Together at Last
Melissa's palms were damp as she stood at the door in the bright summer sunshine. She casually wiped them on her sides, immediately glancing down to see if the dampness had transferred to the crisp white shorts that accentuated her shapely tanned legs. Melissa's shoulder length hair swayed and brushed against her bare shoulders. Her hot pink sleeveless shirt clung to her curvy body. Taking a deep breath, as if to gather courage, she reached out to open the door. The interior of the restaurant was darkly contrasted against the brilliant sunshine, echoing Melissa's warring emotions. She had been talking to Geoffrey for months, both online and on the phone. This was to be their first real life meeting. Her nerves and fear about this meeting were at war with the tightly coiled anticipation that was building up inside her. Straightening her shoulders Melissa moved toward the hostess stand

. "I'm meeting a friend here," Melissa smiled "It should be under Geoffrey"

The hostess smiled and motioned her to follow. Melissa took one last glance down her body at her clothing, straightening and smoothing everything before gathering her courage and walking after the hostess.

Melissa looked from side to side looking at the seated patrons, looking for a familiar face. Finally, she let out a sigh of relief when she noticed Geoffrey sitting at a table in the corner his hands folded on the table and his eyes staring down at the table. All fear gone, she moved quickly, nodding to the hostess to leave them alone. Her hand touched his hand, just a small touch but enough to cause him to jerk upright.

His eyes began to sparkle as he looked at Melissa. "I was afraid to even dream that I'd ever get to meet you," he whispered, the relief evident in his voice
Melissa leaned forward, kissed him lightly on the cheek and then dropped into the seat across from Geoffrey. Their hands instantly came up upon the table to grasp each other in the middle of the table. Geoffrey pulled her hand up to his lips. They sat hand in hand reveling in the presence of the other. Finally Geoffrey broke the silence, "At last, we meet"

Melissa laughed. "I know, I'm just meeting you. However, I feel as if I know you so well, after all we have shared." Her voice died away, as she thought of all that they had shared.

Geoffrey licked his lips, his own thoughts straying to the countless hours he had spent talking to this woman, finding out her likes, dislikes and so much more.

Their eyes met with an intensity that bespoke of the intimate moments that had passed between them. Their breathing grew deep and labored as they both realized that the connection that they had felt online and on the phone was very real and present now that they were in each others presence.

"What can I get for ya'll", the waitress asked in a bored tone, completely unaware of the sparks sluicing through the air between Geoffrey and Melissa.

Startled, Geoffrey took one glance at Melissa and calmly looked up to the waitress. "I'm sorry, we just got a call, and we have to leave before ordering" He pulled his wallet out of his pants pocket and threw a bill down on the table. In one motion, he stood, gently pulled Melissa to her feet and ushered her out the door.

Geoffrey took his eyes off the road for a quick second and glanced over to where Melissa was sitting on the seat next to him. Her body was turned sideways and one long leg was tucked underneath her. HE immediately noticed her intense gaze as she carefully studied him.

"What's wrong," he worriedly asked.

Her lips immediately upturned and her eyes sparkled, "I just can't believe we are finally here." She paused before adding, "Together."

She reached out a hand and placed it onto Geoffrey's thigh. His breath caught immediately as her touch seared and carried electric charges throughout his body. Emboldened by his audible reaction, she inched closer and moved her hand up higher on his thigh. Her fingers danced merrily against his hard body. She leaned over to nibble his ear, "Are we almost there?" She asked, referring to the hotel room that they had agreed upon for their first time together.

Geoffrey's voice was raspy and caught as he uttered the one syllable word, "Yes". Even as he spoke, he turned on the blinker and turned into the parking lot. "I already checked in" he growled, her fingers still dancing along his body.

He quickly pulled into a parking place and turned off the car in one motion. Before Melissa could even register that the car was stopped, she was engulfed in his arms. His lips met hers with a force born from months of anticipation for this meeting. She parted her lips and gasped when his tongue slid inside.

