Training Barry
I usually kept to myself in my apartment complex. I do not like people complicating my life. But then Barry moves in next door. He had nice looks, but more than that, he was the nicest person that I think I have ever encountered. I had always heard it said "you have to look out for the quiet ones". So I wanted to have some fun with him and see if he was able to be more expressive and lively than what he presented as. Barry came over when I asked him to. We started kissing and after ten minutes, we were kissing wildly. I took my top off and he felt up my breasts. I took off his jeans and was very surprised to discover that Barry was wearing panties. Not cotton briefs that were unisex looking, he had on a lace pink thong with black edging and a red bow on the front. His panties were more effeminate than mine. I actually giggled when I saw the panties. Barry blushed but kept on kissed me. I could see his erect cock through the lace. I could not keep myself from giggling more. Barry's cock was tiny. Not just a little small, his cock was so tiny that he looked like a fifth grade boy. I immediately knew that we would not be having intercourse. But maybe I could still have fun with him.
I reached back and gave Barry a little slap on the butt as we kissed. Barry immediately pulled his lips from mine and whispered, "oh baby!! Please spank me!! Spank me so hard!" Again, I giggled at that but pulled him across my knee. I started smacking Barry's butt and he pooched his butt into air for me. So I smacked his ass firmly for several minutes. He started wiggling his ass and moaning, so I smacked his ass more. After ten minutes, I could see his butt glowing red. Was this the kinky side this quiet guy named Barry possessed. I asked him, "do you want me to spank me more?" Barry wiggles his ass and moans "yes! Please!" So I hand-cuffed him to the bed and set him on all fours. It was then that I pulled out my large wooden sorority paddle, the one I call "the panty pounder." I swung my paddle with complete authority and smacked Barry's ass into complete submission. I pounded his butt cheeks while he whimpered "ohhhh yikes!!!", "yowsa wowsa!!", "uggghhh!!!", "ouchie-wowswers!!!" His pouty little lips and his bedroom eyes were so alluring. And his perfectly round butt cheeks were so adorable. I would stop periodically and run the paddle in circles for a minute before resuming the world-rocking spanking. Barry just whimpered a blushed. Every few minutes he would look back at me and grunt, "I am so very embarrassed!!" I was having fun with him but I needed to change things up a little. I knew that he would take the spanking until he passed out. So I grabbed a couple dildos and a strap-on.

I used my strap-on and large black dildo and went straight up Barry's butt. He initially resisted by saying, "Brittany, you are not going to do me up the butt, you wouldn't dare!" As I slid the huge dildo in, he groaned and pounded the pillow in front of him but never tried to stop me from fucking him up the ass. I slide that dildo in He began to moan, so I took the other dildo and shoved it deep in his mouth. Barry hollowed out his cheeks sucking that cock. I could see his face was still red with embarrassment. But he could not speak a word because his mouth was busy serving the large dildo deep in his throat. While he sucked, I grabbed his hips and rocketed my strap-on dildo deep into his ass. He moaned and blushed. His ass was pumped so hard and fast that his eyes crossed. I felt his tiny cock and discovered that he was throbbing. I pulled out of his ass and then slid a large vibrator into ass all the way and let it sit in his ass rumbling on high. I slide the dildo out of his mouth and then grabbed his tiny cock. I barely touched it and he filled my hand with his cum. I wiped my hand off on his face, emptying ever drop of his cum into his mouth. He instantly swallowed it all.

