She hears him enter the bathroom while she is taking her morning shower. He opens the shower door, just to take a peek. Smiling he looks her up and down and closes the door. She thinks, "Is he actually cheerful this early in the morning." Whistling he goes through his morning routine.
She dries off and drags herself out of the shower. The hairdryer makes way too much noise for her today, but she doesn't need to be late for work, so she flips the on switch.
Then he makes an awful face and begins spitting into the sink. Cussing and saying, "What flavor is this toothpaste? It is awful!"
She smiles. "Oh, Babe, it can't be that bad. It's orange. I bought a couple of tubes on sale last week." She squeezes the toothpaste onto her brush. As she brushes, she thinks that the taste is really not very good. She bends over the sink to rinse her mouth.
He is still rinsing his mouth repeatedly. Sputtering and spitting. Complaining loudly. Then he is silent.
She looks up into the mirror to see him standing behind her. He is smiling again. Drying his mouth on a hand towel.
"And?" she asks.
"And," he replies. "I can think of a way to get this awful taste out of my mouth."
He grabs her hips and leans over. He runs his tongue up and down her "lady lips".
She stands and turns toward him. Her face shows her shock. "Have you lost your mind?"
His hands reach for her breasts. His thumbs rub across her nipples. Before she can move he grabs her by her waist and sits her on the edge of the lavatory. He spreads her legs with his body and goes down to his knees. He leans in and kisses the inside of her thighs. Then he buries his face in her crotch. His tongue goes to work, flicking her nub and sliding inside her.
Soon she is moaning and her juices are flowing. She is leaning back with her heels braced up on the counter. She is awake now, coming on her bathroom lavatory.
He lifts his wet face to her lips. His tongue slips into her mouth. Sharing the her flavor with her.
His hard cock sitting at her opening, slips easily inside her. Taking just a few strokes, he makes sure he is covered in her flavor.
Then he pulls away from her, lifting her from the counter. He presses her shoulders down, and she goes to her knees. Opening her mouth, as he slides between her lips. Holding the sides of her face as she sucks him deeper. Pressing her hands on his bottom, pulling him toward her, she strokes him with her lips. She tastes him as his warm flavor releases into her mouth.
"MMMMMMMMM", they moan together.
She stands wipes her mouth on the hand towel.
He grabs her and tastes their flavor.
Releasing her he states, "Now that is the flavor I want in my mouth today,"
She whispers, "Sure beats orange toothpaste."
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