Trying it Out (part two)
Irene was not surprised to answer the phone and hear Jessica's voice filter to her ears. They had just met the previous weekend for the first time, but they had immediately felt like fast friends. The openness that Irene had felt and the freedom she had displayed in Max and Jessica's hot tub had shocked her. Her significant other Luke, had teased her about it on the way home but had made it crystal clear that Irene's newfound liberation was quite appreciated and a huge turn on.

"Hi Irene," Jessica's voice pealed out.

Irene and Jessica quickly talked and made plans to have dinner together with their husbands. After a few minutes of talking, they said goodbye, happy with the plans to meet up later that evening at a local restaurant.

The moon was already high in the sky when Irene and Luke walked toward the outdoor dining room situated on the edge of the beach. Luke stopped Irene and leaned down to kiss her fully. Pulling back from her kiss, he looked her fully in the eye and whispered.

"I love you, no matter what."

Irene looked at Luke quizzically but readily returned his vow of love before they walked hand in hand to their table where Max and Jessica awaited.

Once again, the conversation flowed with no awkwardness. The foursome formed a tight well matched foursome. Unfortunately, the meal was over to quickly and it was Max that suggested a walk down the moonlit beach. Everyone was happy to prolong the evening.

The moon was a full orb in the sky, reflecting on the pulsating water in the ocean as the two couples strolled down the deserted beach. The women walked barefoot, their thin dresses billowing around their legs in the slight breeze that wafted across the water. Luke was the first to stop. Looking out over the water he sighed at the tranquility of the moment before pulling Irene into his arms. Irene offered no resistance as she pressed her body up against Luke's. She let out her breath with pleasure as his lips descended upon hers. His tongue searched and plundered hers as his hips arched forward allowing her to feel his erection pressed tightly against her. Irene opened her mouth to deepen the kiss and lightly circled her hips. As she circled her hips, she was momentarily shocked as she felt a body press against her backside. Her eyes widened and she twisted her head in time to see Max's hands encircle her to press against her waist pulling her back against his engorged manhood. Luke's body stayed tightly against Irene as he calmly looked her in the eye. He could see the raw excitement reflected by the moon shining in her eyes, but he still asked.

"Are you ok?"

Irene grinned and answered "As long as you are" and she slowly began to rock her body against the men that held her so tightly between them. Max's mouth and tongue danced along her neck and he nibbled on her earlobe while Luke continued to taste and sear Irene's mouth with his tongue. Irene gasped as the two men plundered and aroused her body to a high peak. She was soon twisting and moaning from their assault upon her body.

Out of the corner of her eye, Irene noticed a lone figure sitting on the dry sand a few feet away. Irene couldn't help but notice the grin on Jessica's face and the wandering hand as Jessica lightly stroked her body, obviously sexually turned on by the scene in front of her. Irene opened her mouth but immediately shut it and instead lifted her hand to beckon Jessica over toward them.

Jessica quickly rose and walked toward the three bodies that were locked in a passionate embrace. Both men sensed her approach and paused in their ministrations as they waited for Irene's command. Irene looked into Luke's love filled eyes as she leaned back against Max's hard body. She knew her answer instantaneously.

"Your choice, "she said motioning back and forth between the two men.

Irene knew she had made the right decision as she felt both cocks twitch and grow against her well toned body.

"Are you sure," Jessica asked softly.

At Irene's nod, Jessica moved forward and ran her hands up and down Luke's strong arms. With one last kiss on his lips, Irene twisted until she was facing Max, knowing that Luke would soon have his arms full of Jessica's supple body.

Max gently kissed Irene's forehead and then eyelid as he ran his hands up and down here slender arms. His hips bumped against Irene with a rhythm that she soon imitated, their bodies coming together sensuously. Irene's hands gathered and pulled Max's shirt free and he gasped as her soft hands slid under his shirt and over the hard planes of his stomach. His hands cupped her breasts through the silky fabric of her dress feeling her nipples hard under the fabric. Deftly he reached around Irene's back and pulled the long zipper down. Instantly her dress fell off of her shoulders and pooled around her waist to expose her perfect breasts to the night air. She pushed his shirt up and pressed her fevered skin against his body. Their bodies strained and pulled against each other in the dance of passion.

Max stepped back and slowly lowered Irene to the dry sand. Quickly shedding his clothes he followed her down, covering her lithe body with his own. Irene moaned as Max's hands caressed and explored her body. She sighed as his tongue followed the path of his hands.

She arched her back to press her soft mount upward as his tongue softly touched her womanly lips. He groaned aloud at the sweet taste of her pussy on his tongue. The fire of her orgasm rippled through Irene's body as Max's tongue delved deeper and deeper. She screamed and clutched his buried head within her hands as she came. Chuckling deeply max slowed the pace to allow Irene to catch her breath. As soon as he felt the coiled orgasmic tension slip from her body, he sent his tongue plunging into her honeyed depths. Over and over Max brought Irene to the point of cumming and beyond. The beach was quiet when he sat up and gently pulled Irene's quivering body into his strong arms. He turned both of them until they could both see the other couple sprawled out on the beach a few yards away. Luke and Jessica were unclothed and laying in a spooning fashion watching Max and Irene. Luke's hand was wrapped around Jessica and his long tapered fingers slipped in and out of her pussy. Max and Irene could see her juices glistening on his finger with each with-drawl. Jessica's hand reached behind to stroke his hard shaft as they sat watching the scene before them. Sensing the intermission in the play between Max and Irene, Jessica lifted her body and leg up and back over Luke. Her hand deftly guided his hardness to her dewy entrance. Max and Irene watched, spellbound at the sight of Luke's manhood slipping into Jessica's tight body. The gentle sounds of Luke and Irene coming together floated through the air to the couple watching. Irene shifted, knowing how badly Max must want to be buried deep inside her. His hard cock slipped into the valley of her legs and she rocked her body back and forth allowing him to glide between her pussy lips.

Max's teeth lightly nibbled on her ear before lightly growling, "UP"

Irene jumped from his lap and turned to survey his perfectly sculpted body. His body was fluid perfection as he jumped to his feet beside her. Irene gasped as he quickly reached out to take her into his arms. With his hands on her waist he lifted her up. Her legs rose around his waist. His cock slipped inside her wet tight pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and signed in pleasure as his cock stretched and filled her up. His walking toward the water caused his cock to move in and out of her and she squealed with delight. Max moved steadily into the water and Irene soon felt the water caressing her buttocks and then her stomach. The surf pounded against their hungry bodies pulling them apart and then crashing against them forcing him deeper insider her body. Irene yelled out as his lips found her distended nipple and lightly bit down. But her scream as she came was absolutely primal. Max grinned at her uninhibited response that was accompanied by her bodies involuntary spasms that squeezed and rocketed him to his own primal roar. Irene's body slowly relaxed and she nestled into his arms as they both fought to calm their erratic breathing. After long minutes, Irene dropped her legs from around Max. Still highly sensitive they both shuddered as his clock slid from her body. They grinned at each other and then hand in hand they walked out of the surf to rejoin their spouses who awaited them.
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