Two for Linda
Linda had been wondering all week what Jake had purchased for her birthday which was Friday. He had been hinting at giving her something special for weeks leading up to her special day. Arriving home after work she finds a note from him about meeting him at his house. So twenty minutes later,Linda arrives nervous and excited as she walked toward Jakes'house. Out of the blue he came to mind and she wonders about like Jake and yet so different. Putting her key in the door to open it,Linda releases him from her thoughts as she walked into the scent of roses and music playing softy in the back ground.

The day before .......

"I know that this is what she wants and I am sure that it will be ok with her,if it is ok you," Jake said as he looked over at the man standing next to him as they decorated the bedroom with rose pedals.

"I hope you are right,I mean you know how I feel about her and are you ok with that?" Marco said as he looked over at the man who was like a brother to him. As much as he cared for Linda he didn't want that and her desire to become between him and the only true friendship that he ever had in his life. He wanted to be sure that Jake was ok with it all and the understood what could be possible happened once they had cross that border.

"Jake man can you really be open enough to share Linda, your woman with me?" Marco asked as he looked at Jake through his whiskey brown eyes.

Jake stopped what he was doing and looked at the man who was like a brother to him. He never would cross that line, but he almost loved him as much as he loved Linda. He knew that she was attracted to Marco and if he was honest with himself he would admit that he encourages it. He wanted her to want to have Marco around and to be comfortable in presence with or without Jake there.

"Yes I am sure and I do understand what could happen if we do this, I am cool with it. I know Linda loves me and I will understand that she may feel the same for you. "

Marco felt as if the air had been sucked out of his lungs. He had wondered if Jake was doing what he was afraid to give words to. He knew that Jake love Linda beyond words, as he knew that he had also fallen in love with his best friends' girlfriend soon to be wife. As they stood there looking at each other concentration on their own thoughts of what they were about to do they both almost missed hearing Linda coming in from work.

"Jake?" Linda calls as she walked through the house to his master bedroom.

"Wait baby, first before you take another step go look at the dining room table you will find a letter there open it and do what it says ok?" Jake said as he and Marco quickly finished up what they had been doing. Once Marco had agreed to what Jake had planned they had worked together to give Linda the birthday present that she deserved and desired.
Linda went to the table and found the letter she opened it and found a letter from Jake...
Happy Birthday Baby.... Today is your day and I want to show you and give you all the love that I have to give. So ...

Look in the frig and find your favorite white wine pour yourself a glass and get ready to follow my next direction.

Linda did as she was told and once she had her glass of nice cold wine she picked up the letter and read the rest.

Now take the glass with you and go to the bathroom and take a nice relaxing shower or bath. Wait there until I come and get you.

Linda went to the bathroom which was a new addition to Jake home. It was like spa room all in one. Twice as large as the master bedroom, it had a bath tub large enough for four adults and a shower that would whole about the same. With double sinks and a sauna area it was a joy to be in. Linda took off her clothes,set the water to a comfortable temperature and step into the shower closing it glass door behind her. She loved the way the warm water ran over and down her body, with it's curves and valleys. She had tied her hair up so as not to get it wet since it would take some time for it to dry as it was so think and curly. She turned and presses the cd button and Paula Abdul's song "Dance Like There Is Tomorrow "blasting through the bathroom speakers. As she dances around under the shower,she was soo happy that she had talked him into the sound system for the bathroom. She started to do what Paula was saying in the song, dancing like there was no tomorrow, shaking her hips and moving her body to the song. She was so lost in the music that she didn't see Jake standing in the doorway watching her shaking her very eye pleasing assets to the music He loved to watch her dance and move that lush body of her around. When the song stopped another came on... Linda went back to bathing and smooth soap suds all over her body using her fingers to hit those spots that would just had more pleasure to her shower. In no time she was pleasuring herself with soaping fingers rubbing her clits and rubbing the rose bud of anus. Linda love to be fingered and fucked in both as she always masturbated using her clit and both of her holes. She stood here imagining being filled in both holes at the same time and fucked until she came screaming and even then they wouldn't stop.... Linda came moaning in the shower as she sunk to her knees and lay on the shower floor still finger fucking her. Soon her hand stopped moving as the warm water cooled of her overheated body,and Linda closed her eyes and breathes in deeply as her orgasm left her. She didn't see Jake when came or when he left. As she got out of the shower and went to dry herself off she found evidences of his cumming on the shower outer wall near the door to come in the bathroom. She smiled and wiped it off with the towel she had used to dry herself off. It was when she went to put the towel in the hamper that she saw the note and the blind fold.
Chance in plans:

"Love, saw that you were busy... I love watching you cum ... Please put on the blind fold and take a seat on the bench in the bathroom and wait for me."
Linda smiles and put the blind fold on as she takes a seat to wait for Jake.

Jake came into get her few minutes later and was naked from his shower earlier,his blond curls were now dry and doing their own things, which only added to his boyish charm. He stood there looking at his lover,all soft and a golden brown with that wild mad mop of deep reddish-brown curls that he loved. The dampness of the shower had made them more defined as they clung to Linda's shoulders and neck. She was what love was to him and now he was going to give her a gift, her heart's desire.

"Come baby it time", Jake said as he took her hand and lead her into the master bedroom and a waiting Marco.

