Trip to NYC
It's our first night in New York and we meet some of my friends at one of my favorite bars in the City. The drinks are flowing, the food is good and everybody is in a good mood. The band comes on and my friends grab me onto the dance floor. You are standing against the wall, I look over and you're watching me dance. You look so happy, relaxed and sexy with a big smile, just watching me move to the music. You motion for me to come over to you and I greet you with a gentle kiss wrapping my arms around you.

I turn to watch the band and my back is up against you, you wrap your arms around my waist and pull me close. Our hips are gently moving to the music and it feels nice to have you holding me. I can feel your breath on my neck, teasing me but not touching me. You whisper in my ear and ask me is this turning you on? I push into you more and your arms tighten around me. We both know it's time to go so we say our goodbyes and leave.

The hotel is only a couple of blocks away from the bar so we walk. We're in the room and I start to undress down to my bra and come up behind me and wrap your arms around me and pull me in towards you. You start to kiss my neck, softly your lips barely touching me. You know exactly what this does to me and you can feel my reaction as you continue to your teasing.

My whole body curves into you and I can feel you up against my back. You're hard, I can feel it, and I like it. I unhook my bra as you gently wrap your hands around my breasts and start to caress them, pinching my nipples lightly as they grow harder with every touch, aching for you.

Every part of me is coming alive and you move one hand around me and slip it into my panties slowly starting to caress me, teasing me, and feeling me swell.

Your hardness is up against my back and I reach around and touch you as you tug your boxers down. I'm so excited as your fingers are moving over me, your lips on my neck, you firmly up against me. I tell you I want you and you tell me no not yet as you just continue to tease me with your fingers and lips. I'm so eager that I place one leg on the bed opening me up even wider. I'm so wet your fingers are gliding over my clit, teasing it, making me moan in pleasure. Please now I say, but you just continue to touch me, lightly, slowly, your intent to only to give me pleasure.

I'm beyond control now and move you away and turn around. You're so erect and I pull you close and kiss you. Feeling you press yourself against my stomach hard. I start rubbing your chest, my hand playing with your nipples as I move in with my tongue, biting them softly as my hand continue down your stomach. It's my turn to tease. I lift my fingers up to my mouth and lick them as I move down to touch the tip of you. Gently rubbing your head with my wet fingers I feel your body flinch and relax as my hand goes down around you.

I look at you as I go down on my knees, and smile. My tongue starts circling the tip of you as my hand holds you, your hands gently holding my head. I open my mouth and I take you in, just for a second and you moan. I can tease too I tell you. I open my mouth again and this time take you fully in, so slow that I feel you straining in my mouth as I go further. I hold you firmly as I begin to move you in and out of my mouth each movement more intense as you gently push into me. I bring you so close and pull away.

I slip off my panties as I turn and lie on my stomach in front of you and tell you to make me cum. Please. I feel the tip of you spreading me open, slowly moving into me as I move my hips up to meet you. I'm on my elbows and I feel your skin is so hot up against me, you breath is in my ear and your motions get stronger. My breathing is heavy and you're pushing in rhythm with me. I feel every inch of you and the feeling is incredible as I push back harder.

You start kissing my neck, deeply finding the spot that you know will make the pleasure even more intense, my body lets go as I tighten around you feeling the waves move through me. I say your name as I my body lets go. You can feel how wet I still am from cumming. While still hard inside me I move my hips up to you. You're moving faster and faster and I know you are going to let go and I tell you to cum on me!

I feel you tense up and pull out of me, as you let yourself orgasm all over my back, moaning with pleasure as you hold yourself and the warmth of you runs over me. Both of us sweaty now and catching our breath you lean down and kiss my cheek and say that was great...let's get in the shower....
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