To feel you and to know you
A new friend is found, was it just by random, luck or destiny that she was plucked out from the sea of people, However this someone is really special and captures your attention. You don't know exactly what it is or understand why but a magnetic pull towards her. Your heart warms with conversation and trust soon starts building a link or a bridge and therefore a connection forms. Messages past to and fro and gets our hearts racing. Yearnings develop, imagination and desires grow. Although the miles and oceans apart, the reality of ever meeting face to face is slim to none. Yet, the need to look deeply into her eyes and into her soul burns. One thinks of other commitments of reality. but still can't give ground away from your feelings. Yes, a secret that needs to be discreet and desires satisfied remain a mystery. The restrictions and consequences of the future are in the back of your mind with this new relationship.

As time passes the friendship grows. Sharing your feelings that you can't express elsewhere become natural with your new "friend". Your needs become acutely aware of this angel of love. Your thoughts of desire linger and won't go away, Yet, sometimes you feel the need to stop this relationship because of the rate of intensity as it grows. So intense, feelings begin to take overyou and the other commitments just fade to the background.

Feelings begin to verbalize thoughts to words. Needing to be closer you describe your first kiss. A slow kiss at first while reading her eyes. The lips meet and the tongues savor each others juices. Embracing gets stronger. Pulling her in closer to you. Reaching down and griping in butt and pulling in closer while the tongues tango. My "small brain" hardness finds your spot. You feel the heat and the pressure pressing against your clit. She takes advantage of the position and rubs back against me. Both grinding into each other feeling our desires comming true.

Finding a spot to recline, we quickly hug and taste the flesh of each others lips, face, ears and neck. Grinding away feeling the heat and skin of each other, we begin to moan over the scent of fragrance of our new lover.

The tongues begining search to explore this new rich land. AS we lay unbotton we feel the hot breath and moist rippling effect of each of our tongues on our nipples and then the belly button and slowly lower. Muscle spasms occur after a few minutes the fingers get into the waist band and as our outer clothing loossens.

I reach in and under and strech my hand to the pubic bone. Gently feeling the soft hair. Now I want to rub my nose and face about her. I strech abit further I feel the nub. Gently rubing the bottom of the stalk between my two fingers and feeling it grow. Just feeling your body picking up the rythem of the comming "Big O" turns me on. I whisper in her ear "listen to your body talk" and move with it.

I slip off the outer clothing and behold the beauitful wet patch of your undies. I gently slip the undies off and sniff your perfumed aroma of "your scent". My mine gets dizzy. I suck some taste and knew what I wanted to do. At the same time you have me ready to comfortly share each other in the romantic "69". We just naturally move to position ourselves in sharing each other. Being on the bottom and seeing the juices start to run I immediately seal your vaginal lips with my mouth and start to capture the sweet peach like juices. Sweet, yet a bit salty and but peach like (yummy). I plunge my tongue into you. I now feel you implale me in your tight mouth on my penis and begin licking and sucking. I feel you begining to bucking and fucking my mouth. "Cum baby cum on, don't hold back and let the flood gates open". My nose is hitting your clit and your one hand is holding my head into the love canel. The other hand on my dick. "Go first, let me taste you all my sweet lady."Push hard on your cum and let everything release. My lady lets loose of her juices in her cum. All flowing into my mouth. The food of the gods! She's comes so hard even the salty taste of the pee enhances the drink of nourishing love. Gulping down the juices, I get most of it lose very little. So so satisfying.

Now she turns to my attention. I feel I have a dick a foot long after her cum. she starts to suck and pump. I said, " remember don't swallow yet, were going to french kiss with my cum after you receive it". Just thinking about it brings me over the edge. I cum and really cum hard. My toes cramp up my ass feels being pulled in and I just pumped rope after rope shoots volleys and loads her mouth. She sucks and milks every last drop.

After empting me out, I lay beside her waching her face and seeing her mouth full of me. I reach over and pull her on top of me. I pull her closer and our lips touch. I slip my tongue in and we start frenching, tasting each other. Slowly my mouth fills. I feel the warmth of her fucking me in my mouth. I switch sides to her bottom. I go to her love nest and french my cum into her 'gina. She comes again and I taste her beauty.

And now a part of each other is in the other. We are closer together as never before.
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