Truck Stop Lover- Three
Tommy dropped to his knees and started to make love to Sheila's rock hard clit.Her clit had grown into a small like penis and was rising up through it's protective cover to except the tounge loving Tommy was giving.Sheila was growing hotter and weaker as the waves of her first orgasm growed stronger and stronger.
She wasn't sure how much more of this assault on her clit she could take,it had been so long since she had felt a man giving her oral loving and she wanted it to last as long as she could,she wanted to hold off on her climax until she could hold back no longer.

She wasn't sure how much longer that was going to be because her inner walls were contracting and starting to spasam and more important her knees were getting weaker and starting to buckle. She felt her body lowering and her orgasm getting closer.As her orgasm started to close in on her,she felt herself going down
lower on the wet tile wall only to find the strong arms of her new lover raising her up and holding her in place as he continued to
nibble,lick and suck on her dripping wet pussy.The hot water running over her,the tounge fucking,sucking and licking along with a few soft nibbles,her body and her pussy was starting to give in to all the pleasure.It was getting to be more than she could stand.

She grabbed the back of Tommys head and pulled him into her as hard as she could pushing his tounge even deeper into her sweet pussy.She tried to keep her voice a whisper as she did not want everyone in truck stop to know that she was having the biggest and most powerful orgasm she had ever had in her life.
Toommmmyyyy,Toooommmmmmmyyyyy she whispered as best as she could,I'mmmmmm cuuummmmmiinnggg!!
Ooooohhhhhh,Mmmmuuuuuummm,she held one hand over her mouth to try and muffle her sounds of love as her pussy exploded in Tommys mouth.

Tommy sucked,licked and rammed his tounge as deep as he could into Sheilas hot pussy as she cum hard on his face.He continued to hold on to her tightly as he felt her body spasm hard and her pussy contracting.He felt her start to relax a little as she eased her grip on his head.His face was covered in hot pussy cum as he slipped her off his arms and let her down onto the shower floor,she wrapped both her arms around his neck and kissed him open mouth sticking her tounge deep into Tommys mouth tasting her wettnes letting the hot water wash over them both as she finally came back to herself.FFuuuuccckkkk,I've never had my pussy ate like that in my life,that was fucking incredible.

Tommy just smiled and said you're welcome.
Tommy stood up and reach down to help Sheila up,but she only rose up onto her knees.She took Tommys already hard dick in her hand and jacked him off and stuck her tounge out to lick the precum off the end of his hard staff.
Then she smiled and looked up at Tommy and said it's my turn to make you weak,she then sucked over half of Tommys rock hard flesh into her mouth and slowly pulled back sucking hard on her meal of choice.She swirled her tounge like a child would lick a candy sucker, driving Tommy into a frinzy.She would swollow his stiff cock all the way down and slowly pull back and then swollow deep and fast sucking Tommys hard dick down her throat.Tommy let her know with his moans that he was getting the best blow job he had ever gotten,like Sheila he was trying to be as quiet as possible but he was finding it hard to do as she sucked on his cock like it was her favorite piece of rock candy.

The moment came when he felt his own orgasm getting ready to explode.He was humping back and forth fucking Sheila's mouth,he was so close to cumming he let her know he was about to explode.Sheila just sucked that much harder and faster swollowing all of his dick and squeezing Tommys ass cheeks as she pulled him even closer and deeper into her hot mouth.
Tommy was going crazy with desire and pleasure,
He didn't know how he was going to be quiet,
with so much pleasure running through his viens
and knowing he too was going to have the best orgasm that he ever felt in his life.

His orgasm hit like an earth quake,hitting about a twelve on the suck-o-meter scale.He tried to hold on to the slippery wet shower wall but he found himself slipping and getting weaker in his knees as his cock started to erupt in Sheila's mouth and down her throat.She had his dick swollowed completely when Tommy started cumming.Her throat muscles squeezed his stiff cock as she swollowed his thick hot load.
Tommy whimpered lowly and quietly as possible
while blowing his load and getting the best blow job ever.Finally his cumming had came to an end.He felt himself just slide down the shower wall to join Sheila on the floor.
The hot water felt relaxing,to show Sheila his apprecitation he lifted her head and kissed her deeply and pasionately pushing his tounge deep in her mouth and tasteing his own cum.

They finally got up and finished their shower and went back out to Tommys truck to finish their night of love making.....
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