Touch Me
Mmmmmmmmmm. Saturday morning. Laying in the bed. Maybe I could stay here all day.

You enter through the bedroom door, with your coffee cup in your hand, smiling. "Get up sleepy head. You need to get your shower and start the day."

"Make me," I say with a pout.

"I can get you out of that bed with one hand," you reply with a cocky grin.

Walking to the side of the bed, you flip back the covers and take a sip of your coffee.

My naked body squirming away from you, turns your grin into a smile and then a laugh.

"Come here," you say laughing.

I slide back toward you. Laying flat on my back, legs together, straight, toes pointed. My hands are behind my head. My eyes on the ceiling.

"Look at me. I want to see your reaction as I touch you and want you to see mine when I make you come." Your voice is soft yet firm, caressing me and making me willing to do anything you say.

My eyes focus on your face. It has that "sex" look. Your eyes are dark with desire, yet playfully smiling. Your lips soft, waiting to be kissed.
You touch my face with one finger. Trailing it down my cheek, across my lips. My mouth opening slightly, your finger slipping in. I close my lips, sucking your finger and cradling it on my tongue.

You slip the wet finger out of my mouth, down my chin and the front of my neck. Your tongue touches your lips as the finger trails around my already hard nipple.

I exhale slowly. I didn't realize I was holding my breath. My body stretches long, then relaxes into the bed.

You trail your finger down to my belly button, slowly circling it and bringing chills to my skin.

Moving your hand back to my breast, you press my nipple between your finger an thumb. My hips lift from the bed. "Interesting", you say as you put your cup to your mouth and sip. Pressing my nipple again. Watching my body tense and my hips rise again, and again. "This is fun. I like this reaction." you say as you play with me.

Your palm moves to circle over the other breast. I smile at the gentle touch and relax into the bed. You lift your hand and begin to flick the nipple with your middle finger. My hips slowly rise, my body tense again.

When you lift your hand, my hips fall and my legs part. Both hands on your coffee cup, your eyes between my legs. You suggest, "Let me see. Move them further apart."

I comply with your wishes noticing the tent forming in your gym shorts.
"I'll touch yours, if you'll touch mine," I offer. "Not necessary," you reply.

Your hand moves to my crotch and you begin circling my clit with your middle finger. Slipping it down my now wet and swollen lips. Returning it to begin flicking my clit. My hips lift as I climax.

"You are so easy to please." You smile. Dropping your shorts. Moving your knee onto the bed. You begin to stroke your cock. My hand reaches to help. "You just watch", you reply.

I smile as I feel the warm spray of your cum on my stomach. Your hand moves from your cock to the cum.

Sipping your coffee, you spread the cum with your fingers. Finger painting my stomach. Slowly moving your fingers to caress the nub of my clit.

You scoop more of your cum onto your fingers and slip them inside me. Your eyes move back to my face. Watching my eyes as you bring me to a loud, long climax.

Smiling you still your hand, enjoying the pulsing of my core. Once I still, you begin to stroke me again, watching me moan as my body responds to you again.

You move your hand from inside me and wipe it against the inside of my legs. I relax moaning and closing my eyes.

Taking a large swallow of your coffee, you walk to the door.

Looking back, you say, "You need to get your shower and start the day." Laughing, you add, "You are all wet and sticky."

The door shuts as I throw a pillow at you.

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