Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare
by Miss Anonna

The ad read "Truth or dare?" and out of sheer curiosity I simply replied "Truth."

An hour later I received an email with the subject line "Truth or dare" and the message read:
"Have you ever had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex?" I replied:

"Yes and she was delicious. Truth or dare" I hit the send button and returned to the document I had previously been updating but it wasn't long before I received another reply.

"Dare." was all it said. I pondered who this person could be writing to me and pictured a fantasy man in my mind but I knew that was just a fantasy and it soon wore off but my curiosity was running crazy. I had to ask myself if I really wanted to know or if I just wanted to keep playing the game. I figured I would take a chance and replied to the email swiftly.

"Take a picture of your butt and send it to me." I hesitated before clicking the send button but my finger seemed to have clicked it for me. I took a deep breath and thought about the email address to which I had sent. It was inyourrmind at something or another dot com and laughed to myself that I may be just playing a game with my own mind. I soon received a picture of a man's rear that I must say looked very nice indeed and soon resumed a fantasy in my brain that seemed to carry on from my previous one. I came around with thought that the last email asked me the question that remained in the subject line and I suppose it was my turn at the game once again. I replied.

"Dare." Again I hesitated but then clicked on the send button and raised my eyebrow at the screen and imagined what he might write. I figured he would probably dare me to call him or maybe take a picture of myself and send it to him but when I received his next email I was completely taken off guard.

"I dare you to sensually touch a complete stranger in public." I read that line over and over and tried to figure out a way that was even possible but nothing came to mind and I certainly wasn't sure if I were even up to a dare like that so I wrote back.

"How in the world do you expect me to do that?" The more I thought about ways to accomplish this task, the more creative I got with possible scenarios and soon I felt a little flush through my body. I almost wrote back to him with an answer but a new email appeared and it read:

"There is a little book store in downtown Wixonville called Dillan's used books. Have you ever been there?" I had seen the little shop before but never entered it, in fact the thought had never even crossed my mind until his next email explained that the upstairs portion of the store had a reading room with several chairs and a whole section of books on sexuality right there in the reading room. I found this interesting enough to ask my new pen pal for more details and his next email explained that I could go there at three in the afternoon and sit in one of the chairs next to the bookshelf and a man will stand next to my chair attempting to find a book on the shelf. At that time I could reach over and squeeze his crotch. I began to see the big picture now. I would go to this reading room and this guy would meet me there and get me to touch his boner. I laughed to myself and then out of spite decided to call his bluff. I returned his last email with a few choice words.

"I see. OK, Tomorrow, 3pm." I never heard back from him that day but after hours of thinking about this little escapade, I was getting a little worked up.

The town was about 30 minutes from me and I pulled to the curb right about ten minutes to three, pulled my visor down and checked my makeup. Unbuckling my seatbelt I quickly gave myself a quick check, making sure my low cut blouse was showing enough to look sexy but no so much that I look like a floosy. I brushed my stocking outfitted thighs with the palms of my hands, opened the door and put my boot to the ground. I felt myself getting a bit nervous but I simply had to see how this was going to work out so I paid the meter and walked into the little book store.

"Morning!" Said a cheery little middle aged man as the bells on the door chimed and the latch snapped behind me.

"Good morning," I said quickly and smiled at him wondering if this was the man that had been emailing me. He was starting to grey and looked very much like your typical book worm.

"Is there something I can help you find?" He said as he glanced at me over the top of his glasses. I nodded to him with a sultry smile hoping he would give me a sign that he may be my pen pal but I had no such sign. "There's three stories of books here including a reading room on the top floor if you so desire. Paperbacks are in the back of this floor. Just ring the bell if I'm not here when you're ready to buy something."

"Thank you," I said still grinning at him and trying to figure him out. He looked like he was ready to become old in a cute way as if he were days away from a happy retirement although he didn't look to be any more than in his late forties. "Maybe I'll start at the top and work my way down, then." I said somewhat sultry but found myself settling into a very frank statement and ending my statement with knowing that this was not the man I had been emailing.

