Twice As Nice!!...Price...less...
The morning Suzie arrived Nikki made sure I was in the shower. The timing was so perfect, the smile on Nikki's face so revealing, the erratic joy in Suzie's voice so enticing.

"I'm not sure what to say, Rod, but thanks for letting me move in with you guys. I love what Nikki shared about the way you both enjoy sex so much. I get so turned with her descriptions of every detail that reveals your joy. I just want to be part of the same intense intimacy. I want to be part of something exotically tantalizng for a change. I loved hearing about the swinging parties you both attend. I really want to join in.

When Nikki picked me up we started talking about how I felt I was interfering with you guys life style. She assured me that 'interfere' is the wrong word. She convinced me your welcome would be genuinely sincere...I guess I talk to much. Hi, I'm Suzie, pleasure meeting you."

Suzie's cute style of awkwardness is such a turn on and Nikki knows just how turned on I get when it comes to meeting someone as charming as Suzie.

They're both quite comfortable about walking into the shower with towels loosely wrapped around their waist Hawaiian style and bare chested. Suzie is so short she must be all of 4' 4" standing on her toes.

She reaches up to kiss me on the cheek, I bend down to accept her generous offer. Instead of a kiss on the cheek she tilts her head for a kiss on the lips that turns into a luscious introduction to a sensuous breast hugging, tit rubbing threesome in the shower.

"Nikki told me what a make out artist you are with your tongue and lips. I just had to find out for myself. I haven't been kissed so warmly in like forever. As for the hugs and rubs, those enticing elements of foreplay have been non existent for too long. It's so special being here with both of you."

As Suzie looks up at Nikki with welling tears in her eyes I can't help but sense the trauma behind those tears. Her boyfriend must have really done a number on her.

"Suzie, you're welcome here as part of the family. Make yourself comfortable, don't be shy or hesitate to enjoy all the amenities this household has to offer. I hope we can provide the elements of life you long for and have been missing. Nikki and I have an open communication life style. We go our separate ways at times but we're always here for each other. We're here for you as well."

Suzie raises up on her toes hugging me with the most pleasurable breast massaging hug I believe I've ever experienced. Her head tilts back, our lips meet, open wide, our tongues do their own dance of the seven flavors, "Rod, I'm here for you as well. When it comes to craving sexual excitement I'm Nikki's twin. What she's revealed about your intensity for prolonged sex makes me so wet I've actually had wet dream fantasies about us. So, how about we all enjoy this time in the shower and see where that leads us."

Nikki and Suzie position themselves on my right and left. Their towels drop to the tile floor. We hug each other into a tight circle. My erection becomes quite pronounced, their nipples become hard and swollen, our bodies begin to sway seductively. A bottle of liquid apricot flavored soap is passed around. We begin slowly lathering each other trying desperately not to give preference to any specific part of each others body. Our eyes are filled with wonder, speculation, adulation, mesmerizing anticipation. We all seem to have this sense of knowing that our most intimate dreams are about to come true.

We trade positions randomly so as to completely massage the lather into every inch of skin. Nikki starts sliding her pussy up and down my thigh. Suzie replicates her moves on my other thigh. I maneuver their upper bodies in a position to massage their slender bellies, rib cages and breasts. Nikki is extremely petite with nearly a flat chest which embellishes her huge nipples. Suzie, although short and extremely slender has huge breasts that reach her belly button. They don't hang loosely they're full bodied and curl upward with massive nipples reaching toward the sky.

I've never been more or less turned on by a woman with huge breasts compared to women with nearly flat chests. I have to admit openly that I'm all about women's pussies, the main attraction, the main course, raw and unadulterated pussy. The rest of a woman's body is surely intense pleasurable gourmet hors d'oeuvres. I do get off on sucking nipples while being jerked off then massaging pussy and rose bud to the point of orgasm. For me this is the perfect way to start a delightful sexual threesome.

While relaxing between orgasms I do enjoy fondling breasts, nipples and pussies which leads to oral enjoyment. I love having my cock sucked while my balls and anal sphincter are being massaged.

Both Nikki and Suzie take time to enjoy pressing their bodies into every curve of my chest, back, hips, groin and legs. I counter their moves as we twist in every direction making sure every erogenous zone is getting plenty of stimulation.

"Go ahead Suzie, he loves being massaged and fondled. Oh, and Rod, Suzie loves being massaged as deep as you'd like to massage her, where ever you'd like to massage her."

Nikki's words excite the devil in me as my cock hardens while elongating. Suzie's hands masterfully massage my shaft as she glides with such pleasurable full fisted strokes I can feel a deep orgasmic eruption building momentum.

