Truck Stop Whore
My husband Josh (27) and I (24) have been married about four years. He is a long distance truck driver, so for most of those years he has been away. I'm not complaining, he does make good money, and when he's home our sex life is mediocre. He is always so tired. It seems to be a chore for him at times. He's your typical, ‘wham bam thank you ma'am type,' then rolls over and falls asleep. Most of the time, I cry myself to sleep in frustration. I just need a little more excitement and enthusiasm.

Now with the holidays approaching he is taking on more loads. I know he's doing it to get extra money for Christmas. He wants to buy me a diamond wedding band to replace the cheap pawn store gold band I've been wearing. Back then, that was all we could afford and I was happy to have it.

He just informed me that he has to haul a load from Daytona Beach, where we live, to San Francisco. He wants me to take the trip with him so we can celebrate our anniversary together. I look at him like he has three heads. Granted his rig is really nice. It has a Queen bed, TV and all the bells and whistles. But that means staying at those nasty truck stops and I wasn't sure I was quite up to that.

"I'll make it real special for you baby, I promise." He said almost begging.

How could I resist those baby blue eyes? So of course I agree to be his passenger.

We pack up the truck with all the extra necessities I would need. Before dawn we are on the road and all is going well. We make our first stop in Montgomery, Alabama (455 miles from home.) We gas up, eat and pick up some munchies. We are now heading to Gulfport, Mississippi for the night.

Josh says, "The Flying J truck stop has nice showers, clean bathrooms and even a pretty fancy restaurant."

Oh goody, I can't wait.

Somehow his idea of nice and fancy doesn't always match up to how I would describe it. But he was trying so I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Two hundred ten miles later we pull into the Flying J. It looks like a regular truck stop to me. It isn't too crowded and from the outside seems fairly decent.

Josh pulls the rig into a spot not close to the other truckers. We have our own little ‘piece of Paradise' as Josh calls it. Not sure about Paradise, but we do have privacy.

Josh checks in at the office and to see which showers were available to us. I gather my toiletries and wait anxiously for him to return.

"Good news babe, you get the shower with the red door, your favorite color. This must be a good sign of things to come." He says, with a serious face.

"Oh really, I can hardly wait." I say, sarcastically

"Babe, you go ahead. I have a few things to check out on the truck and I will meet you there."

I grab my stuff and go. A sign shows men's to the left and women's the right. I walk in and realize that the showers are separated by a thin wall. If I listen carefully I can hear conversation from the men's stalls.

Naturally, the red door shower is the last one on the left. The one light bulb that is supposed to light the whole room was flickering. I was getting flashbacks of the movie, ‘Psycho.' I carefully push open my stall door and check it out. Everything seems fine and besides Josh is right next door if I need him.

I turn the shower on and regulate the water. The hot water feels so soothing after all those miles of traveling. I reach for my body wash and apply a generous amount on my loofah sponge. I'm all full of lather and starting to feel human again.

I noticed on the wall a little note written with a black sharpie.

‘For a good time, tap three times.' An arrow points to a hole in the wall.

I laugh to myself. Wow! Josh is really getting daring. We do role play at times, but that is always in the privacy of our home. I can't wait to find out what he has in mind. So without any hesitation, I excitedly tap three times. I rinse off while I wait.

In the dimly lit stall I can see something making its way through the hole. I kneel down and I can see his cock wiggling around. My hand wraps around it and I begin stroking him up and down. I make it nice and hard. My tongue circles the rim and tip. My mouth sucks in his big, fleshy, mushroom head. I faintly hear him moan.

My head is bobbing up and down over his cock. My nose hits the wall as I deep throat his hard cock. My cheeks cave in from the suction. Not wanting him to cum to fast I take it out. I stand with my ass against the wall placing his cock between my legs. I rub it up and down from my wet cunt to my asshole. The thought of being in a public place having sex has me very horny. I hold his cock firmly as I bend over and inch it into my asshole. My fingers find my swollen clit protruding from her hood. So with my right leg up on the built in seat, I begin rubbing it hard.

My moans fill the air as my body starts jerking. My cum squirts across the shower floor. Still impaled by his cock, I being humping back and forth. I can feel the veins throbbing and sense he is close. I pull him out and begin sucking him again. I always enjoy the taste of his hot, thick cum.

I could hear him making guttural sounds. I suck harder and faster, waiting for my tasty treat. A thick stream of his cum makes its way down my hungry throat. It shoots out with such force, that it overflows in my mouth and starts dripping down my chin. I milk his cock with my lips tightly around the shaft, working it from the base to the tip. I don't want to miss a single drop.

He pulls his cock out and it disappears from the hole. Content I sit down on the shower floor with my back against the wall. My arms are around my legs and I am trying to regain my composure.

Two fingers appear from the hole, making a ‘come here' motion. I lean over and suck his fingers, mimicking a blow job. I stand and with my ass once again pressed against the wall, I offer him my pussy. He pushes his fingers in and out hard and deep. When his fingers hit my g-spot, I begin to squirt; he replaces his fingers with his tongue lapping up my love juices. I can't remember the last time I was this turned on. My body is shaking in waves of ecstasy.

The fun seems to be over for now, so I continue cleaning myself up. I towel dry my hair and pile it on top of my head in a loose bun. I gather my stuff up from the shower stall. All dressed in shorts, tank top and flip flops I leave the ladies room. I was thinking I would meet up with Josh, but I guess he finished first and went back to the rig.

My walk back to our truck was met with some wolf whistles and guys smiling while rubbing their crotches. Typical of these truck stops is my thinking.

You can imagine my surprise as I enter our home on wheels. Josh is fast asleep in bed with the same clothes on.