Startled, she pulled back, "not here". She yanked her head in the direction of the hotel sitting only a few feet in front of the car. He nodded in agreement and turned to release his door handle. HE could hear her fumbling with her seatbelt and her door when he heard her entreaty, "Hurry"

The hotel room was dimly lit by the natural sunlight filtering through the draperies as Geoffrey let the door click shut behind them. The air conditioning was running quietly in the background. Melissa could see the large bed by the window, its covers turned down and inviting. In a corner, built in was a hot tub bubbling away. Melissa smiled in delight.

Geoffrey moved to Melissa and gently took her into his embrace. His hands smoothed up and down her back. His lips delicately touched her eyes, then her nose and finally her lips. "I must be dreaming' He muttered.

Melissa gave a soft laugh and gently nudged Geoffrey toward the bed. HE felt the back of his legs touching the bed seconds before he tumbled backwards. He landed on his back with Melissa lying on top of him. The length of her body was hotly pressed against him. Her hands eagerly pushed aside his shift. The hands that touched his body were cool to the touch but sent bursts of heat lower in his body. Her lips followed the path of her fingers effectively branding him with her kisses. His sighs of contentment spurred her on when she encountered the waistband of his pants. With deft fingers, she quickly unzipped his pants and delved her hand inside, seeking what had been on her mind since she had first seen Geoffrey in the restaurant.

Her hand encircled is engorged manhood. She gave a smile of bliss as she leaned down to kiss the tip of his cock. Her hands resumed their exploration of his body. Her lips parted and he felt the delicious warmth of her mouth slowly take him deep within. He groaned as her tongue swirled and teased his cock. His hands greedily pulled at her clothes, desperately wanting to feel her smooth skin against his hands. The air was thick with feeling as they both felt and taught the bodies that they had dreamt about.

Able to restrain him any longer Geoffrey flipped Melissa onto her back; the movement caused her mouth to slip from his cock. HE raised himself above her, his cock poised at her moist entrance. "Are you sure?" He asked, giving her one last chance to back out.

Melissa looked deeply into his eyes and smiled. Never was she so sure of anything. Without uttering a word, she arched her hips upward, effectively taking the final decision from Geoffrey. Fully impaled on his cock she let out a cry of pure bliss. Her body shuddered and she slowly lowered herself back to the bed. Geoffrey, feeling her retreat followed her down with his body, keeping his manhood deep inside her. Melissa's legs rose to encircle his body as he pumped it rhythmically in side her, pulling him tighter and deeper inside of her.

Her cries of surrender came first, as great wracking spasms shook her from head to toe. Her orgasm squeezed his cock tightly and within mere seconds Geoffrey gathered her close to his chest and emptied himself deep into her shuddering body. They lay entwined together as their breathing returned to normal, tremors occasionally rocking them, stirring their memories of what just occurred, and fueling the imagination for what was yet to come.

"I'm sorry I came so quickly," Melissa whispered, her face tight against Geoffrey. "I wanted it to last forever". She pulled back at the gentle rumbling in Geoffrey's chest. She looked up into his laughing eyes. "What"?

"I didn't expect it to last as long as it did", he reached out to trace a finger down the side of her face. "Hell, you almost made me cum in the car, just by touching me through my pants".

Melissa's cheeks reddened prettily as she buried her face in his chest. "Hey, none of that." Geoffrey gently put his finger on her chin and lightly applying pressure tilted her chin upward so that she was looking in his eyes. "I've liked it all" he softly intoned before taking her lips captive.

Keeping a tight hold on Melissa's supple form, Geoffrey began to move, sliding to an upright position. Feeling the motion, Melissa nestled more securely in his arms and deepened the shared kiss. Melissa lost in the sensations that his kiss sent spiraling through her body lost all conscious thought until her feet dipped into the warm water of the bubbling hot tub. "OHHH" she sighed, her body slipping into the water.