"Take you time, Luv." He said pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and returning his gaze to the newspaper on the counter. "Take your time."

I headed towards the back of the store and noticed the stairs. Beside the stairs was a rack of steamy paperbacks and I stopped, twisted the circular rack causing it to squeak and grabbed the first one that caught my eye. I began to climb the stairs which were very noisy in such a quiet place and as I rounded the corner to continue up the next flight, I looked back at the older gentleman to see if he was watching me but he seemed absorbed by the newspaper, even pulling up his stool.

When I arrived at the third floor I was forced to head to the right down a little hallway that opened into a cozy little room with four, velvety red, high backed chairs that seemed to take on an antique feel. Each wall had a bookshelf with a chairs on each side and the room was quaint and cute. I picked the chair at the far left corner, wiggled into the seat and threw one leg over the top of the other. I decided that I may as well start my book but not before glancing at the top of the shelf across the room. The top of the shelf said Religion and I was a little shocked so I glanced at the top of the bookshelf that my chair was against. The sign said Sex and I thought to myself, "Now who would do that?" I sat back and settled into my sultry book, glancing at the top of the bookshelf across the room every page or so and hoping I won't get thrown into a fiery Hell when I die.

After the second page I faintly heard the bells from the door on the first floor and I thought I could make out some voices but I had no idea what was said and settled back into my book until the squeaking sounds of the stairs penetrated my ears. My heart started to beat a little faster and I felt a rush of warmth through my chest and as the squeaking of the stairs became louder, I began to have trouble concentrating on my book. Footsteps soon befell the landing just outside of the reading room door and my heart was racing. A very distinguished gentleman walked through the doorway and stopped suddenly. He was definitely attractive and fit but seemed incredibly shy as his cheeks quickly became blush, clashing with his wavy brown hair.

"Oh," he said quickly placing his hands into his pockets. "Hello, there." I looked up at him with a smug grin and changed it to a friendly smile.

"Hi." I said and locked eyes with him but after a moment of silence I focused my gaze back upon my book.

"I, uh." He started. "hope I'm not intruding." He said and didn't move from the doorway one inch. I motioned him into the room.

"Not at all," I assured him. "There's plenty of room here for the both of us." I returned to my book and began to fantasize how this escapade was going to begin. He nodded at me and smiled and then he looked around the room and slowly wandered toward the religion bookshelf. I sized up his rear while he glanced over the books on each shelf as if he had no idea what book he was looking for. He grabbed his jaw and began to turn around toward the other bookcase and slowly he meandered in its general direction. I quickly looked at my book as if I were reading it and watched him from the corner of my eye. It took him a minute or so but he finally found his way to the front of the book case where he put his finger to his lip and began to tap it as he scanned the books.

I took my eyes off the page and turned toward him slowly grazing his body with my eyes and as my gaze ventured up his chest I could see him look down at me. I smiled and he smiled back and then I took a good long look at his crotch and widened my eyes. Returning my gaze to his eyes I pulled my bottom lip in just under my teeth and gave him a sultry look but I wasn't sure he had seen me because he was staring at the book shelf in front of him and scanning for something to read. I shifted my weight in my chair to face more toward him and pretended to read my book. When I looked up again he quickly turned his head back to the shelf. I looked down at my chest and noticed I was showing a good amount of cleavage and as I arched my back my nipples began to show their excitement under the faux satin material.

I wiggled again in my chair and tugged at my blouse to show a little more but as I tugged a bit too hard I could tell I was probably showing too much. I returned to reading my book and swiftly glanced at my cleavage noticing the top of my areola was exposed. Again I gazed up at him and watched as his eyes shifted back to the books in front of him and his hand gestured in a way that would make me think he were actually contemplating the various titles on that shelf. Oddly enough every title on that shelf had something to do with sex and I was getting mighty curious.

