Tired Didn't Stop Me
It was a very busy time for us with my boyfriend having a job that requires a lot of travel, and me in the middle of a major project. We were lucky lately to sit and scarf down dinner together before him rushing off to the airport, and me having to send in more reports. A few weeks have passed since we last had the energy for anything physical, and I was getting agitated. I knew he was too tired with all that travel and I could summon enough for one night making up for time lost. My project was coming to an end soon, and I would have the ability to just sit at home, catch up on a few shows, rest, and complete all the pesky little things that I've put off.

I decided that Saturday would be my day to go all out for him. I cleaned, went to the store for my dinner provisions, then began cooking. That was the day he would drive back after being gone for two weeks on his research assignment. I laid out what I would wear whenever he came in, and knew he wouldn't be able to resist. It was close to the time he said he would come home, so I quickly set everything out after the timer went off, and scurried up the steps to throw myself together. I put on my heavy makeup which was dark and vintage inspired, my black lace sheer bra and panties, black silk robe, and some heels finished with a gothic black draping choker. I went downstairs just as I heard the garage door opening, and began fixing our plates. The sun was almost done setting, which gave us just enough light to see, but it was a lovely and intimate little glow. I left 2 small lights on the side tables for when it would get completely dark.

He comes in and throws his stuff down. I hear him slowly shuffle his way into the dining room, and take a seat. I grabbed his plate and began to make his drink. I walk towards him and he finally looks up to see what I'm wearing. He can only see my robe, heels, and necklace. He runs his hand down the length of my robe and says, "look at that, so silky and soft. It looks good". I laugh and then give him and give him a soft little kiss nibbling his bottom lip. He's moving slower than normal and winces as he moves from being sore thanks to the work and car ride. I bring my plate and cup to the table, and he proceeds to tell me more about the trip. While I ate, I put my foot up on his chair just to the left of his thighs, and he reached down to play with my shoe. He rubbed my ankle, went along the trim, then just rested his hand on the top of my foot. I knew he was into something when he played with it that much be it me, or some interesting gadget for his lab.

When we finished, I put everything in the sink, then put away the left overs after telling him to go sit down. I get into the living room, and he's in a small chair rubbing his shoulder. I came up behind him and started rubbing his shoulders and leaning in to kiss his ear. He moaned and started to relax a little. I worked my way up through his neck getting rid of most of the tension, then he just laid his head back and smirked after telling me how good it felt. I unbuttoned his shirt some, then rubbed his arms. I slipped one hand back and loosened my robe. I kept rubbing and took my breasts out. I returned my hand back to his other arm, then leaned in as I unbuttoned the rest. My nipples slid up and down his cheeks, as I leaned forward and back. He apologized and said he was too achy and he couldn't tonight. I acted like I didn't just hear that even though I knew he was with the intention of doing all the work myself anyway from the beginning of my plan. I took them in my hands and rubbed them all over his face. He says again, "honey, I'm just too worn. I really can't". I respond with, "I'm going to do everything because I know how hard it's been on you. I'm going to start with massaging the rest of you, after I take everything off, then I'm just going to do whatever I want. I can see you're still in the mood, but just tired." He looked down at his pants, then said that I was right, and said to lead him into whatever I wanted.

I mashed my chest into his face and rubbed around a little more before I led him upstairs. I laid him on the bed, then stripped him. He watched me come up, and straddle his thighs. He watched as I threw my heels off, then untied my robe. The left side fell open, and he slid down the rest. I tossed it on the floor and then start circling my finger on his head. He still has the start of his erection from my tease massage earlier. I rubbed his thighs and calves to get him more relaxed, then leaned over to him and whispered, "I'm going to sit on your face. I want those whiskers all over my lips and thighs." He got an excited expression, then slid his hand under my pussy, and pulled me towards him. I hooked my legs under his shoulders, and lowered myself just above his mouth. He reached up with his right hand and pulled the panties aside delicately, then guided me forward with the left on my ass.

I moved my hips in random directions on his chin feeling that light beard scratch and tickle everything. It was the most sensational on my clit. He stopped me after several minutes, then pushed me up a little more. He alternated biting and sucking each chubby flap and maintained his thumb holding back the thin material. I felt him stop, pull them apart, then dive in with his tongue. I placed one hand on his chest, and the other on the headboard. It felt so good with each little lick. He flicked the clit a few times, and I squealed. He laughed, then I leaned in for him to start sucking. Despite him holding my lips apart, my pussy was just too chubby moving around and it blocked his nostrils. He took his other hand and grabbed it, held it back, and maintained sucking. I moaned more and more as he wiggled his head and sucked harder. I got off just as he was about to make me cum, then slid down as he spanked me.

I get down to see him half erect and decided not to do too much head play per usual. I took him in and sucked, then immediately pulled up. I looked at him and he called me a rotten little tease. I did this a few more times while he groaned, then prepared to ride by stroking him. I took the panties and bra off only leaving the imposing necklace, then slid on. I tightened up some since the last time and his head had some difficulty getting in, but I was determined to get in every bit. I gently move up and down as he squeezes my thighs. He watched until I started speeding up, then laid his head back, and closed his eyes. He sighed, and I kept going until I was sore. I kept him in and he asked why I stopped. I told him my ass and knees needed a minute from going up and down that much. He said to get off for a minute, and sat up sorting the pillows, then kneeled while laying back just slightly. I sat on his lap again, and he rubbed my cheeks. They felt renewed, and I grabbed his shoulders to come down on him again. I rode forward putting my breast back in his face every time I went up. He licked and made a few nibbles as they passed. I was riding rough and fast at this point. I watched him slip one hand down and rub my clit, then ran my hand through his hair and gripped his shoulder as I prepared to gush. I panted and screamed as he shook my whole pussy and pushed me down. He went until I took a big breath in, then I slipped off and felt his whole lap get sticky. I rolled over on my back panting with him. We just looked at one another as he brushed my sticky lap with the back of his fingers, then immediately drifted off.
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