he said.

Timmy's face flushed and his gazed dropped to the floor as he tried not to look at Brad's swinging cock. But he didn't freak out or run away so Brad decided to try something.

He grasped one of Timmy's hands and brought it to his cock. Amazingly, Brad felt Timmy wrap his fingers around his erection and slowly stroke his shaft.

Brad closed his eyes and moaned. "Mmmm, yes Timmy, that feels soooo good."

Timmy must have suddenly realized what he was doing because he quickly released Brad's cock like it was a poisonous snake and turned away.

Brad stepped closer, put both hands on Timmy's shoulders and whispered in his ear,

"It's okay. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do."

Then he kissed the back of Timmy's neck. "You liked touching my cock didn't you?"

Timmy nodded and muttered, "Y-y-yes I did, Brad.

"Turn around, Timmy.".

Timmy didn't move. He also didn't resist when Brad gently turned him around. Timmy still looked at the floor and Brad put a finger under Timmy's chin and raised his head. "You can leave if you want. I won't stop you."

Timmy looked into Brad's eyes and whispered, "No..." A single tear ran down his cheek and Brad kissed it away. He then lightly kissed Timmy's lips. Timmy closed his eyes and moaned.

Brad asked, "Are you scared? I promise I won't hurt you or force you to do anything you don't want."

"I-I-I'm not scared. Just —"

"Just what Timmy?"


"Hey, you have nothing to be embarrassed about."

Brad said, nuzzling Timmy's neck.

"B-b-but I have never..."

"Been with a guy?" Brad finished for him. "It's okay, we'll go as slow as you want."

"No, it's not that," Timmy blurted. "I haven't been with anyone, man or woman."

Great, Brad thought, a virgin; I'm going to have lots of fun.

"That's fine, Timmy. Why don't you undress. Maybe you will feel more comfortable."

Again Timmy didn't move so Brad helped him undress. When Timmy's t-shirt was off, Brad kissed him again, this time deeper and he used his tongue. Brad moved from Timmy's neck to his chest, licking and kissing, sucking his nipples.

Brad loved that Timmy's chest was as hairless as a newborn baby. Timmy sighed as Brad pinched his nipples and tongued his belly button while he slowly sank to his knees. Brad grabbed the waistband of Timmy's shorts and eased them to his ankles.

Brad buried his face in Timmy's crotch, inhaling his scent. But he didn't take Timmy's cock into his mouth...not yet.

He stood again and, as they kissed, Brad put a hand on Timmy's semi-hard cock. For a boy of his small stature, Brad was surprised at the large size of Timmy's cock. Brad stroked it and kissed Timmy's earlobe. "Do you like that, baby?"

Timmy moaned his response.

"I have something I think you will like even more," Brad said and put both hands on Timmy's shoulders, gently but firmly forcing him to his knees. Timmy didn't resist in any way and when Brad's hard cock was waving in front of his face, he didn't need telling what to do.

He stroked it before leaning forward, licking the pre-cum off the tip, and sliding the head into his mouth. He sucked and Brad moaned with pleasure. He wanted to shove his cock down Timmy's throat but didn't want to scare him off by being too rough.
Timmy reached around to clutch Brad's ass and gradually took more cock into his mouth.

He took about half — perhaps four inches — then he started to choke and gag.

Brad patted the back of Timmy's head. "Easy princess, don't take more than you're comfortable with."

He tried to take more but he didn't have a good gag reflex so he just bobbed his head up and down the four inches he could handle.

"Mmm, you're the best cocksucker I've ever had."
Timmy glanced up into Brad's eyes and attempted to smile, a rather difficult move with his mouth full of thick cock.

Timmy slowed his method, swallowing all that he could and then going back up and sucking on the head, swirling his tongue around. He then licked along the underside from the tip to the heavy sac where he took each big ball into his mouth, one then the other. Brad ran his fingers through Timmy's hair and groaned.

Now Timmy resumed sucking Brad's cock because he wanted him to cum. It didn't take long but when he came it took all of Brad's willpower not to grab Timmy's head and force his cock down his throat, balls deep. Timmy caressed Brad's balls and the sensation was so incredible Brad didn't think he would ever stop cuming. He filled Timmy's mouth to overflowing. Timmy was a real trooper but there was just too much cum and some came out of his mouth and nose, running down his chin and chest.

When Brad finally stopped spurting, he knelt and gave Timmy a big kiss before licking the excess cum from his face and chest. Brad then stood and helped Timmy to his feet and led him to a bed in the corner.

"Let's rest awhile before you have to go," Brad said and they lay in each others arms, Brad patting the back of Timmy's head.

Timmy fell asleep with a smile on his face...
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