Truck Stop Lover...four
After their amazing escapade of oral loving in the shower Tommy and Sheila decided to relax over some hot coffee and talk quietly about what had just happened. Both had agreed that it was simply the very best either of them had ever had. They spoke of their other halves and what caused their failures.

Sheila's husband had decided that he was more intrested in men than he was in her. She had came home early one day from work and caught him in bed with their(his)best friend.
At first it was a hot turn on because that was one of her fantasys. She got wet at the thought of her good looking husband sucking a big long fat cock or getting his ass fucked.

His fantasy was to see her getting fucked from both ends,or getting fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time. They just never seemed to find the right one or couple to swap with. Sheila thought about straying but never did for she wanted it to be with her husband when and if it all came together.
She walked in to their house and heard moaning comming from her bedroom,She knew those moans and was wondering what woman Daryl had brought home in the middle of the day.
She slowly approached her bedroom and looked in to see her husband and who he was moaning over. She was shocked to say the least at who she found in bed with Daryl.

His best friend had her husbands legs pushed up high and was fucking him hard in the ass.
She just stood there for a moment,her pussy was getting all excited at seeing this.
Her fantasy was comming true, As hot and exciting as it was to see, she still felt disappointed and betrayed, for if and when it happened she wanted to be a part of it, not walk in on it in progress.

Still, it was very hot and exciting to see him getting fucked like that. She stood there watching for a few more moments and then stepped away from the door and into the living room where she quietly stripped down to just her skimpy red lace thong and walked up to the bedroom door and asked in her sexiest voice, "Can a hot horny broad join in this party or is it for dicks only?"

Her husband and his friend both stared at her almost naked body. They both had that "OH FUCK LOOK" on their faces.
Her auburn hair was down and her nipples were hard as she stood in the door way rubbing her pussy thru her little skimpy thong.
Sheila said don't fret boys as long as I can get in on some of this fucking too. She told Daryl, you know baby I've always wanted to see you get a good ass fucking.
She pulled her thong off and threw it over to both men in her bed and said see how wet my pussy is. Her thong was soaked with her hot juices.

Daryl and his friend both let out a sigh of relief as they felt the skimpy wet material.
Daryls friend held them up close to his nostrils and breathed in deep and then stuck the thin lacy material in his mouth, Mmmmm, she smells and taste so fucking sweet.

Come on now, I want to see some action here she said in the most powerful and commanding voice she could muster up. FUCK THAT ASS YOU ASSFUCKER, let me see that fat hard dick going in and out of that tight ass. I want to see you cum,and make my old man squeal out like a bitch in heat. "NOW START FUCKING"!

She couldn't help but wonder how long this had been going on.

Was this the first time?

How many times had Daryl came home early and had sex in her bed with his best friend?

Was this the reason he had turned her down so many times in the past when she had wanted to make love?

How long had this been going on right under her nose?

For the moment she thought, fuck it, seeing Daryl getting his ass fucked was a dream come true.
Seeing this made her pussy wet and made her horny as hell,and as long as she got in on some of the action and got her dripping pussy fucked and maybe her ass too, really good by both men,her and Daryl would have a talk later about his true feelings and what the next step in their lives would be.

She told Tommy all about that evening and how it finally ended in a divorce,and how she went to a local truck driving school and hit the road to forget it all, and to maybe find her a good looking trucker that liked to eat pussy and make a lot of love, and maybe settle down with later.
For the moment she thought maybe she had found just the right one. A few things were for sure, Tommy was very good looking, He was sexy and strong,and he sure could make a womans pussy scream out in hot cum dripping pleasure with his oral talent. She had never in her adult life had her pussy cum so hard with just tongue fucking.

What about you Tommy,why did your marriage go to hell in a hand basket?
Tommy said that his wifes old high school sweetheart had moved back to town and came to see her alot while he was out on the road.
He went to Harvard and became a very successful lawer, said he wanted to move back home and help the town where he grew up.
They reunited one day while My wife, Sharon was out shopping. Of course she had to invite him over for dinner and drinks, they reminissed about the old days and all while I just listened and laughed with them. I figured that they would some day get back together, so it wasn't a big surprise when she told me she was leaving. She said that I could keep everything that I wanted so I packed up my stuff, put it all in my truck,put a for sale sign on my pickup and told her I would be in touch now and then and would let her know where to send the money when my pickup sold. I hit the road and haven't looked back since.
That was a couple of years ago.

Do you regret it Sheila ask? No not at all, Do you?
Hell no! She said. I've got my best friend in the truck that pleases me when I want with all my other belongings and I've met some of the most intresting people and made some good friends out here on the road. And today,I've met and made the best one yet. She smiled her wicked smile and said I hope the night has just begun.

Tommy smiled back and said I do too,if your ready Miss Sheila lets go find us some place private to park my rig and we'll see who can drive who crazy with wanton passion and desires first.
It's a deal she said,and they walked out holding hands going to Tommys big 379 Peterbilt. . .
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