Ultimate Double Play
They say there are four stages of sexual addiction; Preoccupation, Ritualization, Compulsion, and finally Despair. The preoccupation and ritualization stages are largely about repeated fantasies about sexual situations and obsessing with the urge to live them out. The compulsion stage is where you actually begin to engage in those sexual activities without regard to potential negative consequences.

During this compulsion stage, the bar for sexual fulfillment continues to be raised in the quest for finding heightened experiences that surpass previous ones. It is a never-ending downward spiral that will ultimately lead to despair.

As my addiction progressed into the Compulsion stage, I began to entertain the idea of bisexuality. My fantasy was to engage in a three-way sex act with a married couple that shared the same fantasy. I had longed to experiment in this cuckold life style with my own wife, but it was never to be.

I contacted Jason and Vanessa through an incognito classified ads website. They were a Latino couple in their late thirties and relatively new to this lifestyle - one that was initiated and driven mostly by her. She had this fantasy about getting paid by another man to have sex with her while her husband watches. I guess you would call it a prostitute/voyeur fetish.

After a few failed attempts, we finally arranged to meet. I booked a budget motel room on the outskirts of town and we agreed to an early afternoon meeting. I stopped on the way to pick up a bottle of wine and a few bottled waters. It was around 2 PM when I got to the room.

Around 2:30 I received a text from Jason telling me that they were 10 minutes away and excited to meet me. I was instantly aroused about the prospects of this fantasy finally becoming a reality. I could barely control the erection that was beginning to build.

Right on cue, there was a light tapping on the door. Through the peep hole, I saw them both standing outside the door. Without hesitation, I opened it and let them in.

Vanessa, though not a cover girl, was attractive and appeared a little on the shy side. She had long black hair pulled up in a pony tail. She wore tight jeans accentuating her nice tight ass. The spiked high heels and large hoop earrings were sexy accessories just right for the moment. She was a little overweight, but not enough to matter? Jason, on the other hand was a fit muscular guy around six feet tall with short hair and a neatly cropped full beard. Both were in their mid to late thirties as advertised.

After the obligatory small talk and a few sips of wine, things began to heat up. Vanessa asked me about the "donation" for her services and I placed two one-hundred-dollar bills on the night stand next to the bed. This seemed to immediately excite her that a man would was now paying her to have sex. It was clear that Jason was excited about this as well.

Vanessa initiated the disrobing ritual as she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her tits. She was between somewhere between a "B" cup and a "C" cup but all natural and nicely shaped. We all got naked except for Vanessa opting to continue to wear her high heels. That was a nice touch.

Her pussy was neatly trimmed. She laid down on the bed with her knees elevated and legs slightly spread apart. I asked Jason if I could eat her pussy first. I received a resounding "yes" from the both of them. I dove in and began to eagerly lick her clit. She clearly enjoyed this and if I continued much longer, she would come to an early orgasm.

"Fuck me now," she pleaded.
Earlier in our conversations, we all agreed that there would be no need for condoms. I had had a vasectomy as a younger man. Further, I found it almost impossible to cum with a condom. Everyone seemed satisfied that there was no STD risk and agreed that this would be a totally bareback session.

I pulled out of my pussy eating position and laid down on my back. Vanessa, with her pussy now soaked, straddled me and inserted my cock into her, slowly sliding down fully engulfing me. Jason, meanwhile, was eager to get in on the act. He had been stroking his dick while I was eating her pussy.

With Vanessa on top of me, she leaned forward towards me allowing Jason to have access to her pussy from the rear. Being careful not to hurt her, he began to ease his cock into her as well. This took some time to allow her pussy to stretch out enough to accommodate both of our cocks, but eventually we succeeded.

Vanessa was moaning and squealing throughout the whole ordeal. I could feel Jason's cock sliding up and down the underbelly of my cock while we were both buried in Vanessa's pussy. Her hips were gyrating up and down as Jason thrusted in and out of her tight hole. All I could do was just lie there and take it all in. I imagined that this must be what a woman feels when she is getting fucked.

The position was becoming difficult what with all the thrusting and movement by the three of us. My cock kept popping out of her pussy as Jason's pumping became increasingly violent. This frustrated Vanessa as she desperately guided it back in over and over again. Finally, she told us to both stop for a minute and said she wanted to try something different. She had Jason and me lie down on our backs with our heads at opposite ends of the bed. She lifted and positioned our legs into a scissoring configuration and had us scoot towards each other until our balls and cocks were flush up against each other. Then she removed the elastic band from her ponytail and began to wrap and twist it around both of our cocks until it was nice and tight.

"There now," she said. "Let's try this out." By this time, her pussy was extremely wet and stretched out from fucking both of our cocks. Next, she straddled us and slowly guided our two bound cocks into her pussy and the fucking resumed.

After a few minutes of this, Jason was ready to cum. "I'm cumming! God I'm cumming!" he shouted. As he exploded, I could feel the pulsation from his cock against mine as he ejaculated into Vanessa's pussy. Next, I felt the warm liquid as it filled her pussy before draining down my hard and erect shaft.

For a moment, everyone was still except for a few post orgasmic thrusts from Jason. Then, totally spent, and losing his erection, he pulled out of Vanessa's pussy. Vanessa responded by raising her hips and removing my cock from her and removed the elastic band from our cocks . She held herself about six inches from my cock as if she was awaiting the next act in this wild session.

My cock was still rock hard as it was now coated by Vanessa's juices and Jason's cum which was now beginning to drip from her pussy. Without saying a word she lifted her legs, turned and put us in the "69" position. The taste of her freshly fucked cum filled pussy was delightful. I lapped it up while she sucked and jerked my cock that was lubed up from her husband's cum.

We both came at the same time. She squirted her lady cum all over my face as I erupted like never before. This was a "cumfest" like no other. How could I ever surpass this experience? Am I now headed for the next and last stage of this addiction that follows Compulsion?

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