Tossing And Turning
I can't stand it, laying on my back, my stomach. On my side, no sleep, just tossing and turning.

I promised myself to slow down, why? To make it better? It's always so sweet, who am I kidding?

Giving up, I toss my blonde hair over my shoulder. Maybe it's time for a hair cut? Nah, I like it's length. I like the style, I really like how it's going to be hanging in my face when I'm done.

On my knees, my shirt comes off, better, my bra too. I like being naked, my shorts next, not my panties, not yet. I like to tease.

I read a story here, Through the cotton, by Touch. My fingers reach in between my legs, mmmmmmmmmmmm, such heat from the smallest touch. My flame is lit, a single finger tracing, pressing, feeling my lips.

So quick, I'm wet, my panties showing the shape of my sex. Their clinging to me. I can't get a finger inside me this way, only touching. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, my finger rubs my clit, its hard. My flame growing brighter, I rub my clit again. I'm gasping.

My body muscles tighten, never to release, till I cum. Enough teasing, my hand slips inside my panties. I'm very wet, fingers rubbing my lips, covered in my juice. One finger, then another, my moan escapes, from deep inside me.

Laying on my bed, my knees pressing into the mattress. My ass protruding up, panties tighten against my ass. My fingers loving, fucking me. Tighter my body becomes, moaning against the pain. I lay flat, my knees relaxing just a bit. I turn over, sliding my panties down my legs, finally, fully naked.

My legs open, fingers busy, rubbing, pressing, going deep inside me. Am I thinking of her? Kissing me? Her naked body on mine?

Or am I thinking of him? Fucking me?

Only I know.

I'm almost there, I'm looking down upon myself. My body taut, straining for its release. My nipples are stiff, rising and falling so heavy.


I'm no longer tossing and turning, my eyes are closed, a satisfied smile on my lips. My fingers resting on my lips.

Thanks Babe
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