Two for dinner, part I
Becky sat at her very public desk, thinking very private thoughts. Her dinner rendezvous with an older gentleman was fast approaching. However, the clock seemed to be in slow motion. She felt a mixture of wet anticipation seeping from her pussy and heart stopping fear clamping around her heart. Was she brave and needy enough to become a hot wife or was she really just another cock tease, leading on a very sweet man.

The online flirtation had rapidly grown into something more. As she read his stories she came to know his secret desires and turn on's. Their sexting, especially when he exposed his thick cock, felt wicked and naughty. She did not care when her husband was in the next room. As they talked he made her come to believe all the silly things in her life, that her husband took for granted, were really important to him.

At first she just went along with the online play and chocked up the flirtation as something he probably did with many willing partners. Then something happened when he called her "Sweetheart". That simple expression of endearment meant more than all the sexy stories he had written for her combined. Suddenly, she began to track the time between text messages, his e-mails and intimate notes left for her online. It dawned on her that he had become as intensely interested in her as she had become in him.

It had been a long, very long time since she had romantic interest in another man. The dull daily relationship with her husband had been become comfortable and constant. Now, as she thoughtfully consider her options, outside the marital bed, she wondered how far down this path she would go and how far astray would it lead her. One thing Becky knew for sure, no man had ever made her nipples become so aroused, with just the sound of his voice. Just thinking of his soft deep voice made her clench her thighs together causing the thick lips of her vulva to stimulate her swollen clit.

Propping her elbows on the desk Becky leaned towards her monitor. Blocked from the view of her co-workers this offered an innocent, but needed, opportunity to squeeze her swollen breasts.

"I'm getting turned on in the middle of a crowded office," thought Becky, "I'm lucky they do not have pheromone detectors in here."

Becky started to leave her desk when the phone began to rang."Hello, this is Becky, how can I help you?"

"You can stop teasing me with that beautiful smile and awesome tits," replied her love interest.

"So, you got my morning pictures," she said with a laugh. "I wanted you thinking of me, all day long."

"I love the pictures, what a wonderful gift. I guess you expect me to sit across from you all evening, and just dream of the awesome nipples hidden from my view."

"Well," Becky added with a long pause, "at least until dinner is done."

He quickly replied with, "I should take you through the drive through..."

"No way," she answered pretending to take offense. Lowering her voice she added, "I really love a glass of wine. It makes me... relax."

Can't wait to kiss you" he said. See you at 5:30 sweetheart."

"I will see you soon, sir."

Becky had a very simple plan to keep him on edge till their early evening meeting. She had saved one special picture. One had was spreading her thick lips wide while three fingers were deep inserted inside of her pussy. She excused her self as she passed her co-worker on her way to the ladies room. Closing her eyes, and thinking of his lips upon hers, she hit Send.

One more hour and she could be on her way.
to be continued...

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