Two for the price of one
Allanah stood in front of the stove stirring the contents of the bubbling pot. Steam rose up around her slight frame causing the tendrils of her blond hair to dampen and curl around her face. Her shorts were tight and accentuated her gently rounded bottom.

Thomas stood leaning against the doorway to the kitchen and watched Allanah as she gracefully moved around the room. Her movements pulled her shirt tight across her chest. Thomas licked his lips as her unrestrained nipples pressed against the fabric. His eyes travelled the length of her body taking in her bare feet and her shapely legs. He pushed away from the door and moved into the kitchen. He strolled casually and reached for a cookie that was cooling on the counter. Popping the cookie into his mouth, he sauntered up behind Allanah. Still chewing the last remnants of cookie, Thomas leaned into nuzzle against Allanah's neck. His hands grasped her slender hips and pulled her up against him. Her hips rested against Thomas' hard body. She twisted her head around to meet his lips with her own. Her tongue danced along the curve of his lips. She could taste the sweetness of the cookies mingled with the taste that was uniquely Thomas.

Moaning she pushed her hips tighter against Thomas, delighted to feel his hardness press into the "V" between her legs. Instantly a heat pulsed through her body and she felt her body grow wet with anticipation. Thomas reached one hand around her lithe body and slipped his hand under her soft shirt and cupped her full breast in his large hand.

Allanah deftly flicked the knob on the stove to the off position and leaned back into Thomas' hard body totally giving her body and mind up to the sensations that were roaring through her at the courtesy of Thomas' questing fingers. His hands delved into her shorts and slipped through the slick wetness that his touch had fueled. He groaned as Allanah rocked her hips against his probing fingers

Nimbly Thomas grasped Allanah around the waist, picked her up and turned all in one smooth motion. Allanah trusted him implicitly and offered no resistance when he gently pushed aside the place settings on the table and pushed her face down against the hard wood surface. Forcefully he pulled down her shorts and without preamble, drove his hot throbbing rod into her tight hot pussy.

Allanah's cheek pressed against the cool wood surface as her fingers gripped the edge of the table. Thomas was relentless as he rocked his hips into her tight depths. He groaned as her body contracted around his throbbing cock. She screamed out as her climax rippled through her body. Thomas closed his eyes and lost himself, allowing her involuntary response to milk him to completion.

Thomas was the first to break the contact. Gently he helped Allanah to stand. Her eyes were bright, a remnant from the passionate exchange , as she turned and lightly touched her lips to his. Her hands rested on his shoulders as she whispered her thanks against his lips. With a content sigh she stepped away. Her hands traced across his broad chest as she moved toward the stove.

"Will you reset the table for me," she asked as she moved around the kitchen.

Thomas looked at the table, with it's place settings all askew and grinned, knowing that he would think about his cock slamming into Allanah everytime he sat down to eat at that very same table. Grinning from ear to ear he set about straightening the table settings.

Suddenly, his head lifted with inquiry. "Why was the table set for three?" he asked gesturing to the third place setting that he had failed to notice during his desperate dash to satisfy his wild desire.

Without turning around from the stove, Allanah answered, "Becka's coming for dinner and will stay in the guest room tonight because she has an early morning meeting in town."

Thomas chuckled as he thought about Becka, Allanah's friend who lived far out in the country. Becka was blonde haired, blue eyed and very well endowed with generous breasts that only served to make her body more lush and tempting. She worked out regularly in a successful effort to keep her body well toned. Her bronzed tan was only the icing on the cake in Thomas' opinion.

"MMMM," Thomas groaned. "I'm glad I just ..." He paused with wiggle his eyebrows with a glance toward the table , causing Allanah to laugh.

Thomas continued on. "Because the two of you together is the stuff that makes me harder than I ever imagine possible."

Allahah just laughed harder, well aware of Thomas' secret infatuation with her friend.

Much later, Allanah, Becka and Thomas all sat in the softly lit family room as the movie credits rolled up the screen on the tv. Thomas stood up and leaned down to kiss Allanah.

"I'll leave you girls to your gossip," he declared as he said goodnight and sauntered out of the room.

He could hear the tinkling laughter and low voices of the two women as he prepared for bed and slipped between the soft cool sheets of the king sized bed that he shared with Allanah. His mind wandered to the quiet evening he had just spent with the two gorgeous women. His cock jerked a bit as the visual memories of sitting at the dinner table, looking into Allanah's laughing eyes came into his mind. Both of them had clearly recalled their hasty and delightful sexual encounter. Thomas had nearly choked on his food as Becka had sat and serenely eaten where only a short time earlier Thomas had pressed up against and into Allanah.

Thomas allowed his hand to slip under the lightweight covers. His fingers lightly skimmed over his hardening cock. As his thoughts intensified in direct proportion to his wandering hand, he failed to notice the quieting of the voices coming from the living room. His eyes closed. He didn't notice her presence until the bed dipped as she sat down.

Thomas' eyes flew open and his hand stilled as he saw her sitting naked on his bed. She was so integral to his current daydreams but yet totally unexpected.

"Allanah told me about the kitchen table." Becka's voice danced across the silence of the dark room. Becka reached out a hand to trace a finger down Thomas' muscled arm. "She also told me about your fantasy to make love to me."

