To Be Dominated and humiiated by Her
thought I was a regular guy. After my divorce I met an attractive woman , 5'7 or so and 125-135 lbs. we enjoyed sex and she was not afraid to get physical when she was getting off! she was a lot more aggressive than my ex and I was totally obsessed with her wild, rough and intense fucking style.

She was different that way - no cuddling here - she was always pushing her strength during sex - sometimes over powering me by ending up on top of me. She would sit on my chest and force me to eat her until she came harder and harder using my mouth nose and face!

While camping out one weekend she made sure we both got very loaded from the drinks she made. I was very intoxicated trying to set up the camp site while she was inside he tent, arranging our sleeping area and drinking. she was talking to me and I turned towards the tent only to see her naked and masturbating- rubbing her pussy and staring right at me giggling and moaning!!

She knew I would come right to her but she said - "
I just want you to watch me fuck myself with my fingers. "

Oh my - I was getting very aroused and wanted to get closer but she told me to just watch her as she behaved like a complete animal.. I was incredibly hard and was having no luck concealing my erection in my shorts..

After a bit she let me in the tent and made me watch her rub that wet pussy and pull on her breasts until I begged her to let me join her. I soon was on my back as she sat her wonderful round ass squarely `on my face...

She ordered me to lick , suck and eat her ass until she was satisfied. I did so and was overwhelmed with shame ,lust and perversion! This went on for hours as she would rest only to want my face and mouth back deep inside her fleshy wonderful ass until I WAS sucking her bottom to survive and sucking, swallowing her creaming pussy and gaping anus that was now being forced hard onto my nose!

She was bucking like an animal as she slapped and pulled my spurting cock, I was losing all control and was in a constant state of orgasm while she was not finished with me yet..she got up and pulled me outside and pushed me on my back .

She eased her drenched pussy over my open mouth and slowly moved her hips in a circular motion as I licked and sucked at her thick lips as they seemed to be firm and full! She grabbed my hair and pulled me hard into her pussy and then she told me wide and swallow bitch"

She then sprayed my face with the hot stream of pee...I was unable to comprehend how decadent we we had become, I came hard as she degraded me right there by the tent..We spoke the next day about out crazy actions and she agreed that we both never had been so aroused sexually , like that evening anyway..So much so she soon saw me as her tool to play with as she saw fit and I was fighting to breathe as my mouth and nose were being covered by her fleshly ass.

She humped me and made me lick and suck her bottom like a man possessed. I never had been so helpless and degraded in my life but I was forever changed!

She later had me on the picnic table, me on the bottom as she controlled the action, slowly torturing me with pleasure...she was no longer my girlfriend I was no longer on equal ground. She knew I was a" submissive slut" as she began calling me.
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