"Rod, I may be short, overall, but, as you can tell, my tits are extreme. My pussy is oddly shaped. It's opening is extremely tall, somewhat narrow and has short extended lips with moderate depth. My ex-boyfriend's cock got lost inside me and I never could orgasm with him. So, I've been using a vibrating dildo to get off. I like using it sideways. It fits better and stimulates my clit which gets so long and hard it protrudes like a penis. Nikki told me that you have this sideways penetrating technique that drives her wild. If it's O K with both of you, I'm dying to have this cock of yours inside the depths of my pussy."

As she describes her request Suzie's hands tighten and stroke my cock with long sliding, twisting strokes.

We rinse off and huggingly escort each other to padded comfort lounges.

Suzie enthusiastically announces, "Let's get pre cum wet." Then, she grabs my head rolling it toward her mouth. Our lips touch then instantly part with our tongues softly mashing into a luscious mouth watering extravaganza. My cock jumps into Nikki's hands as she guides it into her mouth. We roll into a comfortable entwined ensemble of legs, arms and swaying bodies. Suzie rolls her breasts softly into my chest, the hardness of her nipples so pronounced. Her hands massage my groin. I spread my legs wide. Nikki strokes my shaft with both hands exposing my crown through the foreskin then takes hold of it with her lips and rotates her head and swirls her tongue knowing that she's got me at the edge of an orgasm.

My hands reach down between Suzie's thighs from behind her butt cheeks. She instantly spreads them wide. I cup the opening of her pussy with one hand and slide my middle and index fingers between her pussy lips spreading them open and closed randomly while feeling her clit expand. I slide the middle finger of my other hand along her anal crevasse. Her body twitches, her groin rotates, her breathing becomes deep and exaggerated.

Suzie's hands reach up into Nikki's pussy. She clasps them together while Nikki slides her pussy onto her fingertips then begins rocking her hips up, down and sideways. Suzie's fingers soon disappear as Nikki goes orgasmic belting out groans of pleasure as she fucks her pussy with Suzie's clasped hands.

Nikki's orgasm triggers my own with Suzie's clit leading her into a breath taking climax that has her body quivering with delight. My thumb and index finger clasp around Suzie's clit and her pelvic thrusts intensify her orgasm. She fucks my slippery grasp with such force her clit elongates into the palm of my hand. I'm literally jacking her clit off. Her body goes wild with joy.

Nikki has my cock shooting cum down her throat as she takes me deeper and deeper. Our bodies are out of control seeking every sensuous gyration that will sustain our mutual orgasms.

Finally we settle into a comfortable slippery position where I can suck Suzie's massive clit and massage her tits. Her nipples are still hard, her clit doesn't even begin to retract. As I suck harder it elongates more. I suck even harder. It swells and lengthens as if she's having a massive erection.

"Rod, let me suck your cock while you suck my clit. It's never gotten this big ever before. I feel like I'm going to burst. I'm about to cum again."

We rotate into a dual oral position with Nikki joining Suzie in sucking my cock. Their hands grasp my shaft with twisting strokes as they trade sucks back and forth. Pre cum continually oozes from all orifices preparing for a second climax. I begin massaging Nikki's pussy and rose bud. Then I insert two fingers in her anal sphincter while my other hand opens her pussy by twisting all fingers and thumb into a cone. I start fucking her pussy faster and faster. Her hips begin thrusting harder and harder. We bring each other to the brink of a second climax by signaling, "Yes, do it...don't stop...Yes...More, More, More."

Our bodies spasm into a tight ball of undulating hands, arms, legs, feet, chests, necks, elbows, shoulders and heads. When the intensity wanes we relax into a slippery quagmire of cum, coating each others lips and kissing randomly, massaging each others chests with more cum as it continues to ooze down our thighs.

"Rod, can I slide your cock in my pussy while it's still extremely wet? I want to feel what I'm in for later, after we've all rested."

"Sure. Let Nikki help you."

I rotate my body into my favorite scissors position so my cock can enter her pussy sideways. The long axis of her pussy opens smoothly accepting the elongated axis of my cock. Both Nikki and Suzie intuitively reach back to the base of my shaft then squeeze with all four hands. The head and crown of my cock bulge into a swollen giant mass of flesh. Suzie thrusts her hips onto my cock determined to get as much of it inside her as possible. Time and again she thrusts. I add more hip action and soon my cock reaches half way inside her pussy. She feels so smooth and snug I want to start thrusting with the aid of their hands. My hips continue to exert pressure. They pick up on my silent request and continue squeezing with pulsating lunges. We all feel my cock getting harder. I feel cum still oozing from my crown. Suzie's getting wetter as we thrust harder. One by one their hands release as I penetrate deeper and deeper.

Nikki rises up and starts massaging Suzie's tits then sucking her nipples. Suzie's clit drags on the upper part of my shaft as I get harder and harder.

