Travelin' Man
I was on a short trip and stopped for the night at a self-serve campground. Well, not exactly self-serve, there is usually a host who answers questions and keeps the place clean.

I signed up and went to the camp host to ask a couple of questions. I was a little taken aback when the host was a really young hostess. It turned out she was the daughter of the hostess who had gone into town for supplies. She looked to be about 17, as cute as can be, bouncy, friendly, and never saw a stranger.

I asked my questions and she answered with a smile. The problem was I couldn't understand a word. I gave her my best, "Huh" and she repeated it a little slower. Then it registered. I was in Kentucky and the young lady spoke southern; the most southern hill talk dialect I had ever heard. Different pronunciation, one syllable words stretched out to two or three syllables, and other things I cannot begin to describe. I thanked her for the help and turned to head back to my rig.

"Wh-at kindah rig y'all got there?" She said.

"It's just a real small motor home." I replied.

"If'n y'all dunt my-und, coood Ah see whaat chit looks li-ack." She said.

I told her it was the little white one with the black stripes and pointed to it about two rows over.

She said she got off in twenty minutes would, "Come aknockin'".

I didn't think she'd come to the mobile home of a strange man at ten o'clock at night and changed into my sleeping shorts and tee shirt, both loose and comfy. Sure enough, at ten I heard a knock on the door and when I answered it was the young hostess.

I said, "Are you sure you want to see this thing? I might be a traveling serial killer and that'd be all she wrote for you."

She told me that her momma was back and they have my license number and description of the rig and if she didn't get back in 30 minutes Momma was going to call the cops. Then she said, "Anyhow, Ahs a guid jewage offen peepl an yourn looks ta be okey dokey."

I invited her in and she plopped down on one of the two little chairs, got up and looked at the compact kitchen, toilet and then at the bed in the very back.

"Kin Ah try that there bed, it shuren look guid pared ta ma cot?"

"Sure," I said.

She had changed clothes from her assistant host uniform of jeans and a tube top into a short dress that looked like a long tee shirt. She kicked her flip flops off, went and flopped onto the bed, rolled from side to side causing her dress to ride up to her hips exposing a pair of rather conservative panties. With her shapely bottom and cute legs she might as well been naked to me.

Bouncing off the bed she went back to the chair she had first sat in and said to me, "Can I spend the night here with you, I have to clean the toilets at six tomorrow morning and momma looks at TV late every night?"

From now on dear reader, I am going to write the standard English version of what she says. I am not a good enough writer to do her version of the language justice. And, it seemed that the more she talked, the better job she did with the Kings English.

"No, you cannot stay here. Your mother will have the cops down on me in no time, besides, where I come from I think you're considered 'Jail Bait'".

"I'll call her and say I'm going to stay with my friend Brenda over on site 33. I think you're a nice man, for an older guy." She countered. "Anyway, I'm 17 and still a virgin so you can't touch me, ha, ha."

I said, "You can't imagine how many virgins became non-virgins thinking they were untouchable. In fact, some men want to deflower a virgin more than anything else."

"I think you're not like that, I know how those horny men look at me. Momma taught me a lot about you men folk."

"I could take my sleeping bag and some pillows and fix something up for you." I said.

"Okay, I'm gonna call Momma and tell her that I'm going to Brenda's now. Oh, my names Debbie what's yours?"

"I'm Pat," I said.

She called, seems everyone has a cell phone, and I started to fix her a place to sleep on the floor and she flew out the door. I figured she had just been having fun kidding this old fart and she had some hill jack boyfriend in on it all. But, five minutes later she was back.

"I had to potty and I didn't want to use your toilet, and I got this nighty from the laundry room to sleep in." She said holding up something that looked like my grandmother's nightgown from sixty years ago.

"I'm not gonna sleep on the floor. If you don't let me share the bed I'm going home. You just roll up that sleeping bag longaways and put it between us. I'm not gonna pounce on your old bones."

And with that said I got into bed against the wall and she got in on the other side with the rolled up sleeping bag between us. I noticed the little black spray can she set on her purse within easy reach. It was pepper spray. Hell, she probably has her boyfriend standing guard with a squirrel gun at the ready.

