Too Much of a Good (?) Thing
Mom got a call from Jeff's mom and told me that Jeff had gone off on some school retreat for the weekend and his mom was going there after school and spend the night. She was going to help in the kitchen on Saturday. I could come along and bus tables or do some other helpful task.

I thought this sounded like fun and after school on Friday I went to Jeff's house with my backpack of clothes and books to keep me occupied. Jeff's mom opened the door dressed in a bikini. It dawned on me that we weren't going to Jeff's retreat.

She took my hand and was babbling about being able to spend the night with me and how she was going to teach me some interesting tricks. I was too stunned to do much of anything; I didn't even get hard at the thought of a whole night of sex with this woman. We went right through the house and out the back door to their swimming pool and she told me to strip and we could have a swim before dinner. The pool was enclosed by a high privacy fence and I stripped down to my shorts. She dove in and I followed her.

We swam a couple of laps and she took of her bikini and pulled my shorts down. I felt her hand around my cock which was rapidly getting hard and grabbed a handful of her ample ass as she pushed a big boob in my face and we sunk. I thought this would be so much better in a nice dry, warm bedroom, but it was kind of fun, except for trying to suck a tit under water. We played around like a couple of kids for a few more minutes and then got out and dried each other before going in the house.

We were quite a pair, me a skinny 16 year old without an ounce of fat and she a chubby 46 year old woman with a great ass and big floppy boobs. Don't get me wrong, she was a real looker, but the two of us must have looked pretty funny romping around stark naked. One good thing about being skinny, I was six feet tall and weighed about 145 pounds, it made my cock look bigger than it was.

Once in the house she was all over me and we made our way to the bedroom where she actually threw me on the bed and told me to spread out and close my eyes. I spread and closed and felt her tie me to the bed posts all spread eagled with some silky stuff. I opened my eyes and she climbed on top of me and backed her ass and pussy right into my face as she dropped her head and started to suck on my balls. I had her pussy pressed on my mouth and my nose against her asshole. She told me to get with it and eat her right now. She stopped her sucking and wiggled around so I had her asshole over my mouth and all I could eat was shit. Not really, but it surely wasn't as good as pussy. She kept telling me to lick it and she worked around and the big wet pussy found my mouth and I ate it. She was actually sitting on my face and moving up and down so one minute I had a delightful pussy for my tongue and the next an asshole which I wasn't too enthused about.

She had stopped doing anything with my cock and balls and with the discomfort I was feeling being tied to the bed and having my face sat on made my cock soft. I felt a couple of hard slaps on my cock and she told me to get hard. She was slapping it around and it got hard again. Then she rose up, turned around, and sat down on my dick which slipped into her sopping wet pussy.

After bouncing on my stiffy for about fifteen seconds she rose up and took it in one hand and sat down on it again. This time she sat slowly as she directed it into her asshole which was a hell of a lot tighter than her pussy. This time I came after about ten bounces and got soft. It felt good but the whole thing of being tied to the bed with her working me over the way she did wasn't as good as what we had done four days before.

She untied me and told me I was a wimp. She fixed dinner and then said she was going to give me some herbal tea that would keep me harder longer. I figured it was just one of those cure all teas but it had a strange effect on me. I felt light headed, almost dizzy, and my cock got so hard it hurt. We went back to bed and she pulled me on top of her and told me to fuck her and fuck her hard. I had a hard time concentrating but I fucked her. She kept telling me to fuck harder and I banged it into her with all my strength. I could hardly feel anything with my cock except the pain of its hardness and I fucked her as hard as I could. She came with a loud yell and told me to keep going and go faster. My cock was numb, my back was sore, but I was fucking and that's what it was all about. I don't know how long it went on but she came again and we both stopped our movements and rolled onto our backs and went to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke and was felling my cock to see if it had its normal feeling. It did and it was getting hard. I looked at Jeff's mom and went about kissing her face and tits, she awakened and I went to put my dick into her and she told me to kiss her down there first. I went down there and kissed her pussy lips and licked her slit from back to front then sucked on her swollen pussy lips. She told me to put my thumb in her ass as I ate her and I did. She started bouncing her hips up and down and grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face into her pussy all the while telling me to lick it, lick it and suck it.

I don't know how long it took but by the time she came my face was so beat up and I was so breathless I couldn't care the first thing about sex. She took my half hard cock and told me to fuck her. I got hard again and felt it slip into her wet pussy as she rose up to meet me. I went slowly and for the first time that night it really felt good. She could sense when I was about to cum and she slowed me down to make it last longer. The feelings built up in my groin and back, my balls tightened up, and I went faster and was soon cumming in her with all the pent up feelings that I had harbored that night.

As I rose up off her she told me to get down there and lick up the mess I had just made. I was completely satisfied and sex was wiped out of my mind but went down and licked up everything I could. She started to get hot all over again and it was the whole pussy eating thing all over again only this time it took her longer and she about tore my head off with her pelvic thrusts. She finally came and I flopped down next to her and we fell asleep for the second time.

The next day it was the same thing all over again, all day long. I had two herbal teas, or whatever the hell they really were, and she came three times to my once. My lips were cut and swollen, my cock was actually bruised, and one time she had made me kiss her asshole and I actually got something nasty tasting in my mouth. I didn't want to think about what it was. My balls felt as if they had been kicked. She was peppy and said she hadn't felt so good in years.

This was sex so very different than sex with Sis and Mom I wondered what was normal. I loved it with Sis and Mom, but Jeff's mom was so unlike anything I had ever thought of I didn't know if I wanted to keep doing it or just rely on my good right hand.

A week later she called me and said Jeff was going to be gone all day on Saturday and I could come over. I told her I had to help my mom paint the bedroom.

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