As she slowly pulls her sheer black stockings taught under her short black skirt, up to her thigh, she's thinking "Is this going to be just another boring night out with the girls again.....". She decides why not, pulls on her tall leather boots, gazes in the mirror one last time to check her face and long locks of softly curled hair, and out the door she went.
As she arrived at the club she spots her friends and goes over to find her favorite drink waiting for her, Amaretto and Orange. The music is playing her favorite song so she decides it time to dance, throws back her drink, orders another and heads out to the dance floor dragging her friends behind. As they dance and laugh she notices him standing across the room looking right at her! He was amazing, their eyes met, but only for a second until her friends squeal got her attention again. A minute or so later she feels a soft brush of a hand on her back, startled, she turns quickly to be face to face with him! They begin to dance slowly as he wraps his arms around her waist, eyes locked on her, and pulls her close sending shivers down her spine. They dance this way, in silence, slowly running their hands over each others body as they moved together. He quietly whispered to her, " lets go where's its quieter" as he led her from the dance floor. She motioned to her friends to let them know she was leaving and they headed back to her place, only a short walk. It was clear and cool out with stars everywhere as they walked, closely holding each other, to her place. When they get there she lit a fire, mostly to set the mood as she was anything but cold, and tells him to wait in the living room for her while she grabs them a drink and turns some soft music on. The chemistry between them is undeniable as she returns to the room, their eyes meet and she walks to him falling into a passionate embrace. As he kisses her he moves her effortlessly to the floor gently laying her down and stroking her hair. His hands slowly move up the inside of her thigh to the top of her stocking, causing her to shiver ever so slightly. She runs her hand to the top of his shirt, running her hand quickly down the front in order to rip it open, exposing his muscular chest. Kissing him slowly and passionately, she starts at his neck working her way down his chest, nibbling in just the right spots, she moves her hand down his chest and stomach and slides it inside of his pants to find his warm hard cock waiting for her touch. The feel of his throbbing hard cock causes her to bite harder as she began to feel the wetness build in her pussy, almost dripping she was so hot for him. He stops, in one swift motion, picks her up and lays her over the couch so her legs hang slightly off the arm, pulls her skirt up over her head and off, gently spreading her legs to expose her beautiful, dripping pussy to him for the taking. She moans softly as she anticipates what is coming next. He runs his hands over her shaved pussy, spreading her beautiful lips he slides one finger in. She squeals with delight at his touch clenching around his finger as if to hold it there. With the other hand he grasps her breast, pinching her nipple and twisting it firmly in his fingers. Moving his finger in and out very slowly he runs his tongue over her clit causing her to moan quietly. She rocks her hips with his motions intensifying the feelings as she tells him, "your going to make me cum!" The moans turn into squeals as he moves his tongue with her, running it up and down her pussy he feels her cum squirt out, running down his chin to his chest. She catches her breath for a minute and says, "Now, it's your turn". Sitting up she pushes him to the floor, kissing his neck and chest while sliding his jeans off and exposing his hard cock to her awaiting lips. She takes it in one hand, slowly running her fingers over the shaft, grasping it firmly at the base she slides it into her warm moist lips, running her tongue over it as she moves it into her mouth. Her other hand on his chest, running her nails over it, pinching his nipples she moves his cock in and out of her mouth, slowly, going as deep as she can each time, running the tip on her throat as she holds it there for a moment. As he realizes he is getting close himself he motions for her to stop, and tells her, " get on all fours, now!". She eagerly complies, putting her beautiful smooth as and perfect, dripping wet, pussy in just the right position for him to slide his hard cock deep inside her. He wastes no time guiding it in slowly, then suddenly, without warning, slams it inside of her as deep and hard as he can, sending a shiver down her spine and making her let out a scream of ecstasy. After holding it there a moment, feeling her squirm with anticipation, he begins to slide it in and out of her hot wet box ever so slowly, her moans and squeals making his cock even harder. As he reaches around under her and begins to play with her clit her screams get louder and louder until she tells him, "I'm going to cum and I want you to cum with me!" He grabs her hips and begins to thrust harder in and out of her until he feels her pussy clench so tightly around his cock that he explodes inside of her. Moaning with pleasure he feels their juices, together, running down his leg to the floor below sending a final shiver down his spine. She sighs with the sound of great satisfaction and falls into his arms. As she drifts off to sleep she thinks to herself, Wow, did I really just do that?
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