Twitchy Witchy

I have been a Witch for some time, raised in the family business sort of speak and I had I have always known my place in the world. That was until I met him...

I was out during the full moon gathering herbs and roots that can only be found under such a moon to cast spells to bring good fortune and health for the year. So there I was, minding my own business when I was verbally hit on. Now so what if I looked like I could be a centerfold for Playboy Magazine. I am 5ft 6in, curvaceous bod at 38 26 38, long red wavy hair, big green eyes flawless creamy white skin with a pouty pink mouth. I am still a nice little Witch and I expect to be treated as one.

At first, I thought he was talking to himself, and then he asked me my name and made some admiring remarks about my bod. Now that part got my attention. With hands on my hips, I turned to face the annoyance and was surprise it was an Elf and Mr. Wood Elf was easy on the eyes.

I had been walking through the forest on my way to the human city of New York when I saw the red headed Witch. I have had human women as intimate partners before among many others. I had always found those relationships sexual satisfying but nothing to hold on to... they were not my Shi'ria na, my beloved of my soul... My soul mate. As I watched, the witch going about her business under the full moon there was something about her that attracted me to her. Therefore, I blended into the forest, watched, and learned of her. I let my sense experiences the oneness of her. My eyes drifted around and down her body enjoying the sensuality of her form, as there was much for one such as me to admire. The bodice of her the dress that she worn hugged her amble breasts in a most attractive way Its scoop neck while low seem to hold them in place.... I wondered if her nipples were pink as the first blush of morning. The rest of the dress fitted her like a corset slopping down to nice wide hips...was she a version I wondered. My cock had already tented the leather pants that I was wearing at the sight of her now I needed to free myself before I cause myself severe pain. With that in mind I opened my pants letting my cock hang free at the same time I was watching, the Witch leaned forward with her back side facing me.. That was my undoing; I had to have the Witch. As I approached her, in the fever of my desire I had forgotten one thing...
Looking into the shadows of the forest, I see him approaching. At first, like I said I was pissed at being hit on by such a lame creature, but well mmm, Mr. Woody is cute. So still with my hands on my hips and protection spells running free in my head I waited to see what he wanted. The Witches of New York State were known to be an enterprising lot. We pretty much did business with just about anything and anyone, except for those who were about evil. Like I said the threefold rule kept us pretty much inline, except for those few who were crazy to begin with who sought power at the exclusion of all else.

"Greetings," the elf said as he stood with in ten feet of Sierra, allowing her to see that he was armed with bow and sword. Wearing his customary clothing of dark green from head to toe, exposing only his face and hands.

"Ishnuk," Sierra said back as she continued to look him over with an appraising eye.

"Oh you speak Elvin?" The Forest Elf asked as he moved a little closer to the witch. He could now smell her perfume and her own aroma under it. He felt his mouth water as he continued taking bits and pieces of her in.

"Only a little... So Elf what business have you with me on the night of the full moon?"

I asked knowing to so abruptly was impolite, but I had things to do and being out here in the forest with an Elf as handsome as this one was not one of them. This conclusion I came to when I felt my pussy twitch with delight at the possibilities of this meeting on such a night might provide Yes! I had have heard all the rumors about the sexual prowess of Elf males and even their females. I had put much it down to being just myths and nothing more. Looking at this one in standing in front of me made me wonder thou. I had notice his height as he approached making him to be at least 6 ft. 2 with somewhat athletic built that unlike human was truly muscular. Elves like Werewolves who can bench press amid size car with no problems. I glance up at his three shaded eyes as he spoke to me telling me his name and that of his clan. They were three shades of purple surrounded by thick black lashes that any woman would kill for. I moved from there to his lips that were very kissable with a slight pout. My nipple jumped at the thought of sucking on his bottom lip.

"Witch what is my name?" he asked me as I came out of my lusty trance.

All I could do was blush in admittance to have not heard a word that he said after hello.

"Well I am sorry," I said looking down at my feet wishing I did not blush so much. Can you please tell me your name again please?"

"My name is Illidanaro or Illidan for short as you human say," Illidan said stepping closer to the Witch, who now had lust added to her perfume. He could smell her sweetness of life and health and he wanted to dive into her.

"Thank you, my name is Sierra,' I said as I went to pick up my basket and started my walk back home. I had more herbs to pick, but I knew that I could not stay any longer in the company of this Elf. This full moon was special because it was a lustful moon full and vibrant. I could feel its pull and with my own lusty nature which I normally had firmly under control, but I needed to get out of the forest and run from this Elf like a bat escaping hell.

I could smell her lust, which only made me more determine to pass some special time with this Witch. We may even howl at the moon like the wolves were doing earlier I thought as I watched her walking away with a sway of her hips. I could tell by the way the dress draped her body that she was wearing next to nothing underneath that dress. I walked slowly, but fast enough to keep pace with her if only at a distance. All the while, I kept talking to her trying to slow down her, as I knew she was trying to put distance between herself and I. I just smile and kept following her through the forest and her lusty scent drifted back toward me. In no time, she was running and I was following close at her heels. She made a move to take a step, but ended up tripping over a tree root and would have gone head first into a tree if I had not caught her by her waist and pulled her back into me. In doing so I also pulled her back into my secret, which quickly got a response from the both of us, she freaked, and I moaned. She all but jumping out of my arms, running a short distant and then turned back to look at me. Breathing heavily I watched her face turned from startled to ...

I felt something stab me in the back. It felt to be as big as one of those summer sausage that my father is fond of. Looking down Illidan's front, I saw it!