"Oh my God, what did I just do and with whom?"

I quietly slip out of the truck. The thought of having sex with another never crossed my mind. But somehow at this moment I'm finding it really exciting. I start walking with determination over to the three crotch rubbing dudes.

"Hey, what the fuck just happened? Which one of you cock suckers had the nerve to invade my private space?"

"Hold up girlie, before you get your panties in a twist, that ‘glory hole' is strictly on a volunteer basis. You willingly participated. You could have stopped, but you seemed to be enjoying yourself as much as us." Said the tallest of the three. They all seemed to be around 40something.

Thinking back, he was right. I'm the one that knocked on the wall.

"Hold on, us...glory hole?" By the way my name is Lori, not girlie.

"Okay Lori, I'm Ben and it was my cock you were sucking so hungrily. This guy over here is Ralph, pointing to his left. His fingers worked their magic on you. Meet Tony, ‘the tiger,' naturally it was his tongue that had you shaking."

I half smiled as I said, "Nice to meet you all. Do you do this often?"

"Glory holes have been around a long time. When you are away from home as much as we are, it's a nice way to have sex in a non-committal way. Most of these truck stops have them available. You are free to use them or not." Ben said.

"Did you enjoy yourself tonight Lori?" Tony asked.

"Well I did think it was my husband showing me a different side of him. The pleasure I received tonight was unbelievable. In my mind I kept picturing myself being naughty with a total stranger and it did excite me."

"Not to be rude Lori, but I think just thinking about it is getting you excited again." Ben says, pointing to my tits.

I look down and can see that my nipples are on ‘high beam.' They are hard and sticking straight out. My D cup tits are still perky and being braless made them very noticeable.

My hands slide under my tank top. I start caressing them with the palms of my hands, just to see their reaction. The three of them are shifting from one foot to the other. I can see the outline of their cocks pressing against the zippers of their jeans.

"Anyone interested in helping a girl in her need?"

My three new friends make a circle around me. Ralph who is behind me slides his two hands in my shorts. His hands squeeze my ass cheeks, before slipping his finger in. I wince at first, but once he gets it in, I love it. Ben lifts my shirt and begins sucking on my tits; he takes his time going from one to the other. Tony kneels in front of me and slides the crotch of my shorts to the side. He raises my left leg and places it over his shoulder. He starts licking and sucking my clit. I am in heaven. I don't want this night to ever end.

He folds his tongue in half and starts tongue fucking my cunt. He has my legs buckling and I start shaking. His tongue goes in and out, fast and deep. Ralph places his arms through mine and lifts me while squeezing my tits. My other leg goes over Tony's other shoulder and I brace myself. My cum gushes out quickly, making Tony's face look like a glazed donut. Ben is right beside him drinking up my sweet nectar.

"You want more, pretty girl?" Ben asks.

I nod and he suggests we take it inside his rig.

We follow Ben about 100 feet to his truck. He opens the door and offers me his hand to helps me in. Once all of us are in, we immediately start stripping off our clothes. Clothes were flying everywhere. Ben takes my hand and leads me to his bed. He sits at the back of bed holding his cock. I'm lying on my belly with my legs spread. My hand replaces his and I begin sucking him off. I feel Tony lifts me to my knees. His fingers are working my cunt again and his tongue is probing in and out of my asshole. I could hardly concentrate on what I was doing. Ralph slides in between my legs and is sucking my tits. I can feel his hard on against my cunt. Tony has me well lubricated when he slips his cock into my asshole.

He is humping quick and hard. He has me sucking Ben in the same rhythm. Ralph is probing my cunt with his cock, when I feel it enter. I gasp and then regain my composure. The sounds of moans and grunts fill the air. The smell of sex and sweat is the odors in the truck.

Ben is the first to shoot his load. I swallow some before he pulls it out and shoots the rest all over my tits. His hands smearing it in like its body cream.

I cum twice. Tony cums deep inside my ass. He starts licking up his cum as it drips from my asshole. I can't tell you how great that felt. Josh would never do anything like that. We only had anal sex once. He made the decision for us that it wasn't ever going to happen again.

Ralph is the last to cum. He keeps humping until he goes soft inside me and falls out. We all collapse in a heap on the bed.

I suddenly remember about Josh. I rush into the bathroom get a washcloth and clean myself up. The guys are helping me find my scattered clothes. They too are dressing. Just as we come around the front of Ben's truck, we see Josh leaving our rig.

"Josh," I'm over here." I say, waving my hand at him.

He walks over and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"I didn't even hear you get up baby, did you sleep ok?"

"Josh let me introduce you to my new friends." I say quickly, trying to avoid answering him.

"Ralph, Ben and Tony, this is Josh, my husband."

They all shake hands and exchange some pleasantries.

Josh tells them that are next stop will be in Dallas about 560 miles away.

He offers to buy them breakfast, but they decline.

As I'm walking to the restaurant with Josh, I turn to see them blowing me kisses.

"Maybe we'll see you in Dallas and we can all get better acquainted," Ben yells to us.

I turn to them and flip them the bird, with a smile on my face, of course. They in turn grab their crotches and rub them.

We did meet up again in Dallas, Santa Fe and Las Vegas before we all had to separate for different destinations.

They were like the three wise men to me. Each time we were together was a different and exciting adventure. They taught me that it isn't shameful to love sex

We still meet quite often when they are in the area. Our group grew to about twenty. When Josh goes away on his long trips, I keep myself pretty busy. I hitch a ride with a new trucker. I enjoy myself and give pleasure to all the ‘glory hole' truckers across the USA.

Who knows, I might have even sucked my own husbands cock once or twice.
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