My brain sent me a quick jolt of thought provoking energy and snapped me out of my fantasy. What if this guy was not the guy on the email? It was something I had not taken into consideration until this very moment. I glanced up at him again and caught him swinging his head back towards the shelf again so it seemed to me he was very interested but he had not shown any sign of advancement toward me so I was definitely getting apprehensive with the thought that this man may just be there to find a book and somehow stumbles upon an attractive woman bearing some skin and pointing her nipples at him. I tried to think of a way that I could clear up the confusion but nothing came to mind so I twisted a little more in my chair and pulled my shiny little legs up into the chair, turned the page and looked perplexed as if I were locked into my story while he remained there just to my side, looking through titles of books or at least pretending.

"Oh, my!" I gasped loud enough to startle him and he stepped away slightly but I looked up at him quickly. "Sorry," I said gesturing that it was the book that made me jump. Resting my hand upon my chest, I ran my finger down into the neck of my blouse while pretending to be engulfed in the words before me and flicked my nail against my taught nipple. I rested my nipple in the crux of my nail and pushed on it ever so lightly and then I pulled my hand away and left my arm standing straight up as my elbow rested on the arm of the chair. I read a few words and looked at my chest and nearly busted up laughing as I left my nipple completely exposed. I noticed no movement from him at all and almost completely gave up the game but out of the corner of my eye I saw his hand move down to his crotch and slowly he rubbed himself. With my head down toward the book in my hand I glanced over at him without moving my head and watched as his fingers rolled over the front of his pocket and then squeezed the obviously tubular structure beneath his pants.

I twisted more to the side positioning my face and my book directly at his side and I could look directly into the top of the pocket in his trousers. There was no doubt in my mind that I was seeing the hardened head of this man's cock etched in the material that covered it and it made my panties wet as I was so close that I could have lightly blown on it and he would have felt it. I tried to look engrossed in my book but I felt myself breathing heavier and I couldn't concentrate much. I took a deep breath and felt my nipple pop out of my blouse but instead of reacting to my exposure I took my eyes off the book and rested my head against the chair. I closed my eyes and blew the air out of my lungs slowly and I heard him speak.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am." He said leaning toward me. "Am I bothering you?" I finished emptying my lungs and sent my hand toward his hip.

"Not at all," I said quickly and kept my eyes closed. My hand eventually made contact with him and though I am not sure I did it subconsciously, the palm of my hand lay directly across the top of his pocket and his erection was more than obvious. I raised my eyebrows but kept my eyes slightly closed. "It's a really good book." I touted as I moved my hand slightly downward resting my thumb right on the very tip of his manhood. I felt him lean toward me and I lifted my hand off of him but keeping my elbow on the arm rest of the chair. He turned his body toward me and leaned in practically putting his crotch in my face. I smiled slightly knowing I could have unzipped his pants with my teeth if had been any closer.

"What book is it?" He asked leaning over me to get a glimpse of the words.

"Honestly, I have no clue." I said frankly while twisting the book in my other hand. "I just picked it up on the way up here and apparently it's one of those steamy fantasy books." I chuckled slightly and held the book up to him, closer to his eyes and he seemed to be trying to read the words while I stared at his crotch, remembering what I had in my hand just minutes ago. It felt like one of those Deli pickles you get at the supermarket. "Silly, I know." I said dropping the book back to my knee.

"Nothing wrong with fantasy." He said turning back towards the bookshelf and brushing my hand with the hard part of his pocket, then reaching up towards the top corner of the bookshelf which pushed his erection harder into my hand. I knew right then that this had to be my new pen pal and the feel of his cock in my hand was getting me all worked up again. I pretended to return to reading my book but instead of moving my hand, I squeezed his hardened friend and then I squeezed it again and let my fingers explore the possibilities that would lie beneath the trousers.

