Truck Stop Lover- Two
Sheila had just led Tommy into the shower by his stiffining man hood and she was loving the fact that she had taken total control of her newest and best friend.She loved how he had been the prefect gentleman all day,putting her feelings,her wants and her needs in front of his own.Never not once during the course of the day had he made any sexual advancements,comments or insenuations,and to tell the truth she was wondering if there was something wrong with him or maybe her.

After all,she was dressed to draw the mens attentions and she had gotten several wolf whistles and hey babys from some of the not so pleasing to the eye truckers before Tommy had followed her into the truckers store earlier that day. She was glad that he had bumped into her and started an innocent converstaion.As they talked she was wondering if she was going to persuade him into having sex with her later.

She had all but come right out and ask him to have sex with her as she had made every effort to show him her perfect rounded breast and spreading her legs open for him to see up her shorts as they had eaten their perfect steak dinner and drank nearly a whole bottle of wine and several ice cold beers.Even then he was still the perfect gentelman,she could not imagine why any woman in her right mind would throw him away.Maybe it was the fact that he drove a truck long haul for a living or,maybe she didn't like him shaving his cock.Maybe it was something she had not yet seen.But for the moment it didn't matter,for tonight this perfect gentleman with the perfect size shaved cock was hers.She was already horny as hell before the alcohol and she had found her perfect mate atleast for tonight and she fully intended to take full advantage of this stiff cock as she was tired of making love to her plastic viberating dildo.

She was desperate to feel the arms of a man wrapped around her,holding her and making her feel all the things a man could make a woman feel while making love.It had been so long since she felt a mans penis growing with just her touch and inside of her.All of her nerve endings were on fire and tonight she planned on putting all of those fires out.

Tommys growing cock in her hand made her even more excited as she led him into the hot shower.She could feel the anticpation growing in her sweet spot as they entered the shower and the hot water cascading down upon them. She turned and pressed her body hard against his.They were perfect for each other,her breast pressed frimly into his and her burning pussy pressed hard against his stiff dick as they held each other tightly and kissed open mouth,their tounges dancing around in each others mouth as if they each were searching for something that they had lost.They embraced one another like two long lost lovers reunited.

Finally they broke their kiss and stepped back looking at each other while the hot water washed over them,Tommy was the first to soap up his rag and he started to gently wash Sheila's breast.Her nipples grew hard and stiff and he slowly washed her stomach and her legs.He turned her so he could wash her back side and he slowly wash her beautiful ass and pulled her close to him and reached around in front of her and with his hand he gently washed her excited and very wet pussy.

She didn't know if it was the hot water or his touch or a combination of both but she knew that feeling between her legs all to well as she felt the first waves of her first orgasm start to build.She knew that she hadn't felt this way in a long,long time,not by the touch of a man anyway..
This man was not only a perfect gentleman,he was turning out to be the perfect lover as he was setting her honey box on fire.
He finished washing her and handed her the soapy rag and turned his back to her.

She tried to contain herself as she felt her hot jucies running down her inner thighs and mixing with the hot water.She slowy washed his back and his ass and legs as he had done her and then she turned him around to wash his front side.She took her free hand and washed his stiff cock as her other hand soaped up his chest.They then let the hot water rinse them both clean and he pushed her back against the wall and dropped to his knees and started to wash her clit with his tounge as the hot water washed over them both.Her knees grew weak as his made love to her with his mouth.

Her juices were thick and tasted like pure honey...
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