Thomas drew his breath in as his longtime fantasy slowly became illuminated by the moonlight flickering across the room. Her unclothed body beckoned to his senses. Thomas lay perfectly still as Becka's words penetrated his desire laden brain. His eyes widened as the implication of Becka's presence in his bedroom became clear. His mind worked overtime . Desire to enact upon his fantasy warred with the very real fear that somehow Allanah wasn't aware of the scene that was unfolding in her own bedroom.

The melodious voice of his wife floated across the room, intruding upon his mental battle. Thomas' eyes jumped to the doorway where Allanah stood secluded and hidden by the deep shadows.

"It's ok love," Allana said. "I want you to experience this fantasy. Enjoy it." With her last words, Allanah walked out of the room, the sound muffled by the lush carpeting. The sound of the gently latching door echoed through the room. Becka and Thomas sat silently on the bed.

The pale moon light washed over them and highlighted the planes and valleys of their bodies that begged to be explored. Thomas moved first, pushing himself first up onto his elbows and then to a sitting position.

"Are you sure," Thomas asked, emphasizing the word you. He held his breath while he waited for Becka's answer. Looking deeply into her eyes he saw the answer even before her words confirmed her matching desire.

Thomas reached out and pulled Becka closer to him. His lips connected with hers. His tongue delved into the warmth of her mouth searching for her taste, her flavor. Becka sighed as her body relaxed in his arms. Her fingers sifted through his short hair and down his neck and back to his hips. His light sighs of satisfaction gave her courage. Her hands fell to his bare shoulders and traced across his skin and soon began exploring his pebbly nipples.

Thomas sighed and moved his hands to span Becka's trim waist. Easily he lifted her up and settled her on top of his body as he lay back against the pillows. Becka spread her legs and straddled Thomas. The sheets rode between them as the only barrier between them as she pressed down upon him.

The desire shone brightly from his eyes as her hips rocked and teased him. His hands reached up and cupped her breasts, one in each hand. He allowed his thumbs to repeatedly flick over her nipples. He groaned as he watched her nipples grow harder with each pass of his thumb. Her breathing grew choppy as her body responded to his artful touch. She ground down upon his cock. The cotton fabric of the sheet stretched between them, dampened with her desire.

Becka slowly leaned down and touched her lips to his for a scant second before allowing her lips to stray to his ear. She grinned as her lips captured his earlobe, causing him to draw I his breath on a loud hiss. She gently nibbled and suckled, her hips still slowly and persistently rubbing and pressing against him.

Thomas lay helplessly, drowning in the sexual tension that drummed through his body. Becka slowly kissed her way down his neck and his chest. Her hands joined the progress of her lips upon his chest. Her pink lush mouth soon came to his right nipple. She sucked the small pebble into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Her fingers slipped through the soft hair on his chest, teasing and taunting him with each movement.

Becka moved her mouth back and forth between her nipples. Her hands slipped down his torso. She pushed the sheet aside, her hands grazing along his hips. Thomas involuntarily raised his pelvis, unconsciously searching and needing to feel Becka's soft hands touching and grasping his hard body. Becka laughed, delighted with his openly sexual need. Not disappointing him, she ran her finger up and down the length of his rock hard cock.

Thomas sighed as her hand gripped his shaft. The moonlight shed illumination on her hand as it moved up and down, working it's magic. Unable to resist, Becka moved lower and pressed her warm lips against the head of his cock. Her tongue darted out to circle the eye. Slowly her lips parted and Thomas felt his manhood slip into the warmth of her mouth. He groaned as her lips tightened around the base of his cock. He groaned as her mouth began sucking on his tightly buried rod. Becka started humming. The combination of the sensuality and naughtiness of the situation, being buried, being sucked and the vibrations emanating from her throat caused Thomas to cry out.

"Oh my word," he screamed! "Oh my word, I'm going to cum!"

Becka immediately pulled back. Thomas could feel his cock slip from her mouth. Groaning in frustration he arched his hips upward to try to firmly embed his cock within her mouth once more.

"Uhhh uhhh" Becka admonished as soon as his cock was free from within her mouth. Seductively, she slithered up his body, licking and kissing every inch of her path. Thomas moaned his intense pleasure. Becka reached her destination, straddling Thomas. Thomas could feel the wetness of her body pressed against his hard manhood. He clasped her hips and held her steady while she slowly and reverently lowered her tight body onto his turgid member.

Becka cried out as Thomas' throbbing dick stretched her inner walls. She gasped as his length pierced her depths. Thomas groaned as his body slipped into the warmest, slickest secret hole that nature had ever created. In awe, he held onto Becka's hips and began thrusting upward, spearing her with every thrust.

Becka began to whimper as his thrusts set her body on fire. The head spread from her pussy to his cock, building to an all consuming fire that quickly overtook them both. The release occurred within seconds from each other with an explosion that had them both panting for air, their breathing the only sound in the quiet room.

Thomas closed his eyes. His body quickly settled into a state of utter lassitude. Utter relaxed, he drifted off to sleep. The covers settling over his totally depleted body stirred him from his dozing rest. His eyes lazily opened as he heard Allanah's voice.

"Was that everything you ever dreamed about?"

Allahah kissed him gently as she asked her question.

Opening his arms to welcome the love of his life into his bed, Thomas reached for Allanah. He nodded against her forehead before honestly answering.

"Yes, it was more than I ever dreamed. I just wish you would have stayed."

Allanah sighed and settled into his embrace as she answered. "That's another fantasy, another time." She reached out and touched her lips to his sweat dampened skin and within seconds they were both asleep.

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