I returned to Barry's ass and removed the hand-held vibrator and re-inserted my strap-on and slid it in as far as possible. Barry exclaimed, "oh, oh, oh , ohhhhh, oh god...that is so so so deep!" I giggled and said, "well you need to take it up the butt like the faggot you are Barry!" I started pumping my hips, as his ass queffed. In the moment, my door opened and in walked the three guys and four girls that I had contacted. When Barry saw them, his face blushed and his mouth dropped open in shock and embarrassment. One of the guys seized the opportunity and whipped out his cock and inserted it into Barry's open mouth. Barry moaned in a pout but started sucking the cock. The guys lined up and the girls gathered around to watch and laugh. Barry slurped on the big black cock, hallowing his cheeks and looking up at his cock feeder. As the guy grew very hard, he grabbed Barry's head and took that cock-whore on a long wild ride. That guy was hammering Barry's tonsils like a jack-hammer. Barry was red-faced and winded as the back of his throat was slammed so very fast. Loud slurpy noises came from Barry's throat, as well as a non-stop "guh, guh, guh, guh, guh!" As the brutal blowjob continued for several minutes, we girls laughed hysterically at the face-fucking that was being administered. The slobber ran off of Barry's chin. Suddenly, the guy groaned and exploded inside of Barry's mouth. The cum shot in his mouth was so powerful that cum also shot out of Barry's nose as he closed his eyes and swallowed. As the cock pulled out of Barry's slutty mouth, he gasped for air and looked totally humiliated. He straightened his arms down at his sides and grunted, "UGGGHHHH!!!" We laughed and laughed. The second guy stepped up and told Barry to get off of his knees and to lay on the bed on his back with his head hanging off the edge. Barry immediately complied.

The guy dropped his huge black cock into Barry's mouth and Barry sucked his cock hard. It was clear that Barry had found his true calling and purpose in life. The guy oil drilled Barry's throat with power, plunging again and again as Barry fought off gagging and his eyes watered profusely. The foamy slobber ran down Barry face and covered it completely. Barry played with the guys balls and tried to keep his lips tight around the monster cock. Us girls laughed, teased, and mocked Barry as we took videos on our phones. His blushing face told us that he was totally mortified with embarrassment. After several entertaining minutes, the guy unloaded a gallon of cum down Barry's slutty throat. When the guy pulled his cock out of Barry's mouth, his lips slid off with a loud POP. Barry rolled over on his stomach and panted for breath. Then he just kicked his feet and pounded his fist in a humiliated fit of embarrrassment. Immediately, the third guy stepped up and had Barry get on his hands and knees. Barry took the cock without hesitation. While Barry slurped and sucked, I picked up my big wooden paddle and swatted Barry's ass cheeks very firmly. Each mighty SMACK on Barry's ass shoved him further into the cock and intensified his deep throat encounter. We all laughed so much. After being treated to his third consecutive brutal blowjob, the last guy filled Barry's mouth twice with sweet sticky cum. Barry swallowed it all and then gave the cock a kiss of gratitudes. Barry laid on the bed, face-down, rubbing his sore butt. His butt was bright red. Barry whimpered, "Ugggghh! My butt hurts...this is so embarrassing. I am so so embarrassed!" We all laughed about that. I then took some cream and began to rub it on his sore butt. After coating his whole ass with it, it was then that I noticed the tube said, "Deep Heat Penetrating Rub". It was also that moment when Barry recognized the deep burn on his butt and rolled off the bed with a howl, "YAAAYYY!" He ran into the bathroom and hopped into the sink butt first and turned the cold water on full. We laughed so hard. Barry soon discovered that the water activated the menthol in the cream and made it burn even more. His eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped open as he jumped out of the sink. He grunted in total embarrassment and bolted into the bedroom and dropped on his butt on the carpet. Barry drug his butt across the carpet in circles in an attempt to wipe the cream off. He then realized that the butt dragging across the carpet created friction and intensified the heat. This realization, along with with all of us girls laughing so hard, took Barry's level of complete embarrassment to breath-taking, mind-blowing proportions. He just blushed, whimpered, grunted and started bouncing up and down on his butt on the floor. He just cried and mumbled about his total embarrassment. After a few minutes, Barry just sat there in total shock.

I told Barry to stand up and get his panties back on. He did that while demonstrating a pouty face the entire time. He rubbed his sore fiery butt all the way to the front door. All of us girls walked him out of the apartment with him. He was embarrassed, yet again, to discover some people standing out in the courtyard of the apartment complex. He badly wanted to go back to his apartment but we stopped him and made him kneel down in front of us. He was made to confess outloud that he loved sucking big black cocks. Then we girls poured honey over his head until he was saturated. Then we dumped a large bag of down feathers over him. The feathers stuck to the honey and were an awful mess. Barry walked towards his apartment, rubbing his sticky honey butt and blushing bright red. Damn, that was fun for us girls.

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