Two beautiful peas in a pod
I slammed the door to my BMW. I was late, way late, for my appointment to get my haircut. They were already cleaning up the salon. I rushed over to reception.

"I have a 7:30 with Lauren. Nick, is my name." I said, out of breath. The receptionist looked up from her chair, "It's almost 8. We are closing up, sorry".

"Listen, it's m best friend's wedding tomorrow, I need to get this hair cut", I pleaded. "Well, not here", she laughed as she looked up at me. Even in my agitation I noticed how beautiful she was. She was wearing a deep plunging top exposing her full, round breasts, brimming out of her bra. Considering that she had guys stare down on her all day as she sat in her receptionist's chair, she clearly must be aware of her effect and probably enjoys guys like me staring at her beautiful tits. I certainly did. She had wavy, brunette shoulder length hair, almond shaped gray eyes behind trendy heavy rimmed glasses and a mouth that made a guy think of only one thing: having it sucking your cock.

Regaining my composure, I pleaded with her to let me talk to Lauren. Although she would have none of it, she was friendly and kept smiling. Out of the angle of my eye, I spotted Lauren in the back of the salon. "Lauren, you gotta help me. I know I am late, I am so sorry, but I need to get this mess on my head in order. It's Ben's wedding tomorrow".

"Hey Nick, good to see you. I am sorry, but I can't do it now. I have somewhere to be right now, but I tell you what. If Kelly here agrees to stick around for an hour or so, I can be back by 9 and will do it."

I looked over at Kelly at reception. I gave her my best puppy-face look. She rolled her eyes and said "Ok then, just for you, Lauren", she said, with what looked like wicked smile on her face.

I settled into the waiting area in the back of the salon, started reading a few magazines, killing time. After about half an hour or so the place emptied out, got real quiet.

I could hear Kelly's steps approaching. I looked up and was stunned. I had only seen her sitting down and had been mesmerized by her tits. She was tall, leggy and was wearing a tight fitting mini and heels. I got hard just looking at her.

"How is it going back here?" she asked as she sat down opposite me. "Ok", I said, scanning her body, undressing her and not knowing whether to stare at her perfect tits, her round ass, or her elegant legs. She knew exactly what I was doing.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just killing time, you know".

"Do you want to have some fun, Nick?"

"Sure", I said.

"Take out your cock, but don't stroke it. I want to see how hard you can get by just watching me."

I was speechless, but this was a dream come true. I unpacked my already hard cock. It stood to attention and ached, wanting to be touched.

Kelly had spread her legs and slid her hand under her mini. I could see her fingers slowly but firmly massaging her pussy. She lifts both legs, and takes off her panties, hitching up her mini over her hips while at it. I now have a full view of Kelly massaging her slit.

All I can think of is how I want to stroke my hard cock. Instead I just watch her, spreading open her lips showing me her pink whole, which is moist and getting wetter as she runs her fingers over herself.

She gets up and walks the three steps over to me. She stands in front of me, puts one leg on the armrest of my chair and shows me everything she has. She is cleanly shaven with only a little strip of hair above her clit. She rolls the pea between her fingers and slides them occasionally in and out of herself.

I just sit there, playing along, not touching myself, not having my cock touched by her. My shaft has swollen up and yearns for a touch. I wonder whether I would come without being touched.

She finally reaches down and pulls down my pants. She straddles me, takes my cock and without warning slides it into herself. She moans and says "I knew it would be big". She rides me slowly as she unbuttons my shirt and runs her hand down my chest. She is in full control, riding me however she likes. I let her.

She picks up the pace, I grab her hips and guide her on me. I don't know how long I will last, I am so tight.

"You are not going to blow on me already, are you, babe?" she asks. "Maybe", I say.

"Well then", she smiles as she takes me cock out, spreads my legs, turns around and offers me her ass to play with. It is perfect. Round, toned and gives beautiful views of her pussy. I work it with my hands, as she grabs my cock and slides back into me. Sticking her ass out for me, moving up and down on me, bending my cock forward. How this is supposed to keep me from coming quickly is beyond me.

There is a noise in the front of the salon. A door, steps approaching. Lauren stands in the doorway.

"I thought you two would have fun", she laughs and looks at me.

She walks over to Kelly, stands in front of her, bends down and kisses her on the mouth. They smile.

Man, here I am, my throbbing cock in Kelly's tight pussy, and Lauren kissing her.

Kelly slides out, stands up, her pussy dripping with our juices. My cock snaps back.

This is my chance. I get up, get rid of my clothes hanging off of me, stand behind Kelly and begin to finally undress her. I have not even seen her tits yet. I run my hand over her back and ass as she continues to kiss Lauren.

Kelly in turn is undressing Lauren to unveil a lacey black bra and matching panties, nicely contrasting her blonde long hair. They are like two peas in a pod, just one brunette and the other blonde.

Kelly turns to Lauren and says "This poor boy, has not even had his cocked sucked yet, do you mind if I do? Lauren smiles and nods.

Kelly kneels down in front of me on her all fours and starts doing what I had hoped all along her lips would be doing, sucking on my hard cock. Lauren in the meantime gets behind Kelly and starts eating her pussy. I take turns staring at Kelly's spread out ass and Lauren's thong-lined equally perfect ass.

My cock is burning as Kelly takes it all in and massages my balls at the same time.

"I really want to fuck you" I say to her. She looks up and smiles. I trade places with Lauren and begin to do Kelly from behind, while Lauren, flat on her back, spreads her legs in front of Kelly who begins to eat her hard.

The first to come is Lauren. Under Kelly's flicking tongue and rubbing her own tits, Lauren explodes in a scream and her body shudders in a wave of spasms. Seeing her and hearing her push me over the edge. I thrust hard into Kelly who tells me to fuck her and to cum all over her. I grab her hips hard, a few more thrusts and I explode into her. My spunk filling her up, warming he inside.

Exhausted I slide out of her. Cock dripping. We turn her around, on her back. She spreads her legs. Lauren immediately begins to massage Kelly's pussy hard and fast, it seems she had done this before. A finger disappears into her, she screams "More", Lauren puts two fingers into her and moves them like pistons, hard and fast. "More", Kelly calls out and Lauren points all her fingers into a big cone and pushed them into Kelly again and again. I offer Kelly my dripping, still semi-hard cock which she licks eagerly. I finally get a chance to see her glorious tits. Two large mounts, beautiful, perfect with large nipples that are yearning to be played with. So I do, I circle them, but under Kelly's screams for more, I press down harder and harder, reddening them, pulling and pushing on them. It is not enough for her. She takes my hand and pushes it down on her tits while Lauren rams her fingers into Kelly's cunt - until she finally gives in, let's go and curls up in a burning orgasm.

We all collapse on the floor. My hand still on Kelly's tits, Lauren's head between Kelly's legs, her hand on my ass. We are out of breath. I untangle myself. I lean over and kiss Kelly on her lips, she smiles, I kiss my way down to her pussy where I find Lauren's mouth to kiss. I get up, sit down in my chair.

"Girls, remember, we are not quite done here yet". They both smile.
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