"Just relax and enjoy the ride. Let us do you until you want no more." Nikki encourages Suzie to just relax and become submissive. Her body nearly goes limp except for her clit and nipples. Her breathing intensifies.

"Fuck me Rod. You've got me right where I want to be. Go as deep as you want, it feels so good...Yes, keep those long slow thrusts going deeper. I've never felt this much pleasure before. I'm going to cum...OMG...I've never...I've...OMG...fuck me Rod, fuck me...don't stop...Yes...Uh...Uh...Uh...Ohhhh yes."

Suzie's orgasm catches us all by surprise. Her hands grab the remaining portion of my shaft then forces it into her, extremely hard, but there's no where else to go. My cock feels so wonderfully swollen, more than semi hard but not completely hard.

While her body continues to quiver and spasm I continue to thrust slowly. She spreads her thighs outward and Nikki reaches up grabbing her ankles and applying pressure to open her up as wide as possible without any pain. Suzie is in an inverted split position as I rise up still at about a forty-five degree angle so I can thrust my cock to the depths of her pussy with ease. Suzie's body is extremely relaxed, her eyes close, "Fuck me Rod, as long as you want. I'm yours unconditionally. If I never have another orgasm as powerful as that last one I don't care, just so long as I can feel this way for eternity."

Suzie's joy is so overwhelming, just seeing someone in such a state of ecstasy is pure joyful pleasure. I won't stop fucking her until I collapse. Her pussy is so outrageously smooth, wet and snug I can fuck her for a long, long time.

"She's been wanting this for so long Rod, give her all she wants. I know you're enjoying what you were designed for, what you crave, what you're so good at."

We switch positions every five to ten minutes. Suzie keeps rotating onto her knees signaling me to enter from the rear. I keep rotating accordingly. We reach a frenzied pace of deep thrusting penetration shouting, "Fuck me...More...just like that...cum inside that pussy...fill me...thrill me,"..."I love fucking such a wet tight pussy"..."Then fuck it completely dry"..."Your wish is my pleasure."

Suzie and I begin having these steady easy rolling orgasms that propel us into a more intense frenzy. We reach a point where no more cum is released. Suzie looks at Nikki, "We're getting dry." Nikki reaches for the K Y lotion and applies several coatings as I continue to thrust. Suzie goes ballistic, "Oh Yes, now we're fucking the way people should fuck...non stop 'til we collapse."

That's just what we did. Suzie fucked me just as hard as I fucked her. While on her knees she hurled her butt and hips backward riding my cock almost to it's full length. The more we fucked each other the deeper I was able to penetrate. "Open me up Rod, set me free, I want all of you...Oh Fuck, I can't believe myself, how I love to fuck...I never knew I had it in me...I wanna fuck you Rod, as much as you wanna fuck me...I feel it in you and I know you feel it in me...OMG, I wanna be fucked inside out."

I roll over on my back and Suzie follows my rotation without slipping off my cock. Once we shift into a comfortable position with my hips extended upward, she goes radical thrusting her pussy onto my cock with a smooth hard force that at first I thought would be painful. However, Suzie has this technique of knowing just how far to go then backing off with a smooth comfortable landing. At first I didn't realize what she was doing. Then I noticed how she would buck, abruptly shifting her clit from one side of my cock to the other. Her hip rotations aided in accomplishing this maneuver as she becomes one hell of a rodeo rider.

She fucked me for so long my cock was almost completely numb. When that happens I can stay hard almost indefinitely. It hasn't happened very often. In fact she's only the fourth girl who's ever fucked me for so long. With Nikki and her living with me I can't imagine anything coming close to the satisfaction I know we'll provide for each other.

Suzie finally collapses sprawled out on my chest. I know my cock is buried deep I her pussy because I can feel a pleasant pressure forcing me into a swollen wonder. I feel so engorged I can only imagine her pussy being just as satisfyingly fulfilling.

I just have enough energy to eat Nikki's pussy as she straddles my face. Cum drips down my throat. The nectar is so sweet I bury my tongue as deep as it will go then swirl it around the inside of her cervix. Her clit protrudes into my upper palate. I suck it hard then swirl again, over and over until her thighs quiver and her legs buckle. Her pussy presses into my face, her huge lips tickling my neck as her orgasm produces more cum than I can swallow. It drips down her lips onto my neck. I switch from sucking her lips, sucking her clit to burying my tongue as deep as possible.

Rod's tongue is so amazing, especially when he stiffens and elongates it into a trough. I feel him swallowing cum as if it were the last swallows of his favorite drink, a chocolate malt.

Nikki is the perfect ending to the perfect threesome we never imagined would take place this way...

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