Under Her Spell
This was inspired by Noiree's hot story, "The Thumb Sucker."
Check it out for more stimulating hot wet sex!


Mmmmmmmmmm picturing your man "losing it" while you're mouth-fucking his extended thumb is turning me on!
Both of you naked, his big cock is extended and pulsing as it swells and lengthens and rises. His mind is blank and his breathing is shallow as he stares at your fabulous large caramel colored breasts and your huge dark nipples while your wet mouth and full lips suck and slide on him fucking his thumb.
Any remaining sense of sexual control over you, and any sense of his self-control melts away as you lead him along your path of wicked arousal, sucking and mouthing his thumb so erotically and hot, hardening his stretching cock, tightening his balls, and bringing him closer and closer to an explosion of his building cum.
Now he's totally under your sexual're "riding him" with your wet mouth, and amazingly somehow you're making him feel some of the same sensations, the same inner feelings and reeling thoughts like when he watches you straddling him, sitting on him and fucking him so damn hot, raising and lowering your round ass while your big fantastic tits are bouncing and swaying above him.
Suck him baby......suck him faster now, fuck his thumb shaft with your tight lips in a steady rhythm. Reach down and take his other hand and press his open palm onto one broad dark chocolate nipple and feel him pushing your big tit into your chest in a circular motion.
With your fingertips, lightly stroke the underside of his massive erect cock. Start from under his balls and glide your fingers up to the head all wet with precum. Stroking up his thick cock slowly and sexily like that, doing it just once will be enough as you twist your full sexy lips on his thumb. Sucking tighter, you then open your lips wide and take his thumb and part of his hand deeply into your wet mouth. He begins to moan as you circle his erect thumb sloppily with your twisting tongue, and at the same time you circle the swollen head of his huge cock agonizingly slowly with just one finger, barely even touching him.
Then suddenly he groans from deep in his chest. You hold his wrist tightly and bob your head fast on his thumb, and you look down to see a white stream blasting up from the tip of his cock. A stripe of thick cum lands on your tits, just as you planned.
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