As Tracey drove, the physical excitement of Brad's body started. She was not prepared for it, she realized she never gave a thought how it might feel.

Her cock grew long, becoming hard at the same time. It weighed much more then it did soft. She felt a strong pulsing in its length, traveling from stem to crown. The balls ached, kind of familiar to the same ache in her breasts. The pulsing in her cock traveled to her hairy (itchy) legs. Not through muscle it seemed, more like a descending heat, like diving into a hot pool. The hair down there pulled when her cock grew suddenly hard. Wincing, she shoved her hand into Brad's jeans. Freeing the hair, her breath caught in her throat.

Tracey is no stranger to men, but she is a novice, only one male lover in her life. Her fingers moved up her hard cock, the pleasure she felt at such a simple touch was amazing. It was like her cock fed off a touch. The pulsing doubled in the blink of a eye. Her legs wanted to kick, trying to push out the mad waves of pulse.

She was actually stroking herself as she drove. Is this why guys need to get laid? Her touch was so light, it seemed guys could get hard from a slight breeze. She quickly realized nothing else mattered once the cock was like this. A guy could not think or do anything when their sex was a towering statue, the pulse, the want was stronger then her own when she was turned on.

Hitting the pedal to the metal, passing other cars, running yellow (amber) lights, it still seemed like it took forever to get to Susie's house.

As Tracey, she is the same height as Susie. As Brad, she is four inches taller, she had to look down when Susie answered the door. Her brown eyes are a shade darker, there is a brightness to them. She looks so beautiful, her smile radiant, sexy, enticing as all hell. A light sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Her skin is lightly tan, Tracey can see a flush to her skin.

Susie jumps into Tracey's arms, her legs wrap tight around her hips, her arms reach up, around her neck. Tracey stumbles in, their kiss is beyond curious, it's breath stealing, dizzy, toe curling, sanity no longer exists kind of kiss.

They never make it to the bedroom. Susie has a sectional couch in her living room. It is a square of seats with a tiny opening that leads in.

Their bodies rub, grind through their clothes as they fall onto the couch. The heat of Susie's pussy against Tracey's jeans makes her cock twitch like mad. She never expected this.

Clothes are ripped off bodies, skin, Susie's glorious skin touches Tracey's hard body. Her new sexual heat is a boiling pot, the lid hard pressed to contain what's inside.

Tracey's lips are not just burned, they are scorched as she kisses down Susie's body. Her small breasts are round, full, nipples sharp on her tongue. Her body is boneless as a eel, slithering under her lips. A heavenly, scent fills Tracey's nose as she pulls Susie's panties down her legs.

Her hand rubs, gropes her cock through her jeans as she tastes Susie. Soft, silky petals slid over her lips, her nectar melts on her tongue. Her lips swell in her mouth, her teeth nibble the edge of her folds. She licks the opening flower of her pussy, sensing her clit is protruding, aching to be touched. "OMG! RIGHT THERE!" Her mouth sucks hard on the small stone, her tongue swirling, lifting it, flicking it. Susie's body shakes like a last leaf on the tree, the north wind intent on blowing it to the ground. Her moans are a sweet cry, mixing with a very feminine growl. Her thighs close tight on the sides of Tracey's head. The pressure making her ears pop. "OMG! OMG!OMG!" Her cries are whimpers as she cums, her thighs a crushing vice.

Tracey knows the power of the female orgasm. She is not surprised when Susie sits bolt upright from the couch. She pulls her pants down without the benefit of undoing the belt. Her cock bobs and swings like a reed in the wind. Susie's hand grabs it, the softness of her palm, her fingertips was a overload on its nerve endings, but paled in comparison to when her lips closed on its crown. Susie looked up as Tracey moaned a high pitch. She fell back into a seat, Susie following, her lips sliding down, tongue bathing under the shaft.

Her moist mouth, the feel of her skin melting off, her tongue slurping, her hand squeezing her balls, no wonder guys loved their dicks being sucked. The overwhelming sensations had Tracey panting. Seeing her head slowly bobbing up and down, her dark hair hiding her sweet face was a intoxicating sight.

Never, ever, did Tracey consider the feel a woman's pussy is to a guy's cock, it never crossed her mind till Susie guided her in. The silky lining pressing down, squeezing her cock, wrapping around it like her legs wrapped around Tracey's hips. Her walls gripped, slid along side, under as Tracey's cock fucked Susie. Her cries of OMG! The squeezing of her thighs on Tracey's hips, the heated burn of their skin. The way Susie laid under Tracey. The holding down of her hands. The sight of her small breasts bounce with each thrust. Her dark, bright eyes looking up into Tracey's eyes. It all said one thing. FUCK ME BABE! FUCK ME HARD!

Tracey did, panting as much as Susie as her cock slammed in as hard as she could. There was something very thrilling from a guy's point of view, knowing his sex, his rock hard cock had Susie on the verge of passing out. Her eyes rolled as a hot sponge was suddenly squeezed inside her pussy.

Susie's smoking, burning eyes were fixed on Tracey's bright green ones. She straddled Tracey's lap, reaching, grasping her soaked cock, cum squeezing between her fingers as she guided her in. Her hands locked around Tracey's neck, Susie rode her cock, biting her lip as the head pounding the very top of her pussy. She came, kissing Tracey, her orgasm a rough release, leaving her breathless. She kissed Tracey along her cheek, getting her breath back, "OMG!" She whispered.

Tracey couldn't hold back much longer, her balls were sore from Susie's ass pounding them. Tracey squeezed Susie's breasts as she rode her cock reverse cowgirl style. Susie came, squirming on Tracey's lap, cum drenching both their thighs. Tracey gasped, "I'm going to cum."

Susie pulled off Tracey's cock so quick, there was a loud pop. "Fuck my mouth?"

Susie laid on the couch, her head hanging over the edge. Tracey guided her cock into her mouth, moaning as her shaft was sucked hard, lips like a vice. Her body knew why guys love fucking a woman's mouth fast. Within seconds, her cock was twitching like a live wire attached itself to the side. She groaned as ropes of cum flew out, splattering her tongue, hitting the roof of her mouth, squirting right down her throat. Tracey's legs buckled as the intense release filled Susie's mouth, puffing her cheeks out.

Spent, spooning, Susie facing Tracey said, "I dare you to kiss me."

Tracey froze, did she know? Was it Brad didn't like kissing after a woman swallowed his cum? Some guys don't. "I know it's you Tracey."

"How did you know?"

"I know how you kiss, I didn't know your powers were that good."

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