"Oh my Bless it be! Those stories are not myths!" I said aloud as I look at what I took to be an Elf's cock. Tan as his skin the thing looked like a human cock just more of it. I watch as if hypnotized as he walked toward me with his cock it Leading the way.... It even seemed to move as if pointing out my direction. I knew that I should have run or used a protection spell but... WELL he was cute!

"Do not come any closer or I will spell you," I said, knowing how crazy that sounded since every living thing could smell that I had the hots for Illidan. However, I was not giving in that easily, ok I am horny and curious, but still even a Witch has to have her principles, maybe ... sort-of...

Grabbing me by my arms Illidan backed me up against an oak tree as a soft smile appeared on his lips and a glimmer in his three shaded green eyes as he looked down at me. I hit Illidan just at his shoulders, so kissing him I would have to go up on my tiptoes, but that thing of his was sticking me in my belly. It was demanding my attention. Ohhhh so much to look at and not knowing where to look I just did not seem him coming until it was too late! Illidan lips touched mines and my legs went up and around his waist, almost impaling myself on his cock. Now after that I do not remember much other than clothes flying off and not by magic either. I came to my senses about the time my Witch ass had landed on a mossy patch of ground, naked with my boobs flopping around and my leg spread out showing my weeping pussy (the traitor) to Illidan's hungry eyes. The Elf had the audacity to even lick his lips as he dropped his pants as he stood there watching me displace myself.

Ohhh Mama and Holy Luna! I felt my eyes grow wide as I took ALL of Illidan in just as spread my leg wider.

"You like what you see twitchy Witchy?", Illidan asked in a seductive voice as he handle his ten inch by three inch cock for my viewing pleasure.


The traitor (my pussy) between my legs if it had a tongue it would be hanging out as my pussy went into spasms...

"Look Elf... you and I know what I want, so why don't you come over and give it to me," I said and stared hungrily at that extra appendage he had in one hand as he massaged his big balls with the other.

"Oh yes, my twitchy Witchy I know what you need," Illidan said as he looked down at the white creamy skinned vision laying on the ground looking up at him.

He could tell that Sierra was a modern woman as her pussy was bare exposing the thick lips the he love to suck on hiding the pearl behind them. He could smell her arousal and was more than happy that she wanted him as well.

"Get on your knees Witchy, Illidan said as his eyes radiate a lusty glimmer. I am going to enjoy giving you what you need and asked for."

I complied with his demand and got on my hands and knees on the mossy spot. Shoving my butt up in the air exposing my ass and the back door to my pussy for his view pleasure and another pleasure he could come up with.

"Ohhh my Witchy," was all Illidan said as he kneeled down behind Sierra bountiful ass. Then grabbing it with both hands he licked her form the top of her pussy running over her clit to the top of the crack of her ass in one smooth move.

I squealed him pleasure and then the real fun began. I felt him put the head of his large Elf meat at the entrance into my being. He stayed there going in and out teasing me until I screamed at him to stop fucking around and FUCK ME! You know that old saying be careful what you ask for ... well Illidan gave an evil laugh and slide that meat of his into me. I felt the wall of my pussy expand to twice its size as he shoved up to his balls. Then the true fucking started as he moved in and out of me slowly holding me by my waist with his big hands. All I could say was Ohhhhhhhh and then ahhhhhh as I felt something else.

"Yes, my sweet twitch Witchy... my cock has bumps for your further pleasure."

By then I was pushing back as hard and as fast as he was pushing forward. It was then when he told me something else he had forgotten to say...

"Witchy he said between was sound like clinched teeth, I could see with my long mop of hair in my face and my tits bouncing into my face with each movement. I did not tell you something so now that you kind-of-know me, I hope I will not frighten you. You see naturally am a bit taller, wider and I am green with fangs."

Oh that all right I said as I tried to talk with baited breaths... I forgot to tell you that my Daddy is a Werewolf and so am IIIIIIIIIIIIIahhhhh all was could say as I shifted into a large chocolate-brown werewolf. If anyone was to happen by, they would have seen a large naked green Elf fucking a large cute Werewolf for all she was worth. The changes seem to simulate us both as we add our voices to the sounds of the night, Illidan grunting and my howling. Illidan was the first to cum and I could feel his cum bouncing off the back of my uterus with such a force that it caused me to change from Werewolf to woman. I came back to my human form screaming cumming all the way. Oh, my Luna I thought as my body lost itself to the pleasure of Illidan. I came back to myself still on my knees but face down in the moss and Illidan was still pumping his cumming to me. This just sent me cumming and howling all over again.

Sometime after, when I found myself still lying on the damn moss patch looking up at the stars, while Illidan was licking my pussy clean. As I laid there in all my naked blushing glory with twigs leaves and grass in my hair and dirt and smudges on my body I heard someone chanting. As I listen as much as I could because what Illidan was doing with his tongue was just about ready to have me howling again. I realized that it was coming from between my legs; Illidan was singing/chanting to my pussy. Just as I was about to crest another orgasm, Illidan stopped that but licked his way up my body. Illidan along the way to suck my tits sending me into another orgasm, which he stood back and watched as his stroke the Elf meat between his legs. So now still lying on the moss which is now gone I look up at my Elf lover with new eyes. He still handsome but green with piercing eyes a muscular frame of a warrior and a wicked smile in his eyes and on his lips. Therefore, I did what any twitch Witchy woman would do... I held up my arms open my legs and smiled...

Well by the time I was on the path back home, the sun was on her way and Illidan was on his. We are going to meet in the forest on the next full moon, this time I will be able to show him some of my wicked Witchy ways... who knows I might even teach him to howl...

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