Marco was already sitting on the bed when they arrived he had never seen Linda naked before and the sight of her being so was almost more than he could handle. With cock in hand he stroked it absentminded as he whisky brown eyes filled with the sight of Linda's naked body. Jake who was leading her was also naked as they both had been for since coming to his house. This was nothing new for them as they had been unconcerned about the wearing of clothes when they were roommates. He had learned from Jake that he and Linda also did the same thing when they were at her home or his. Jake led Linda to the bed where he had her lay down among the rose petals as their scent filled the air. For a few moments both he and Marco looked down at the woman that they were both going to make love to and then at each other. This was the last chance for the plan to change because once started there was no going back. Jake looked at Marco with questioning eyes as his lips said not a word.
Marco shook his head no, that he was not backing out, not now not ever....


"Baby the blindfold stays on until I take it off ok," Jake said as he lay down next to her and motioned for Marco to do the same.
Linda could tell that she and Jake were not alone... so this was it he was going to fulfill her fantasy... how did he know? At first she became frighten and tried to get off the bed and had even made a move to remove the blind fold, but she was stopped by Jake and the unknown man. She tried to sniff the air to see if he worn cologne that she could recognize as she waited for both men to make their move. They each took a side of her body and went to work. The first move came from Jake who was on he left, he leaned over her and light kissed her lips as his hand started as sensual massage of her flesh. The other man started in on her breast sucking the right nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue and teeth. Linda pussy which was already in a steady flow stage went into over flow. Linda moaned her pleasure with the hope that she would be allowed later to do all the things she wanted to do two and with two men. Her desire was not to be service so much by them as to service two men at the same time. Linda love to be of service to her lover as she always was to Jake and now to this other man. If only they didn't driver her crazy until then.

Marco filled his eyes vision and his mouth with her flesh as he sucked at Linda's tits and licked her skin. He couldn't wait to get to her pussy as Jake had invited him to be first. By the time he had reached it,Linda pussy juice were over flowing it cup and he wasted no time in diving in face first between her legs. Licking her pussy walls and lapping at her juice as his tongue flick her clit throughout it all. Linda was all but flying off the bed as he oral play was sending her over the edge. The only thing that held her there was that she got a whole of Jakes cock and was milking it with her mouth. Jake eyes were all but rolled back in his head as from the pleasure that Linda mouth was giving him. Marco watch in amazement and lust as Linda orally sought and gave pleasure to Jake. She had taken in a consider bit of his cock which was more than average in side and length and it was as if his own oral pleasuring had driven her on to do more. Marco enclosed her clit with his talent mouth and sent her screaming...

"Ohhh Good!" Linda said as she pulled herself off Jake

Nooo Oh nooo she could feel her orgasm raging at her coming hard and fast. She just had to get a mouth full of Jake's sweet, salty cum before it hit her. Putting him back in her mouth she sucked harder as the man between her legs seems to do the same. Her body was raging as she withers there between the two of them beyond caring and wanting more. It was her birthday and she was going to get her heart's desire she was going to fuck two men.

Jake came first thanks to Linda sensual and pleasurable oral demanding. Shooting hot thick cum into Linda's mouth and down her throat as she continue to suck at him, even jerking him off as if she was trying to drain his balls. Jake loves it when she did that and he was sure that Marco would as well when it was his turn. As he leaned over her head holding himself up with his arms, Jake looked down Linda body to Marco and saw the look of amazement and lust in his eyes as the lower half of his face was glistening with the juice from Linda sexy fruit. He watched as Marco went back and two seconds finished Linda off who came screaming as the results of the oral pleasure that he had given her now since Jake had pulled his spent cock out of her demanding mouth. The men watch as Linda was lost in the raptures of her orgasm as her body rose and fell back to bed withering in orgasmic pleasure.

"Ohhh please fuck me, fuck me now! "Linda begged reaching out for someone give her the release that she sought.

Without notice of any kind, Marco position himself between Linda's legs and with his cock in hand he looked at Jake as he slid it into Linda. She all but came completely off the bed as Marco's girth and length enter her pussy which was still in one convulsing stated from her orgasm. She locked her pussy muscle around it and started to move with Marco's cock in her. She immediately knew that something was different the scent was not Jake's nor was the cock. Linda could feel the stir of panic start to rise in her as the unseen man continued to push deeper into her.

"Nooo who are you??" Linda screamed now not sure if Jake had guessed her hearts' desire as she tried to get the man out and off her.

"No babe it is ok," Jake said grabbing her hands and holding them together as Marco continued moving in and out of her pussy.

Linda broke free and started to grab at the blind fold, only to be stopped again by Jake.
"Do you trust me Linda, do you trust me? "he asked as he stopped her from taking off the blind fold.

"Trust us Linda, Please trust us,"Marco said between clinched teeth as closeness and warm of Linda's pussy was eating away at his control. Marco had enough at this point and to be inside his dream was more than he could handle especially if she didn't want him.

"Linda,It me Marco," he said as he pushed the blind fold away from her eyes.

Linda blinked her eyes a few time to get them to adjust to see that the man who was now fucking her was not Jake but his best friend and her secret desire. She looked from him to and then back to Jake seeing the same look of acceptance in their eyes. So this was the special gift that he was giving her,the chance to have sex with two men at the same time,two men that she cared about. She still wasn't sure until Jake kissed her and then Marco did the same. After that it all became blur as she gave herself up to them and her desires. Each man had a turn with her, Marco was first with Jake lying next to them in the bed watching and stroking. He came when they did amid screams and moans. Then Linda and Jake had time together with Marco doing the watching, after that it was a true three some as her mouth, pussy and asshole were filled by one of the two men at the same times in different ways.

Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning laying in a daze and sexually satisfied state, Linda thought about what had taken place. With her tummy full with their cumm and river of it leaking out of her pussy and asshole, Linda drifted off to sleep lying between her two gifts as she sung happy birthday to me!!

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