"Nope," I said slowly. "Nothing wrong with fantasy at all." I returned my gaze to the paperback in my left hand, removed my hand from his front, licked my finger and turned the page. When I returned my hand he had moved to face me and because I wasn't looking my hand found the front of his pants. My fingers were fumbling around a bit and found the zipper flap so I placed the flat little metal piece between my fingers and began to work my way down. Though I kept on reading my mind was racing as my new friend did not budge an inch until I had the zipper down as far as it could go. I felt him back away from my hand and continued to read, watching him frantically move around from the corner of my eye. I soon felt a warm touch in my hand and it certainly was no finger. As my own fingers enveloped the thick shaft I began to breathe a little heavier and twisted my hand and fingers all around the hard cock pointing at the back of my chair.

I continued to lightly stroke his manhood, always stopping at the head and twisting my fingers around just under the cap which would make his cock throb and his knees buckle. I had a huge smile on inside but maintained my naivety. Soon I was squeezing and stroking him harder and harder and then I would let up and lightly run my fingers up and down his shaft. He began to lean into me and before long his cock was leaving wet marks on my neck just under my ear as he thrust through my hand but I kept in mind that I was only there to sensually touch someone I didn't know in public so essentially my job was done but I guess I was enjoying myself a bit as I pretty much had control of this man.

I thought for a minute about what I was actually doing at that very moment and I couldn't believe that I had been talked into this interlude. I almost got mad but then I realized that I was the one with the bat in my hand, so to speak so I continued with the phallic massage, squeezing and pulling his cock slowly through my hand. I felt him turn his body even more forcing my hand to follow his erection and I was ready to turn the page of my book so I let go of him and turned the page.

His tool swung before me and was blocking the view of my book so I grabbed it to move it away but instead I drew it down to my exposed nipple and began rubbing it around my breast and using the hard toy to uncover more of my full breast. His cock was leaking a great deal and left smears of sheen that reflected the lights above. I remember thinking I should probably get up and leave at that moment but I felt that would have been so unfair to him and just then he started thrusting his cock into my breast almost brutally. I quickly set my book down and put my hand on his hip to stop him and engulfed him with my mouth. It took nearly all my strength to hold him back from jerking out of my mouth as I felt the flow of his seed coat the back of my tongue. I couldn't believe what I was doing but it only made sense when I thought about the mess he would have made either all over me or all over this nice book store and honestly, it was turning me on to no end. I buried his cock deeper into my throat as he softened slightly and tried to swallow him but the task seemed nearly impossible and then jerked forward once more and his tool seemed to pop down the back of my throat. I pulled him even closer.

A moment later I pulled my lips off of him and cleaned him up with my tongue and fingers as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back and then we both broke out in laughter when I tried to tuck his friend back into his pants and he had to take over. He shook his finger at me after he zipped his pants.

"Wait here," he said. "I'll be right back." I heard him open a door around the corner and then a moment later he had returned with a wet paper towel and handed it to me. I wiped my fingers down and he promptly grabbed it from my hand. "That was fantastic. What is your name?" He said smiling.

"You don't need to know." I said teasingly. "Anyway, I enjoyed it immensely. Was that dare satisfactory?" I watched his face as confusion poured over it. "Isn't that exactly what you dared me to do?" I asked with a touch of confusion of my own. I started to wonder if this was even the same guy I was emailing the previous day.

"I dared you?" He asked inquisitively. "You dared me to show up here and said I would get a rise out of it." His hand began to rub his jaw and then he looked as if he were contemplating something.

"Are you serious?" I asked. "Why would someone...." I stopped and really thought about what had just taken place and realized that maybe we were both tricked, well I wasn't really tricked as this person on the other end of the email did dare me to touch a stranger and I suppose if that stranger was him or her then that wouldn't have really been a stranger. I started to get mad but then I started getting excited about what I had done. "I think we both have been duped but I thought it was fun. Thank you. I do have to run, though." I stood up, grabbed his arm and then let go and walked out of the room.

"But wait," he said. I waved at him as I headed down the stairs.
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