Geoffrey quickly followed her decent into the water, allowing the gurgling water to wash over him. The heat of the water felt cool against his fevered skin. He watched as the water lapped over the tips of Melissa's breasts, teasing and taunting him as they came into view and then disappeared under the water. His cock began to stir and harden again as he settled himself in the water and drew Melissa up close. Her legs automatically straddled him. Their chests rubbed against each other, the water licking and splashing between them. Her hands traversed upwards over his broad back, coming to the surface of the water. She cupped water in her hands and poured it over his shoulders, allowing it to drizzle sensuously over his body.

Her lips parted in pleasure as his fingers danced along her spine. Taking advantage of the opening, he leaned forward and matched his mouth to hers, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. Her gasp was one of surprise and pleasure and only caused her to hesitate for a brief moment before her tongue searched and mingled with his. Involuntarily her hips circled and ground against his ever hardening member.

"Slow honey, Slow," he admonished, grasping her hips in his hands in an effort to still her movements.

Melissa took a deep breath that was visibly an effort to bring her rising emotions and needs under control. She offered up a tremulous smile to Geoffrey, "Being with you is driving me wild with desire".

In response, Geoffrey leaned back and reached between their bodies. Knowing his intent before he could even put word of action to his idea, she reached between them and grasped his fully engorged cock in her hands. Rising up off of her lap, she positioned herself until she was poised directly above his cock. She let the tip penetrate and stopped still.

His cock now securely anchored by just that slight penetration, her hands flew to his head. Her hands sifted through his hair, her eyes locked with his, their tongues danced and played together, mimicking what they knew was about to happen. Geoffrey noticed the gleam in her eye only an instant before she started moving. The downward decent onto his cock seemed to be never ending she moved so slowly.

Her movements were utterly small, yet they sent shock wave after shockwave of emotion and feeling coursing through his enflamed body. After each movement she stilled her downward decent in order to kiss him fully. The water rocked her body on his cock, bathing him in sensations never felt before. He gasped each time she took him deeper into her moist tight recess.

Finally she bottomed out; Geoffrey was fully and deeply imbedded inside of her. Her chest rose and fell in harsh choppy breathes against his chest as a feeing of extreme contentment flowed throughout her body. She stilled, reveling at the sensations his full cock sent through her.

"Ahhh Luv" he sighed as her body tightened around him. His hands tightly enclosed her hips, rendering her incapable of voluntary movement.

She trailed kisses along his brow. Her lips sent flashes of lightening straight to his buried cock. His lips sought the crest of her trembling breast. He took the first straining nipple into his mouth. Her cries of ecstasy only further fanned the raging hot fire burning deep within his body. She shuddered and shook against his rock hard body as spasms after spasm ripped through her slender frame. As her body involuntarily milked him he pulled her securely up against his chest.

"Beautiful," he murmured as his hands held her firm ass in position.

Together they sat, physically holding themselves still but yet allowing the perpetual motion of the surrounding churning water to rock them back and forth every so softly and gently. Their eyes locked as they sat motionless allowing the water to evoke the sensations that they both so craved.

As the sensations built toward their crashing crescendo, Melissa raised her body up. Droplets of water ran over and down her full breasts leaving a tempting trail that begged to be kissed. Taking the bait, Geoffrey latched on and began to suckle her distended nipple. The water lapped all around them, drawing them closer and closer to their mutual pleasure.

The slow movement of the water pulled him to completion first. He let out a cry of ecstasy while his body began to pump into her with a steady cadence. Her eyes grew wide as she felt him filling her pussy full of his love juices. The feeling and motions within her sent her over the edge only seconds later. She clutched tightly to him as their hearts pounded wildly against their chests.

It was a long time before either Geoffrey or Melissa had the energy or inclination to move from their conjoined position. When finally they moved, it was only to stumble to the bed and fall upon it still holding each other tight. To spent to do anything more, they slept entwined together sleeping the blissful satiated sleep, together at last.
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