Trying it out
It was the first time that she was going to meet Luke's co-worker and his wife. Both men had been talking about getting together as couples for months. However, every day life and hectic schedules had kept the meeting from happening until now. Irene sat nervously in the passenger seat while Luke carefully navigated the car into the narrow driveway in front of Max and Jessica's house. Luke brought the car to a stop and took the key from the ignition in one motion. Irene pulled down the visor to check her makeup. Here blue eyes looked back at her as she brushed her fingers through her windswept blonde hair. His hand came to rest on Irene's thigh. "It will be ok," He leaned over to give her a quick kiss. "You'll like Max and Jessica". Irene nervously nodded her head before opening the car door. Hand in hand they walked up to the front door of the house and stood together after ringing the doorbell. Luke and Melissa could hear the quiet footsteps as they approached the door. Max answered the door with Jessica standing right beside him. Their deep tans were accentuated by the casual khaki shorts. Immediately Jessica and Irene began to chatter like magpies as an instantaneous friendship was formed.

Jessica was the first to move. "Come on out to the deck," she motioned to the back of the house. "We are going to eat out there".

The back deck was awash with the warm glow of the setting sun reflecting off of the ocean that lay below the deck. A glass top table sat in the middle of the deck, laden with food. Jessica motioned for everyone to sit down at the table and to begin eating. The conversation at the table was lively and ranged from various subjects. It wasn't until the meal was over and the four were resting in the reclining chairs that Irene really glanced around the deck.

"Oh, you have a hot tub," she exclaimed. . "We've talked about getting one." Irene subconsciously reached out and clasped Luke's hand as she talked. Jessica and Max took in her involuntary action and grinned to each other.

"Want to try it out?" Jessica offered.

Irene looked wistfully at the hot tub and then at Luke before turning her gaze back toward Jessica. "NO, we'd better not," She motioned up and down her body, "I don't' have a swimsuit with me"

Jessica laughed, "Ohhhh we never use them anyway."

Jessica stood up and moved toward the bubbling hot tub. She reached down and grabbed Irene's hand and pulled her to her feet. Irene looked at Luke, waiting for his response before moving. At his slight nod and gentle smile, she allowed herself to be pulled along toward the hot tub.

Both men watched with rapt attention as the girls quickly shucked off their clothes. Irene's pale skin was in stark contrast to Jessica's tanned body. Their breasts rose and fell as they sat on the edge of hot but and slide into the frothy water. Giggles soon erupted as the girls settled back to enjoy the jets pounding against their bodies.

Luke looked at Max, "should we let them in there by themselves?"

Max's eyes twinkled, "Hell no!"

In seconds both men had stripped off their clothes and joined the ladies in the tub.
Luke slid onto the seat beside Irene and pulled her onto his lap. His arms went protectively around her. Irene glanced across the hot tub and noticed Max and Jessica in a similar pose, so she leaned back against Luke's powerful chest and focused on watching the sun set across the water.

"Look sweetheart," Luke whispered softly into Irene's ear. His warm breathing fell against her long slender neck, rustling her blonde hair. Her eyes fell to the couple sitting across from her in the hot tub.

Max sat on the edge of the hot tub, his feet dangling in the water while Jessica knelt on the seat between his legs. Irene watched fascinated as Jessica's lips parted over his engorged member. Luke tightened his grip on Irene as Jessica took every inch of his throbbing cock into her mouth. Max let out a groan as she worked his body with her mouth. Irene's body grew hot and heavy with desire as Max's body pumped in and out of Jessica's mouth.

Irene could feel Luke as he moved one hand up to her breasts and began to lightly rub and tweak her nipples. His other hand moved downward to her thighs. With light pressure her thighs parted, falling on either side of his outstretched legs. As they watched the unfolding scene before them, his finger lightly and delicately traced and outlined the folds of her slit, coming up to encircle her clit at regular intervals. She could feel his tongue against her ear, licking and teasing her. "Does this turn you on babe?"

Irene nodded her head, her eyes never leaving the other couple. Luke increased the pressure on her clit as he sensed that the end was nearing for the other couple. Irene's head fell back onto Luke's shoulder as his fingers delved deep inside of he moist opening of her body. Luke increased the pressure of his ministrations. The heat in her body built until it reached its shattering high. With her eyes still on Max and Jessica and with Luke's low voice encouraging her to allow it to happen, she let out a low moan and her body exploded against Luke's hand and finally closed her eyes in ultimate surrender.

The water shifting around her brought Irene back to the present world. Lukes arms no longer held her tight. She opened her eyes in shock, surprised that she hadn't even noticed as he maneuvered he body in the bubbling water.

Sensing her confusion Luke leaned forward "I need to be inside you".

Feeling the same urgency, Irene quickly moved to straddle Luke in order to take him fully into her warm depths. A warm hand on her arm stalled her movement. She could feel Jessica's move beside her, "move to the center of the hot tub, I promise you it will be well worth it". Irene watched as Jessica quickly demonstrated what she meant. Irene glanced at Luke. Max was standing beside Luke, softly talking to him. Immediately, Luke looked at Irene's questioning glance and nodded his approval. Without a second thought, Irene moved into position, kneeling on the bottom of the hot tub, her upper body resting against a seat. Immediately she felt the warm jets rushing up from the bottom of the hot tub, assaulting her body with warm waves.

Luke quickly moved into position behind Irene, grasping her hips in his hands. She spread her legs wider, inviting his touch and his penetration. When he entered her warm moist cavity, her body heaved with supreme satisfaction. His body already at a feverish level due from all the earlier activity, Luke began to pump furiously in and out of her body. Instinctively knowing why Jessica had directed her to this position, Irene adjusted her body. She let out a loud keening cry as the stream from the floor jets rushed up to crash against her exposed clit, sending her spiraling in to a second body encompassing orgasm. Still pumping frantically, Luke kept a firm grip on her hips as she shuddered against his pulsing body. Irene glanced across the rippling water. Max and Jessica sat close, their limbs entwined with each other, their eyes glued to the scene unfolding before them. Irene's face broke out in a smile of extreme bliss and satisfaction as she reached between her legs. Bypassing her body, she gently took Luke's balls into her hand. Rolling them gently in her hand, she could feel his body tighten and jerk inside her burning body. With a shout of triumph, Luke's body began pumping his seed deep inside her body. Irene gave a cry of astonishment as he body heaved against his in a last earth shattering explosion.
Breathless from the mind numbing feelings that had been evoked in their bodies, Luke and Irene settled back into a sitting position in the hot tub. Irene nestled onto his lap and buried her head against his shoulder as their bodies began to relax. For a long time, no one spoke.

Irene was the first to break the silence, "Yeah, we need a hot tub," she sighed against Luke's broad chest.

The mood lightened, Max laughed, "Until then, you are more than welcome to come and use ours"

Irene's eyes closed as she remembered the scene that had unfolding before her and the subsequent feelings that had coursed through her body as Jessica and Max had intently watched her sexual act. Opening he eyes, she smiled before answering, "We'll be here!"
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