What a situation, here I was in my bed with a very cute 17 year old girl. My dick was going from hard as a rock to harder. I figured she must be at least a proper age or she wouldn't be working with Momma. The rolled up sleeping bag had to go, there just wasn't room in this narrow RV bed and I tossed it on the floor and forced myself to sleep. That lasted five minutes.

"I can't sleep; it's too hot in here." Debbie said as she sat cross legged on the bed. "Can I turn the light on?"

I opened my eyes to see a naked girl sitting next to me when she flicked the light switch.

"Put something on," I said, "You can't just get naked in front of a man and expect him to just sit there."

"I run around the house like this all the time in the summer, no one cares. My brother gets a boner like you have, but he knows he better behave or Momma would bust his butt."

I looked down and saw my shorts had twisted and my dick was sticking out ready to go. I took my shirt and shorts off; it was hot and getting hotter.

"You have the funniest dick I've ever seen. It doesn't have a hood covering it."

"How many dicks have you ever seen? Are you kidding me about you being a virgin?"

"I've seen my brother's, my cousin Jack's and my daddy's before Momma ran him off for trying to poke it in my sister," she answered.

"I guess it's funny looking because I've been circumcised." I said.

"Momma says I gotta remain a virgin until I finish college. I start in a month. I got a scholarship and no one in my family has ever been to college. I got a 4.0 GPA in high school. I might sound like a hillbilly to you city folks, but they say I am very smart, especially in math. I've already had two college math classes and gotten an A in each of them. I'm gonna be a chemist or an astronomer."

"Well, you better remain a virgin then, having a baby has ruined many a girls plans." I told her as my dick lost all hope and got half way soft.

"Momma says I can do hand jobs as long as I don't get any bodily fluids in me or let a guy put his thing or his fingers in me. She says that would ruin my virginity. I give my brother a hand job all the time. You've been pretty nice and I could give you one too." She said.

"You are one crazy little girl, "I said, "you're going to get yourself raped acting like this, especially with strange men."

"Oh I don't think so, you look really nice, sort like of Clint Eastwood in his old movies, and if you'd try to hurt me, I'd tear your balls right off. Momma taught me how." She smiled as she grabbed my sac and gave it a twist and hard squeeze.

"Hey, that hurt, I see what you mean. But you couldn't do it with your hands tied up."I said.

"I'd bite your nose off. That'll make your dick go soft real quick."

She leaned back on the wall and spread her legs and lifted her pussy up toward me and said. "Lookie there, you can see I'm a virgin. I'm all tight and not floppy like my Momma is. She can stick a big cucumber in herself when she can't get into town for a week or so. I seen her doing it through the hole my brother drilled in the wall. I play with my little bump, but I never put my fingers in there."

It was getting to be too much. My dick was hard and throbbing and I actually think I was drooling. "Would you let me kiss your little bump?" I was able to get out.

"I ain't never been kissed down there, but I've heard of it. Wouldn't that ruin my virgin status?"

"Not anymore than you playing with it, and it might feel better for you."

"Will you let me give you a hand job if'n I let you kiss it?"

My voice failed me as I turned her around and spread her legs and went down to that sweet tiny closed virginal pussy. I kissed all around it working toward the goal of her little bump which was easily found by my eager tongue. My hands found her little tits and I could feel her nipples harden as she lifted her sweet pussy to me. I licked all around the goal and felt her soft silken pubic hair on my face and in my mouth. My tongue found the swollen little bump and I licked it and sucked on it.

She had her hands under her ass helping to lift herself up and give me better access to her delightful little serving of hair pie. She was mewling and moaning and suddenly she shuddered as she came. I wanted to stick my dick into her so badly I thought I would burst. Then I felt her hand on my hot shaft as she worked it back and forth.

"Kiss it honey," I said, "Just kiss the tip and lick the head."

"I ain't gonna do that, I'd not be a virgin anymore, that's what Momma said." She said as she moved around to get a better hold of my shaft. A few more strokes and the feeling started. It was quick and strong. I shot out a load, some of it landing on her and she kept working me until the last drop was milked out.

I lay back and she wrapped an arm and leg over me and we lay there in our cum juices and sweat. She whispered in my ear, "I'd like you to take my cherry when I get my degree in a couple of years. Maybe I should wait until I get my doctorate though. It'll be sweeter then."

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