Truck Stop Lover - one
I was sitting in my truck one hot sultry saturday in Bakersfield California at Bruces Truck Stop just off Hwy 58,glad my A/C was working and blowing good cold air when I saw her.She was strolling across the parking lot,holy sheepshit Batman,what is a truck stop whore doing walking the lot at this time of the day?She really was'nt dressed like a whore,but she did'nt look like a driver either.

She was just simply put,beautiful.Long waist length auburn hair blowing in the hot santa anta winds.She had on a tank top and a pair of shorts that were what I would call,just right.They were'nt to short but they were short,not to tight but snug,form fitting one might say.I could'nt tell if she had on a bra or not and whos to say what lay under those shorts.Uummmm,tasty like sweet honey nectar I'd be willing to bet.

I thought I would go in seeing as I was'nt parked to far from the back door,or whats known as the drivers entrance hopeing to maybe get a glimpse of her and maybe if I was lucky say hello.I found her over by the drink coolers and I pretended to bump into her as I reached in to get a soda.I saw she had a cream of soda so I got one too and smiled at her and said I like those the best myself.I excused myself for bumping her and she smiled and said that it was alright.I said I know this sounds like a line but,Whats a pretty girl like yourself doing in a damned ol'truck stop.

She said that she had gotten in the night before and could'nt off load until monday morning.Ain't that a hell of a note,me either I said.I ask her if her and her husband would like to join me later for supper,that I was going to bob-tail over to the meat market and get T-bones and that I would be glad to pick up a couple of more to throw on the grill.
She said that would be great but it was just her as she was not married.My mind kicked into over drive...I stuck out my hand and told her my name was Tommy,Sheila she said nice to meet you.It will be nice to have someone to talk to and visit with as we can't unload till monday.

How was the evening going to pan out? And by the way,she was braless under that tanktop.
I tried very hard to keep my eyes focused on hers as we spoke.We went to the check out and I paid for both drinks and we walked out together talking about our loads and trucks as if we were sizing each other up.

She walked to my truck and we decided to go get the T-bones and get ready for what looked like a great evening.We talked like we had known one another for ever as we rode.She was divorced like me and got into trucking to get away from it all,me, I was damn near born in a truck,I've been trucking for the better part of my life I told her.While we were out we bought some red wine and some budweiser,I'm not much of a wine drinker.

Man,it does'nt get much better than this.Good food,great friend,great wine and beer this is just what a country girl like me needed.
We sat for a few more hours drinking cold beer as the hot California sun had set and it had cooled off really nicely.Everytime she would lean over to get another beer out of the cooler she would be at the right angle for me to see down her tanktop.She had very pretty breast,with dark colored nipples.And with every beer it seemes that she would linger just a little bit longer exposing her breast to me.

While she was bent over she looked at me with those big brown eyes and said,"Hey Cowboy,you like what you see?" Yes...yes I do,they are beautiful and to be truthful,I would love to have those for desert.She said well,as long as we are being truthful,I've wondered what was in your pants all fucking day!
We picked our cans up,put the grill away and walked into the store and got on the shower list.The young lady behind the counter asked if we wanted one or two showers,One Sheila said is all we'll need.

I could hardly wait,I was like a kid in a candy store for the very first time as I wondered what her pussy looked like? Was she shaved,or did she have a full patch of that auburn hair?Was she tight,did she like it hard and fast or slow and steady? Time seem to creep by as we waited for them to call our names. We sat holding hands like two teenagers while we waited making small talk. I know she was thinking along the same lines as I was.

{OVER THE INTERCOM:Could I have your attention please; Tommy and Sheila your shower is ready}

Finally they called us.We got to our shower room,I turned and locked the door as I turned back around Shiela was pulling her top over her head exposing her breast.
They were magnificent,perky with pinkish brown nipples that were already sticking out and growing hard.I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall to the floor,I reached for my belt and she said uumm,let me.She undone my belt and unbuttoned my levi's and they fell to the floor.That left me nude as I hardly ever wear underwear as they seem to choke me,I hate'em.

Uumm nice,a long shaved cock.I love it,she said as she moved closer.She wrapped both arms around my neck and kissed me long and hard.
Her tounge wrapped around mine like her arms was around my neck.She pressed her body against mine and grinded her hot pussy agaist my dick.
She broke her hold on me and turned on the water and grabbed me by my growing cock and led me into the shower...

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