Two Old Lesbians
We were only married about six weeks when Sandy got the call. An old friend wanted to drop his son off to stay with us for the weekend. He needed someone to watch over him as he lacked street sense. The interview was scheduled for Monday, and he would be picking him up then. He joked he could not get into any trouble with two old lesbians. Sandy laughed and said, "You got that right, Sam." Listening to this conversation on speaker phone, I only got angry with the ‘two old lesbians' part. I guessed when Sandy and I got married. He thought he lost his free pussy. Sandy told me she had been fucking him for years, right under his wife's nose, but it has been quite a while since she has bedded him.

We both looked at each other, and without saying anything, we knew what we were about to do. When Sam and Joseph arrived, they found two dowdy old broads who had let themselves go. Sam looked taken back, and Joseph looked bored. Sandy had told me that she never knew I could look that bad. Of course, I said the same thing about her. She certainly wasn't herself being sexy in mannerisms and clothes. Sometimes I would get wet just watching her.

Sam left without so much of a kiss for Sandy. Joseph meandered around the house. There was no evidence of pictures to show we were not just ‘two old lesbians.' Joseph was somewhere between 18 or 19 and quite good looking. We wondered how much he was carrying in his boxers. Sandy told me if he was like his father, we would not be disappointed. Our plan was simple fuck his brains out. He finally got tired of looking at the ‘two old lesbians' and went to bed for the night. We listened, as he grunted through his masturbation, hoping he would not waste too much of that, and save some for us.

The next morning Joseph walked into the kitchen finding ‘two old lesbians' making breakfast. Sandy was in a short flared skirt with a top so low I wondered how she kept them from falling out. Her makeup was perfect with 4-inch heels to top off the look of sex on the loose. Myself, I wore white yoga pants, so tight nothing was hidden from view. I left the bra off when I put on my almost sheer blouse. It didn't take much imagination to know there was no bra underneath. I wore platform sandals, and I knew the makeup made me look a little loose. Shirtless in shorts, poor Joseph just stared.

We did everything to make sure he was getting the best views. We did all the tricks one learns in life to tease a man. We stood very close to him, sometimes touching him with a hip or leg. I constantly getting into his space. I bent over the table giving him a direct view of my tits. It almost became a game between Sandy and me who could think of the best way to arouse poor Joseph as ‘two old lesbians.' When I asked him to get the orange juice from the fridge, he begged off. We both knew little Joey had a boner he was hiding in those shorts under the table. I suggested to Sandy we eat on the patio. We all paraded out the door to our patio, and sure enough Joey baby could no longer hide that big bulge in his shorts. I winked at Sandy because I won the flip of the coin to be the first to try and make him.

I went back into the kitchen to get the last of the food and took the opportunity to unbuttoned my blouse and just let it hang open totally. I called Joseph to come into the kitchen and help me with the food.
When he entered the kitchen, his eyes went right to my open blouse. I made enough movements that the blouse would show more and then less. He must have liked what he saw because his eye never strayed from my chest. I ambled up to him and got very close.

"You ever kiss a lesbian?"


"Would you like to?"
"Fuck yes!"

I kissed him, and he melted, and I took his hand and put it into my open blouse. He made funny noises as he found my nipple and felt it get hard from his touch. It was time, and I pulled his shorts down. And just as I expected there was nothing but balls and cock underneath those shorts. I quickly knelt in front of him and took that cock, I assume was like his daddies, and kissed the wet tip. He just said, "Please..." as I let his gorgeous cock slide into my mouth. More funny noises came from his throat. He was ready, and I got up and walked to the patio, looked at Sandy and said, "He is all yours darlin', he is ready for good fucking. You won't need to open any more of that blouse. He will dive right in with what you got showing. Kiss him like a good lesbian should!" She went inside in quite a hurry. I just waited for those glorious sounds she makes cumming.

I peeked in our bedroom and Sandy was on top of him, riding him with boobs flopping. He was staring at them with a scrunched face of pleasure. When he came, it was even louder funny noises. She didn't stop but made her way up his body and straddled his face. He gleefully ate his cum, which I assume he was eating when he jacked off. I went to her and kissed her and fondled those breasts of hers that tempted me so. While he ate her, she kissed me and played with my hard nipples. We certainly had a good time, showing him how ‘two old lesbians' could be more than fun.

He recovered quickly and fucked us both. I enjoyed this youthful enthusiasm fucking me as did Sandy. We did blow him if we found him alone. I am proud to say we never heard him jack off again. I hope he tells his father about his adventures with ‘two old lesbians'...
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